2,500 YouTube Subscribers – Thank You (And Giveaway!)

2,500 YouTube Subscribers – Thank You (And Giveaway!)

Several weeks ago, I hit what is, for me, a pretty major milestone with the PenHabit YouTube Channel: I passed the 2,500 subscriber mark. To hit that many users in essentially one year has been surprising and extremely gratifying. When I started throwing together YouTube reviews, I never dreamed that they would receive as many views or subscribers as they have, and I’m very grateful to all you folks out there who find my disjointed ramblings about fountain pens to be even of trifling value.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I am regularly blown away at the awesomeness of the fountain pen community. Of all of the communities I frequent on the internet, I find FP users to be some of the most thoughtful, giving, and friendly to ever grace the interwebs. There are so many knowledgeable and wonderful folks who put in a lot of effort to share their knowledge and experience, and I find that to be perhaps the greatest thing about the community.

I’d also like to take a moment to offer a gigantic thank you to Brian & Rachel Goulet and all of the great folks at the farmers dating only appmuslim dating websites (a.k.a. Stephen Brown), and Dan from singles delaware, not to mention the great folks at the FPGeeks forum community. Like many, many, many starting fountain pen users, my interest in and knowledge of the fountain pen community was built largely by the efforts of these folks.

Now, on to the part that everyone’s interested in.  As part of my mini celebration, I’m taking the money YouTube gives me for making you sit through ads before my videos, and giving it back to you!  To thank my subscribers for subscribing, and for all the great folks who read my reviews or watch my videos, I am giving away a $100USD gift certificate to the pen store of your choice. If you win, you’ll get the pick a $100 from one of the following stores, in alphabetical order:

Also, if there’s a particular pen store that’s not on the list, and that has gift certificates available, you can request a gift certificate from that store instead.  In that case, you’ll receive a gift certificate in the local currency in the amount equivalent to $100USD.

Disclaimer: I reserve the right to refuse alternate retailers at my own discretion. The listing of retailers above should in no way be construed to indicate sponsorship for me/penhabit.com on the part of the retailer, nor endorsement for said retailer from me/penhabit.com.

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