Q & A Session #2

Welcome to the first Q&A session of Season 2!  Most of the questions in this Q&A were about how FPV (The Fountain Pen Virus) infects my own personal life. I talk a bit about what I like in a pen, ink, and paper, and share some of my personal favorites.  (Plus you’ll finally get to learn “No offense, but why are you so bald.”)

The Questions:

1:07 – @Nikkadoodle from Twitter: How big is it…ya know your pen and ink collection

2:04 – Mauricio from Facebook: How much money do you spend on pens in a year?
2:11 – @Scbarber from Twitter: What do you look for in a fountain pen, ink, paper
6:07 – Christopher from Facebook: What are your all-time favorite inks? Why?
8:03 – Tas from Facebook: What process do you go through to finally decide which ink to use in a pen and do you perhaps find it hard to “break up” the marriage?
9:32 – @SherriLowrey from Twitter: Is it worth it to pick up vintage pens considering their filling systems? Even restored, are they just too difficult to maintain?
12:02 – Sue from Facebook: What to do if your fountain pen, inked up; freezes?
13:42 – Derek from Facebook: What is your favorite fountain pen or fountain pen style? With which nib meisters have you had experience, and what was that experience? Do you have a favorite style of nib (classic medium, oblique, flex, stub.)
21:57 – Rob from Facebook: What are the “grail” pens that will always be in your collection? Also, maybe explain why each grail pen is special to you.
25:28 – Sharjeel from Facebook: How do you decide what pens you want to keep or sell?
27:14 – Emilio from Facebook: What ink bottles do you empty most often?


  • Christoph

    Hi Matt,

    It´s great that you are back! I would like to watch your video, but the message said: “This video is private”…

    Can you please check this?

    Thanks for your work

  • Tas

    Same issues as Christoph. : (

  • Arlie

    Me too 🙁

  • Dylan K.

    Unfortunately, as observed by others in this comment section, the video is marked as private, and we are unable to view it. Please fix this, I’m dying for new Pen Habit content, and having this sparkly, new, unavailable video in front of me is hurting my soul!

  • Sorry, all. This post shouldn’t have gone live until 8AM. It looks like it went live at 8PM, before the video was live. It should be live now. Thanks!

  • gemiz

    Good video and nice to have you back

  • brandon

    Great Q&A, echo all the above comments about it being great that you’re back!

    One ink recommendation based on your preferences, I think you’d really like the new Sailor Yama-Dori. I just got a bottle and the color is sort of Ku-Jaku-esque but it has more sheen than any ink I’ve used before (except the J. Herbin special editions with gold particles). I’ve paired it with my new teal Ogiva Alba and it’s a perfect match.

  • Ted

    Thanks, Matt. I find it boggling to think even how you manage to use 60 pens (your criteria for unloading those that you don’t use). I write every day and have 10+ inked up at any time, but I don’t go through more than about 20 in any month, and I have about 10 more that I haven’t used in months–I have to force myself to look for them and use them (I do like them all).

  • tames

    Great video Matt… I like this since we get to see you in a relaxed mood without the pressure of the formal review video.

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  • fa

    Im guessing the anonymous nibmeister is Minuskin. seems like a prickly fellow.

  • Kenneth Hershberger

    Matt: Re your discussion on nibmeisters: I would recommend Pendleton Brown as a
    nibmeister. I got a Stipula Gladiator with a Medium Italic nib. I was very unhappy with this pen as it tended to be scratchy and stopped, skipped, etc.too much, so I pretty much put it aside as something to look at but not use. I decided to send it to Mr. Brown to do his “Pendleton Point Butter Line Stub Italic” thing to. It came back exactly as described – and is now a wonderful Italic nib – smooth and flowing.

    • I’ve never used his services, so I can’t say from personal experience. But I’ve never heard anything but good about his work.

      • Kenneth Hershberger

        All I can say is that before he “fixed” the nib on my Gladiator, all I had was a $250 pen that while quite attractive was relatively useless. Now I have a pen that not only looks good but one I can use daily, if I so desire.

  • mikey

    Hey Matt, what pen would you select if you could only have one of the following: King of Pen, Visconti Homo Sapiens Crystal or Pelikan M1000? Thanks!!