Pen Review: Visconti Homo Sapiens Bronze (Oversize)

My most expensive pen purchase thus far, the Visconti Homo Sapiens Bronze Oversize.


It’s a fascinating pen with unique materials (balsaltic lava rock, Palladium nib, bronze).  It writes very smoothly, but it is far, far too wet for regular use.

UPDATE: I did end up taking this to the “specialist” at World Lux in Seattle (where I purchased the pen) to have the nib adjusted.  He did some work to keep it from being quite so wet.  It’s still nice and juicy, but it’s no longer a firehose, so it’s usable now.

  • Bronson

    Great, unbiased review. I agree on Visconti’s quality control… I have a couple of their pens, and while I love them, I expect a bit more refinement for the price. Wonderful designs and first-rate materials, though.

    One thing that slows me down on the idea of purchasing a HS is the lack of an ink-view window (especially in the vac filler, with its higher capacity).

    Thanks for sharing your pen-thusiasm!

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  • mikey

    Matt why did you get the Visconti in Fine you usually get pens in medium dont you?