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Sheaffer Legacy II

Sheaffer Legacy II Review

Sheaffer was one of the earliest and most successful pen companies in the world. Despite this, or perhaps because of...


Currently Inked #18 | 20 October 2016

This episode of Currently Inked is sponsored by La Couronne du Comte. Based in Tilburg, Netherlands, La Couronne du Comte has...

Waterman's Ideal No. 56

Waterman’s Ideal No. 56 (Semi-flex)

In nearly four years of fountain pens, I haven’t invested a lot of time in learning about vintage pens. As...


Tom Barrington Pen Sleeve Giveaway

Update 12 Oct 2016: The T&Cs below incorrectly limited this content to US only. This giveaway is open worldwide. Tom...


Currently Inked #17 | 13 October 2016

This episode of Currently Inked is sponsored by Vanness Pens, featuring the newly-priced Aurora Optima.  For the month of October,...

Tactile Turn Gist

Tactile Turn Gist Review

In late 2015, a gentleman named Will Hodges, owner of the company Tactile Turn, launched a campaign on the popular...


Currently Inked #16 | 6 October 2016

This episode of Currently Inked is sponsored by Pen Chalet. Pen Chalet is a retailer of fine writing instruments, inks, and...

Nemosine Singularity

Nemosine Singularity Review

Everyone comes to the fountain pen hobby for different reasons. Some come for the community. Others for the handwriting. Some...

DeNobil 300

DeNobil 300 Giveaway

As I mentioned in the review of the DeNobil 300, one of my favorite things about reviewing fountain is the...

Danitrio Takumi Tsugaru-nuri Kara-nuri

Danitrio Takumi Tsugaru-nuri Kara-nuri Wine Review

It was shortly after noon on Friday, August 12, 2015, and I found myself standing in front of the Chatterley...


Currently Inked #15 | 29 September 2016

2:00 – How did Matt get into pens, inks, and pen videos? 5:25 – Re-review of the Marketplace Penmaker Pens...

DeNobil 300

DeNobil 300 Review

One of the best aspects of being a pen reviewer is getting to learn about new makers and companies as...


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