Episode 2: Exploring Hand-turned Pens


As mentioned previously, my first entries into the pen world came from custom-turned wood pens.  I’ve got three of them now, all from the Market Penmaker at Pike Place Market in Seattle. In this video, I walk through the three turned pens that I have, talk about some of the things you should be aware of when looking at turned pens, and go through quick writing samples with each pen.

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  • Victor

    Hey Matt,

    I as well have a cocobolo pen. I just recently had my grip break where the thread meets at the grip. Is there a chance you know where I can get this piece at, or discover the company, Market Penmaker.

    Thank you,

    • I don’t. My dad had the same thing happen to his pen. I’d check at wood-turning stores for pen kits that look like the one you have an try buying the kit to get a new nib section.