Fountain Pen Virus: Patient Zero

Fountain Pen Virus: Patient Zero

So, over the last few months I have started to feel a bit guilty over the state of some of my pens that sit in their case, unused for weeks or months at a time. These are pens that I really like, but that somehow never find their way into regular rotation–yet I would not want to part with them. Instead of wallowing in guilt (a skill at which I excel, by the way), I decided that I would send a few of my pens to my father to use. He has a much lower limit on the amount he’s willing to spend on pens, and so, would never get the opportunity to use some of these mid-range and high-end pens that make up the bulk of my collection.

I met up with my family members back in October, and at the time, I took the opportunity to bring a few pens to my father for him to use until I returned home at Christmas, and would pick them up. (And in return, he let me borrow a few of his pens for review purposes.)

Among those pens was my Edison Collier. I like this pen a lot. I did a bit of work on the pen to open up the ink flow, and smooth out the nib a touch. It fits beautifully in my hand, and writes like a dream. Plus, that blue steel material is something else.

A couple of weeks after we made the exchange, I received the following letter in the mail:


young guy and older woman

michael dating on the spectrum



I believe this letter from my father helps to demonstrate quite clearly why I am the way I am. 🙂

And by the way, dad…I don’t want your forgiveness, for I have done no wrong. The weakness within you is yours alone, and I, for my part, seek but to share the delights of life as they are offered unto each of us. Amen.