Pen Habit Q&A #3

Welcome to Pen Habit Q&A #3.

1:27 – Nat_sora (Twitter): What camera and lens do you use in your video and photo setup? How long do you use a pen before you’re comfortable to review it.

3:08 – NoMercyNotices (Twitter): Do you by any chance know how to clean this? (Photo is included in the video) It is a Monteverde Artista Crystal cap and the ink is behind a clear insert in the cap. It got there during transport.

4:45 – Michelle (FB): Have you ever talked about your “daily carry” pens? How do you choose what pen to buy next?

6:59 – Richard (FB): I work in an office environment so my inks can’t be too ‘out there’ colour-wise. So, I wonder what ink you would recommend as being different but still business-like. I’m on the prowl for new ink.

13:07 – Ali (FB): Is there any sub-$100 pen that offers a good semi-flex nib out of the box?

16:00 – Rob (FB): Since you’ve had the opportunity to try pens from almost all of the major manufacturers, would you mind sharing some overreaching thoughts about each brand? For instance, what makes each brand unique to you / what are the best features of each brand.

21:45 – Alberto (FB): Favorite book and movie?

23:39 – Minwoo (YT): I just want to compare my hands with yours. How long is your hand? Pinky to thumb stretched and tip of the middle finger to the bottom of your palm.

24:49 – Michael (YT) Any danger to my higher-end pens that are celluloid like my OMAS? I thought orange can stain celluloid.

  • Matt H

    I am no expert on celluloid, but I figured I would post a comment with some information that I have come across. Some celluloid colors are more suseptible to discoloration than others. There was mention of the Jade celluloid used on some of the early Sheaffer pens, which is often found in a discolored state. Many of these vintage pens contained rubber components (sacs, diaphragms, etc.) which off-gassed and created an amber color to the celluloid. Modern pens contain little to no rubber (other than perhaps a small o-ring on the piston) so they are less likely to discolor in that regard. I have often heard that inks with red dye (reds, browns, oranges) are harder to clean out of pens, and have the potential to discolor. I would advise against letting inks like these sit in your pens for long periods of time. Also, try to avoid heavily saturated inks in general.

    • Thanks for the extra info. I do remember hearing about the off-gassing from the rubber components, now that you mention it.

  • Adnan Morshed

    Have you seen Brian Goulet’s video on cleaning the Pilot Prera cap? I don’t know if the clip mechanism is same on the Monteverde Artista. If it is, then his advice is great on cleaning them.

  • Tristan_Noelmans

    “I’m not really into blue”
    So what are the 8 blue bottles doing in the background, huh 😛

    • Oh, I’ve got a whole lot more than 8 bottles of blue ink. (I think it’s closer to 30.)

  • Greg Moore

    Every time I tell people that one of my favorite films was “what dreams may come” I get all sorts of weird looks and those that have actually have seen it think I’m weird. I was happy to hear that someone else actually likes the movie too. 🙂 By the way, intro by Luke was really funny.

  • Rob Pina

    Thanks for answering my question Matt!!

  • Craig W

    Great Q & A, would love to see more of these. Also, I’d never heard of fontoplumo before your association, tried them out got a nice new delta dolce vita with a stub nib and just really awesome service from Frank and smart new piece of kit to play with, oh and I’m in New Zealand and the pen took 5 days to get here, how’s that for service!

    • Love to hear that. Frank is pretty great to work with.

  • Jesse Ray

    You didn’t mention Aurora in your Italian pen segment! You should get an Optima. They are my favorite, especially in celluloid. An old Primavera from the 90s would be great for you since you like green ink! The Aurora nibs are spectacular.

  • Marc Florent

    Absolutely love the Lukethedog segment. He is clearly a star!

    Best film ever: Diva closely followed by Chariots of Fire. No debate i’m afraid. I am right and everyone else is wrong. It’s as simple as that.

    Best book: the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy. Again, simply no contest or room for argument and while I suspect you may not share my taste in films, you might actually like the book. If you don’t know it, try it. By Douglas Adams.

    I very much appreciated the ink segment and would welcome more. Am desperate to find something which is exactly the right blend of blue and purple but despite trying lots of different ones they all seem either blue OR purple… Any suggestions? Might the Regency Blue you mentioned fit the bill?

    More Lukethedog please!

    • For blurples, look at J. Herbin Eclat de Saphir or Pilot Iroshizuku Asa-Gao. They might fit the bill. The Regency blue is probably more of a blue-black than a blue-purple.

      And I’ve read several of the Douglas Adams books. They’re great. I also LOVE the Christopher Moore Vampire Trilogy. I don’t know that I have ever laughed out loud while reading a book more than in those three.

  • Thomas Suen

    Hi Matt, since you mentioned that you liked science fiction, as a Chinese, I would proudly recommend you a Chinese writer Cixin Liu and his most famous book The Three-body Problem. I am certain you will love it! You can find it on Amazon. 🙂

  • slkinsey

    Glad to see someone else who likes green inks a lot. My favorite is probably Alt-Goldgrün from Rohrer & Klingner. Well behaved, easy to clean, and has truly outstanding shading (especially in wet, broad nibs). It does feather on very cheap paper, though.

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  • Cody H

    A bit late here, but I am getting a golden retriever puppy fairly soon (super excited) and I was just curious about your experience with Luke the dog being around your pens and ink. Having him in front of the wall of ink gave anxiety, but maybe that is because I have only been around super hyper dogs growing up. If you got into your pen habit sooner when Luke was just a pup, would you have locked everything up in your drawers? Thanks a lot!