Ink Review: Sailor Jentle Blue-Black

Ink Review: Sailor Jentle Blue-Black
The bottle.





The quest for the perfect blue-black continues.

When the Goulet Pen Company announced that Sailor had decided to pull their entire ink line from the retailer, I was one of those folks who swooped in and bought up some of the remaining inventory.  I figured that, since GPC had already paid for the stock, I could show my support for one of my favorite retailers by helping them unload what they had left.  This is one of four bottles of Sailor ink I purchased at that time.

To put it bluntly, I really don’t care for this ink.  I find it bland and flat…the worst characteristics of both blue and black combined into one drab, boring ink.  It goes on more blue, but most of the blue disappears once the ink dries.  There is very little in the way of shading, and it felt rather dry in the pens in which I used it.  It also managed to bleed through my Rhodia paper.  Nothing bleeds through this paper, but this ink did on the swab test.

I tend to like my inks a bit more saturated. Or more interesting. Or less smelly.  (It really does have quite an unpleasant odor.)  So, this ink is not for me.

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