Supporting The Pen Habit

Supporting The Pen Habit

Updated 23 Sept 2015

I started the Pen Habit in 2013 as a fun way for me to show off some of my newly-acquired fountain pens, and share the knowledge of pens I was learning as I learned it. Since that time, the channel and blog have grown, as has the time required to keep it up and running, and chock full of the inky content you have come to expect. To that end, I’m looking for donors and sponsors to keep The Pen Habit alive.

There are three main ways you can show your support of The Pen Habit:

  • Patreon – The Pen Habit now has its own Patreon account. Patreon is a nifty online service where you can pledge a small amount of money for every pen review video I release. (Please note: at this time, I’m only “charging” for pen review videos, not my ramblings, tutorials, Q&As, etc.) If I don’t make a video, you don’t pay a dime. And you can set a maximum cap on your donations, to make sure you’re not surprised if I suddenly release 5,000 videos in two days. Patreon charges your card once a month, so you won’t be hit with a whole slew of $1 charges, either. It’s a great way to show continuing support.
  • Direct Donation – If you’re not super into the whole “a dollar per video” thing, and want to offer a one-time donation, you can donate to The Pen Habit directly through one of several different services
  • Sponsorship – If you’re a business (or individual) who would like to sponsor the Pen Habit blog or video series, please contact me directly at penhabit (at) gmail dot com.  While pen, ink, and other stationery-related businesses are a natural fit, I’m open to sponsorship by other non-related businesses as well.

What do I get for donating?

Your support of The Pen Habit is greatly appreciated, and will help to ensure that future episodes of the Pen Habit will be released regularly. Aside from the warm feeling of donating to help keep The Pen Habit alive, most pens purchased with donated funds will be given back to the community of viewers.

Note: For previous seasons, donations counted as entries in the Pen Habit raffle. I discovered recently that holding a raffle like that is, technically, illegal, and will be unable to continue doing so. You can read about it dating websites portugal.

How will you use the donated funds?

  • Pen Purchases – A portion of the donated funds will be used to purchase pens for review (and raffle.) These funds will be used to purchase pens that I can’t afford or perhaps don’t interest me personally. That way, I should be able to review a much wider range of pens than just the ones I would purchase if it were up to me. (Keep an eye out for polls on which pens you’d like to have The Pen Habit purchase for review and raffle purposes!)
  • Equipment – All of the equipment I use to record, produce, and edit my videos (and there is a LOT of it) has been purchased out of pocket, and entirely at my expense. As time goes along, I will need to upgrade equipment and software to ensure that video quality continues to improve over time.
  • Assistance – Up to this point, nearly everything done on The Pen Habit is done solely by me. Every video I release takes between 8-10 hours to prep, record, photograph, write up, edit, and publish. And considering I do 2-3 videos a week, it’s easily enough work to be a part-time job. So, with some of these funds, we hope to be able to get some assistance to allow us to publish more videos more quickly.
  • Compensation – A significant portion of my income comes from my freelance work as an audiobook narrator. The more time I spend working on Pen Habit videos, the less time I have to spend narrating audiobooks. A portion of your donations will go toward compensating me (albeit not at anywhere NEAR the same rate) for my time.

For those who are, have, or plan on donating to The Pen Habit, thank you! Your support does make a world of difference, and hopefully, will net you a killer pen or two in our next raffle.

Matt Armstrong


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