Ink Review: Pelikan Edelstein Topaz

The Ink Test

The Ink Test

Pelikan’s Edelstein line of inks could certainly be considered one of those “luxury” lines of ink.  At north of $25 for a 50ml bottle, it is certainly one of the more expensive inks on the market these days–it inhabits the same price range as my much-beloved Iroshizuku inks.

This bottle of Topaz was the first bottle of Edelstein that I had purchased.  And, not to put too fine a point on it, but this ink vaulted to the top of my favorites lists within only a few minutes of using it.  The color, which is a deeper cerulean blue color, just seems to glow from within on the page.  The nice shading (especially in a wet pen) lends a great deal of depth to the color, making it feel almost 3-dimensional.  In a drier pen, the ink can run a little lighter–almost a sky blue color leaning toward turquoise.

But where the ink really kicks me in the gut is with its ridiculous sheen.  That right red/purple sheen is just stunning.  It’s, perhaps, not as apparent as the sheen on J. Herbin 1670 Rouge Hematite or Iroshizuku Yama-Budo, but it’s still pretty apparent, and does more to add depth to your writing.

The ink flows quite well, and feels rather lubricated.  It tends to dry pretty quickly, and while not waterproof, it does leave behind a decent amount of ink when it has been exposed to water.  So, I’d call it water resistant.

And, then…for those of you who care about such things, there is the bottle.  I am a sucker for a pretty box, and a pretty bottle.  And these inks deliver.  While it’s not as useful for actually filling your pen as Iroshizuku bottles, I really do like the Edestein bottle a whole lot.  It looks like a chunk of carved ice: a crystal clear block with slightly concave sides.  It’s a pretty, pretty thing.

A beautiful, rich, saturated color. Ink that behaves well, flows well, and clean up easily. Nice shading. Beautiful sheen.  Moderate water resistance.  All in all, this is a fantastic ink.

  • Steve Armstrong

    Great review of a very good ink. I too enjoy a good quality ink and this Topaz certainly satisfies my need. The color is saturated, vibrant, and quite pretty. I use it frequently at work as well as for correspondence.

    This is my “go to” blue ink. Enjoy!

  • Jack Linos

    Your review did justice to a great ink. Well done. The vibrancy and depth of color really comes through. The shading is no slouch either. WINNING.

  • Pascal Leers

    Yes,I’m also a sucker for the bottle. As next to fountain pens, I collect ink bottles.

  • Bill G

    My first Edelstein was the Topaz, and it also ranks high in my list of favourite blues. Thank you for the review.

  • Asif

    How does this compare to Sailor Sky High?

    • It’s been a long time since I inked up with Sky High, but if memory serves, it’s slightly darker and a bit “richer” looking.

  • Mystcreater

    Very nice work. I love the sheet with the different tests. Every Pens and inks should be tested like that. Nice pictures too!

  • Matthias

    Does anyone know which other fountain pen ink is the most comparable or similar to the Edelstein Topaz ink?

    • Iroshizuku Kon-peki has a lot of similarities to Edelstein Topaz, color-wise.

      • Matthias

        Thanks Matt!

  • Sean Gregory

    What are your top inks? If you have already done a video, pls link me in the comment. Thanks a bunch for your informative videos on YouTube

    • I’ve talked about it in several videos, and my top inks change all the time. Some of my favorites include Diamine Autumn Oak, Bungbox Piano Mahogany, Akkerman #5 Shocking Blue, Akkerman #11 Treves Turquoise, Montblanc Irish Green, Caran d’Ache Grand Canyon, Visconti Turquoise.