Q & A Session #2

Q & A Session #2

Welcome to the first Q&A session of Season 2!  Most of the questions in this Q&A were about how FPV (The Fountain Pen Virus) infects my own personal life. I talk a bit about what I like in a pen, ink, and paper, and share some of my personal favorites.  (Plus you’ll finally get to learn “No offense, but why are you so bald.”)

The Questions:

1:07 – @Nikkadoodle from Twitter: How big is it…ya know your pen and ink collection

2:04 – Mauricio from Facebook: How much money do you spend on pens in a year?
2:11 – @Scbarber from Twitter: What do you look for in a fountain pen, ink, paper
6:07 – Christopher from Facebook: What are your all-time favorite inks? Why?
8:03 – Tas from Facebook: What process do you go through to finally decide which ink to use in a pen and do you perhaps find it hard to “break up” the marriage?
9:32 – @SherriLowrey from Twitter: Is it worth it to pick up vintage pens considering their filling systems? Even restored, are they just too difficult to maintain?
12:02 – Sue from Facebook: What to do if your fountain pen, inked up; freezes?
13:42 – Derek from Facebook: What is your favorite fountain pen or fountain pen style? With which nib meisters have you had experience, and what was that experience? Do you have a favorite style of nib (classic medium, oblique, flex, stub.)
21:57 – Rob from Facebook: What are the “grail” pens that will always be in your collection? Also, maybe explain why each grail pen is special to you.
25:28 – Sharjeel from Facebook: How do you decide what pens you want to keep or sell?
27:14 – Emilio from Facebook: What ink bottles do you empty most often?


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