Review: Edison Beaumont

Here’s my video review of the Edison Beaumont in Onyx Flake:

In recap: The Beaumont is a beautifully manufactured pen. The onyx flake acrylic has a lot of depth.  However, this pen had a couple of things that kept it from being one of my favorites.  First, the size.  This is a pen for someone with smaller hands than myself.  It was only the third pen I ever purchased, and I didn’t have a frame of reference yet for the kinds of pens that I tend to prefer.  The other issue was with this pen being a relatively dry writer with too much feedback.  I don’t know if that’s indicative of the general performance of this pen, or if it was something that was specific to only my pen.  In any case, a bit of adjustment, and it writes quite nicely.  It’s still not the wettest pen in my collection, but it behaves admirably.