Your voices have been heard.

I will be back with additional Pen Habit videos, but I’m going to be handling them a little bit differently.

Check out the video above for a more in-depth explanation.

  • Hooray! Good for you. It sounds like your hobby and interest in pens can help you attain your personal goals (being more positive, for example), which is great. I have found blogging does that for me – I get really weird, really rude emails sometimes and they REALLY get to me for awhile, but I’m getting much better at writing those people off and letting it go. And I agree – trolls will be trolls/haters gonna hate shouldn’t be an excuse or a reason for people to just strut around and be jerks. Looking forward to season 2. Cheers!

  • Go you! Looking forward to the next season. Take care of yourself, you deserve it!

  • Jack Linos

    Matt, well done! You put yourself out there and spoke your truth, which takes some brass ones. Kudos. It also confirms something I really believe about everybody and that is we don’t know how strong we are till we are tested. Like I said, I just got a ton of inks in the mail today and a nice pen coming tomorrow, and YOU, my friend, helped me decide on my first pen, and nothing but good has come from that. As far as fiscal responsibility, time management, and prioritizing, those are things everybody has to come to terms with and I say that because I hope you aren’t being too hard on yourself. I know that nobody can say, do, or be harsher on me than myself. The gift is knowing that is that I can do something about it. Look for an email from me because I have an idea. (I get them every 10 years or so, consider yourself unlucky) 😉 Cheers, best, and talk soon.
    Gratefully and sincerely yours, Jack

  • Scrib

    🙂 Glad to find out you’ll be making more pen videos again in the future.

    I’m really surprised you consider yourself to be such a negative person, you don’t come across as being negative. I see nothing wrong with you being honest and saying you personally don’t like something if you don’t like it. Please don’t go out of your way to try to be positive about something, your videos always come across as being very genuine in the nicest of ways.

    Take it easy, and I look forward to the next season of videos 🙂

  • Denise Rogers

    Hurrah! Your new plan sounds great. I’m happy you are not giving up on the blog. I would miss you. Obviously, many other people would miss you, too.

  • Steve West

    You rock Matt. Your reviews are excellent and enjoyable. Don’t let the haters get you down. They are a sad bunch.

  • Stanley Debono

    Great to learn about your work. I just viewed sbrebrown video re: your feelings about user comments. I look forward to see more of your work. If you find a solution to get rid of idiots (the term excludes persons with an intellecutal impairment – I mean real idiots with destructive attitudes) and offensive reviewers let me know because I would like to help

  • Yee

    I find your review very useful

  • Ted

    Great news, for us and for you (I hope). And yeah, turn off the youtube comment function on your uploads. I don’t allow any on mine, and I rarely scroll down through them on any other video because they always seem to get vile. And I don’t need that additional pollution in my day. Blessings.

  • Filipe Coelho da Silva

    Matt, your reviews are awsome! Never doubt it.
    There are some people in the web, which intent is only to destabilize, and in most times, just because they are not good enough to do something like you are doing, and with that quality and passion you put on it. Forget about them.
    Take your time, but please, come back.

    Appreciation from Portugal, straight to you.

  • Kelley

    Thanks! Glad to have you back. Looking forward to your new format.

  • Uncle Bud

    Well done! Ignore the plonkers, you really are a Bud!

  • Martin Williams

    I’m glad you’re going to be back too.

    Though you’ve got a helluva nerve dissing mayonnaise like that.

    It’ll be Stilton next. Or olives. Think on!

  • Mark Armstrong

    Thank you Matt for getting me addicted. Thanks to watching your’s and Steve’s videos I recently got back into pen collecting. Not only myself but my whole family is enjoying writing. Don’t let them get you down.

  • TC1776

    Matt, glad to hear you’re keeping the show alive. I discovered your videos on youtube about a week ago; I found them to be thorough and extremely well done. I appreciate the outright *honesty* of your reviews. I can understand the personal interest you have in trying to become less negative, but should you ever wish to come back as the Gordon Ramsay of fountain pens, you’d still have us an audience. And it would make quite a show “***k this pen!! ***k it I’m through with this!!” Also, loved that you literally were “singing praise” of the Franklin-Christoph 1901. Now I’m torn between it and the undeniably beautiful Franklin-Chrstoph 02 (as an eyedropper). In any case, I’ll be shelling out for the medium-italic Masuyama nib that you reviewed. Thanks for all the work putting the reviews together!

  • jane pilecki

    Matt, I am really glad to hear that you will continue to do the videos. Your videos are very high quality, and very helpful. I like that you are honest about your feelings about the pens and such. After all, what good is a pen review without honesty? I look forward to seeing your return! And as we used to say in the 60’s, il legitimus non carborundum.

  • Ken

    Looking forward to your next season of reviews/videos.

    Enjoy your pens and everything else you do.
    Keep sharp.

  • Ken Crooker

    Great news, Matt. Good to see you bouncing back a little. Take your time and do it in a way that’s enjoyable and healthy for you. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.


    Matt, I just wanted to let you know I enjoy your videos inmensly and appreciate the high quality of your production. I hope to some day finish my own pen review channel project, and this project is in part inspired by you. Please keep up your good work and share your passion for foutain pens with all of us.

    Kind regards


  • Alan Soddy

    I have enjoyed your videos from the beginning. I have never left a comment but sbrebrown’s words about your decision prompted me to go to your blog, read your reasons for the decision to stop making review videos, and prompted me to write to you. First, thank you for revealing your personal circumstances and feelings. Doing so, helps us, your viewers, better understand you as a person. Like the others who have left comments, I care about you and wish you the best. Please know that the effort and time you have expended in making the videos is appreciated. I look forward to your return. Just be yourself and enjoy the experience, knowing that many thousands of persons enjoy and learn from your thoughtful and well produced reviews.

  • Martin Williams

    Hello, Matt. I’d like to join the throng that welcomes you back. May I make a suggestion for future videos that may have already been mooted? That you talk about and possibly demonstrate nib/feed tweaking? I do a bit of this myself, but I still feel that there’s not enough info on the internet, notwithstanding the sterling efforts of Brown, Goulet, and the wonderful Richard Binder and Shawn Newton. (Et al.) For example you once mentioned slightly smoothing the inner tine-edges of one of your nibs, and this is something I’ve never managed to do satisfactorily. In fact, I haven’t got a clue. All the best!

  • Jonathan Befort

    Love the videos! there was a lot of good information in them, and the passion was there. It’s completely understandable that you don’t want to do reviews of pens that you don’t like and you want to give things other attention. A lot of times people eat drink and sleep something, I used to be a victim of that too! I learned to eat drink sleep, and then do my projects….

    If you want to fill the pen niche and do something that other people and pen reviewers don’t do and save some money in the process, why not re-review pens with a lot more time spent on them? That way you can show off your favorite ones, and what you learned about them, or if it wasn’t as durable as you expected or the nib adapted to you better? People with a lot of pens often buy them and keep them aside (I’m extremely guilty of this too), but it would be an awesome experience to see how time spent with pens changes the perspective. Just an idea and no obligation on that part 🙂

    you’re a crazy productive guy with a good taste in pens, and your character is pretty neat and welcoming, so I will be following and supporting your videos!

  • jdubc

    Hi Matt, I tried searching for “Kaweco” on here but I won’t able to find anything. Could you do a review on the Kaweco AL Pen? Thanks Matt

    • jdubc

      Maybe consider doing a side by side comparison to the TWSBI Mini, Pilot Vanishing Point and other compact Fountain Pen. Thanks Matt

    • I have never used a Kaweco pen before. But, thanks to the fine folks at Kaweco, there will be several reviews coming up in season 2. As well as a giveaway or two, I suspect…

      • Matt,
        I have a Kaweco AL that I could send to you for review purposes and you can send it back when you’re done if you don’t want to wait on Kaweco to send them your way. I don’t know what your queue looks like so if you have time and want to knock it out, I’m glad to send mine your way.


  • Thomas Godbold

    I am so glad you will be returning rejuvenated and doing revised reviews~ there is no reason to drive yourself to the brink, even for your followers. I have been lucky to follow you since you first started posting on youtube, and you are wonderfully informative, and your handwriting is so much better than mine that I appreciated your effort on all levels. If you would like to (when you have rested up a bit) borrow some pens to review, some that you do not have, I would be more than pleased to loan them to you. I am a just south of you, and it would be my pleasure to see how you review the pens….. and by this you would not have to take on the financial burden just to try a new pen. Peace

  • Michelle y

    I’m very glad to hear you will continue reviewing pens after a break. Your video reviews are so professionally produced and full of thoughtful comments. Welcome back!

  • southernmost

    Glad you’re back. How about testing various ink samples in your personal favorite pens? That way you’d be presenting us with a consistent test bed to judge ink performance.

  • Dave

    As the great British comic once said, “nil illegitimi carborundum,”

    Which translates to “don’t let the bas£&@€s grind you down.” Apologies to the late great Sid James for that one…

    It is time that these pen companies gave the likes of yourself, Stephen Brown, Azizah et al, loaner pens to do the reviews with. After all, you guys are who WE the buying public turn to before parting with our hard earned cash. The companies would recoup their minor investment (for them anyway) with the elevated sales after a good review.

    Anyway, , take care and will look forward to seeing your next review once you have got yourself settled and sorted. Take your time, the internet isn’t going anywhere… 🙂

    All the best.


  • Chandon Bleackley

    I am very pleased to hear that you are going to be back reviewing pens once again in the future. I have always enjoyed reading your reviews and watching your videos. Your standard of presentation is always very high, and your comments are always interesting. You are very articulate and your comments are always a reflection of your own views, and this is to be commended. You should bear in mind that for every negative comment that you have ever received from You Tube viewers, there are scores of people such as myself, who have watched and greatly enjoyed your videos, but who have not written any comment.

    I would be more than happy to send you a pen or two for review, or to donate money to facilitate further reviews. You could always sell the pens that you don’t care for as well.

  • kp

    I watched a bunch of your videos over the last year or two. You seem like a nice person and honest. I am glad you are sticking around but boy, I wish I could dissuade you of one thing: The negative comments bit. They aren’t negative so much as critical and in your case intelligently so. Your criticism of pens (& enthusiasms, which I also see plenty of, like the joy in the Parker 51 Special somegai video) helps me understand what some of the issues are. Just a dude gushing about every pen isn’t so helpful. A finicky hard to please pen person or whatever it may be, I think you should embrace who you are. ha! It has the virtue of honesty and comes across in the reviews. Hat’s off to you. See you on the flip. pen. out.

  • Steve K.

    Nicely said and done. Don’t let the Turkey’s get you down. Buy the way, is there a reason why you sold your Pilot Falcon? Is your reasoning contained in a video review somewhere?