Pen Review: Namiki (Pilot) Falcon Acrylic

I’ll cut to the chase.  This is a pen about which I feel relatively “meh.”  It has never worked well for me.  It may be because of the way I hold my pens when I write.  It may be because I was expecting a pen that flexes a little more.  It may be because I got a bit of a “dud.”  But in any case, the Falcon has never held up particularly well for me.  You can watch the video a bit more to see what I mean.

I was surprised at the feedback I got on this pen.  Up until this point, I had never come across anyone who just loved their Falcon.  They are certainly out there.  The first thing many of them did is call me out on over-flexing my pen.  “It’s a soft nib, not a flex nib!”  Fair enough.  Perhaps that is one of the reasons why I don’t care for this pen so much.  I don’t really see the use of a “soft” nib.  If I can’t get line variation out of it, I think I’d rather just have a nib that will perform well, be as smooth as butter, and not require such special handling.  But this weird in-between “soft” nib is just a pain in the rear for the way I write.  A pain in the rear that, as you will see in the video, causes the pen to hard start and skip.

And, of course, let’s not get me started on the whole Pilot proprietary cartridges and converters thing…

  • roxtime

    Actually, I like Pilot as a brand – love my Pilot Preras and Petits, waiting for some Plumix… And I don’t care about cartridges and converters. But I really like this post, you are honest and sometimes I am missing articles of this kind. And reading your blog about Montblanc Meisterstuck was sooo refreshing, you were speaking right from my heart 🙂

  • AceJ

    Yes, I am a Falcon lover – have three of them – two SF and 1 SEF.all acrylic. I agree with you on Pilot ink and I use Noodlers instead. I didn’t buy any of them for, or as, a flex nib – although I love some of the YouTube videos by those that have modified the nib to be even more flexible and show off their artistry. What I love about these pens is their incredible consistency across many different papers – more consistent then other pens. If one has little control over the paper you write on this is a great pen. I do use it for everyday writing and find it very smooth.

  • alc3261

    I like most of my Pilot pens but Pilot converters are truly rubbish!!

    • Tom Suchecki

      The squeeze ones are the worst of a bad litter

  • Tom Suchecki

    Matt – I use the Goulet ink syringe to fill large mouth converters. The converters hate me in my opinion

  • Great review! I was wondering, though, if you have any particular recommendations for fountain pens with flex nibs? You mentioned vintage pens a couple of times in the video, but I didn’t really get their names 🙁
    I love to write in copperplate or roundletter using just a metal nib and a holder (like, not a fountain pen, dipping into the ink well kind of thing) and I was looking for a nice substitute in form of a fountain pen.
    Any recommendations would be truly highly appreciated!! 🙂

  • I’ve been refilling the cartridge I put in my 3.8mm Parallel for a year or two. I had to pull out the little cap, but it’s easy to fill using a disposable 3ml bulb pipette.