Pen Review: Waterman’s Ideal #7 – Red Nib

Credit for the photos below and in the video belong to Brian Sizemore, of Vintage Flex Fountain Pens, and the individual who sold me this wonderful pen via eBay. I can highly recommend his services.

I bought this pen off of eBay. It was my first real dive into vintage pens, and my first true vintage flex pen.


  • Mahatma Armstrong

    Matt, great post on the Waterman Ideal No.7. I found it interesting that the barrel was made from ebonite …that is the material from which many older bowling balls were constructed. Tough stuff, yet easy to grip with just enough tactile “surface” to be non-slip when your hands get sweaty.
    I was impressed with the amount of flex the RED nib permitted. The old gold-green ink pooled nicely for the demonstration.
    Keep the posts coming. By the way, I loved the humor (…and call it George!)
    Mahatma Armstrong

    • admin

      Yeah, Ebonite used to be the main material for pen manufacture (that, and Celluloid). It went by the wayside with the introduction of Acrylics, but it’s been making a comeback. It’s quite a nice-feeling material to write with.

  • Brian

    I recognize those photos!

  • mikey

    Matt, what do you think of the blue band version? I have an opportunity on ebay. Is it as good a pen as the red version you have?

    • The blue band won’t have any flex to it, most likely. The band color indicates the type of nib it has, and the only ones that flex (to my knowledge) are the Red, Pink, and Brown versions of the nib. Other than that, it should be quite a nice pen.

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