Fountain Pen Virus: Patient Zero

So, over the last few months I have started to feel a bit guilty over the state of some of my pens that sit in their case, unused for weeks or months at a time. These are pens that I really like, but that somehow never find their way into regular rotation–yet I would not want to part with them. Instead of wallowing in guilt (a skill at which I excel, by the way), I decided that I would send a few of my pens to my father to use. He has a much lower limit on the amount he’s willing to spend on pens, and so, would never get the opportunity to use some of these mid-range and high-end pens that make up the bulk of my collection.

I met up with my family members back in October, and at the time, I took the opportunity to bring a few pens to my father for him to use until I returned home at Christmas, and would pick them up. (And in return, he let me borrow a few of his pens for review purposes.)

Among those pens was my Edison Collier. I like this pen a lot. I did a bit of work on the pen to open up the ink flow, and smooth out the nib a touch. It fits beautifully in my hand, and writes like a dream. Plus, that blue steel material is something else.

A couple of weeks after we made the exchange, I received the following letter in the mail:






I believe this letter from my father helps to demonstrate quite clearly why I am the way I am. πŸ™‚

And by the way, dad…I don’t want your forgiveness, for I have done no wrong. The weakness within you is yours alone, and I, for my part, seek but to share the delights of life as they are offered unto each of us. Amen.

  • Aleks GutiΓ©rrez

    Thanks for sharing Matt!!! i think your Dad ingeniously describes what every pen enthusiast goes through on that very first encounter πŸ˜€ … and welcome to the Club i must add πŸ˜€

  • Sid Sharma

    Amen, indeed!!!!!:) Go Dad!!!!!

  • Joseph Quinton

    The Words! The Words! The words that have flown from the father’s mind to paper through the son’s pen are most eloquent and acutely descibe our collective affinity for the fountain pen. Thank him for me for his amazing words which are stunningly beautiful. Oh, the words! Matt, give your father the Edison Collier for in his hand the pen sings majestically and once it has been in your father’s hand it cannot be relegated back to the uselessness and loneliness of a pen box.

  • Andrew Parker

    Why exactly have I never met your father? Because he seems awesome.

    In related news, I’ve enjoyed receiving FPV from you. One of the great things about FPV is that once you catch it, you can never really go back. I’ve been writing with fountain pens for over a year now (!) which is just mind-boggling to me. Once, while in a meeting, I did try to write with standard ball point pen becuase it was all that was available. I felt wrong. Just…wrong. I can never write with anything else ever again. How could I? Behold, I was like unto your father wherein I succumbed to the will of The FPV and have not looked back. And it has been glorious to partake of such sweet fruits.

    Amen, and amen.

    • Actually, you have met my father. πŸ™‚ (Apparently, he made a deep impression on you…)

  • Jack

    Superb! Can I hang and share some bourbon and a cuban with your dad? You can go and get us some food! GREAT PIECE, MATT!

  • potter

    I am afraid your father is lost, it seems the virus is entirely of his own making, don’t blame yourself at all, he’s entering into a happy world of gentle caressing, salient strokes and final flourishes, long may he prosper… a most enjoyable letter, thanks for sharing this with the world.

  • David Morash

    You are like Typhoid Matt.

  • Paul

    Quite the word-smith is your venerable Sire. Beware the downhill slope of the fountain pen user.

  • bgray43050

    Thanks for sharing! I’m going to pin that to our bulletin board!

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  • rtfy

    Inspired, delightful bit of self-irony, very nicely written and worthy of the fine pen that gave rise to it. I’m sure your Dad is reading your blog and these comments so thanks to both of you!

  • writingrav

    Fantastic letter. Have you thought of doing some videos with your Father?

    • I haven’t. Maybe over the holidays I’ll drag him in front of the camera. πŸ™‚

  • Lawrence

    I loved reading this. It made me want to write again. Topaz is one of my favourite inks as well. Come back Matt!!

  • Okay your father is amazing Matt. That was beautiful and awesome. I’m glad I popped over here to see if you had posted anything recently. Made my day. Have a great upcoming week.

  • Jeff Morrow

    Matt, I am your father. πŸ™‚