Ink Review: Private Reserve Ebony Blue

Here is my ink test and writing sample for Private Reserve Ebony Blue.  For me this lives in the land of “meh.”  It’s a nice color, and well-performing ink, but I have this thing about the name of the ink not matching the actual color of the ink.

Update: Misha on Google+ pointed out to me that I wrote “Private Reserve Air Corp Blue Black.”  I, of course, mean “Nooder’s Air Corp Blue Black.”

Private Reserve Ebony Blue Test

Private Reserve Ebony Blue Writing Sample

Private Reserve Ebony Blue Writing Sample Close-up

  • José Manuel Lacleta

    Personnally I find the color, the dark blue-green very interesting but the reason why I don’t use this ink very often is that it takes way too long to dry for a confortable use in Notebooks. It seems to me very nice for writing letters on good quality paper, thought.

  • thepenhaul

    It doesn’t surprise me that this ink is just “meh” to you since there is no real wow factor, but something about it just speaks to me. I actually just wrote a review on it myself! 🙂