Pen Habit Q&A #3

Pen Habit Q&A #3

Welcome to Pen Habit Q&A #3.

1:27 – Nat_sora (Twitter): What camera and lens do you use in your video and photo setup? How long do you use a pen before you’re comfortable to review it.

3:08 – NoMercyNotices (Twitter): Do you by any chance know how to clean this? (Photo is included in the video) It is a Monteverde Artista Crystal cap and the ink is behind a clear insert in the cap. It got there during transport.

4:45 – Michelle (FB): Have you ever talked about your “daily carry” pens? How do you choose what pen to buy next?

6:59 – Richard (FB): I work in an office environment so my inks can’t be too ‘out there’ colour-wise. So, I wonder what ink you would recommend as being different but still business-like. I’m on the prowl for new ink.

13:07 – Ali (FB): Is there any sub-$100 pen that offers a good semi-flex nib out of the box?

16:00 – Rob (FB): Since you’ve had the opportunity to try pens from almost all of the major manufacturers, would you mind sharing some overreaching thoughts about each brand? For instance, what makes each brand unique to you / what are the best features of each brand.

21:45 – Alberto (FB): Favorite book and movie?

23:39 – Minwoo (YT): I just want to compare my hands with yours. How long is your hand? Pinky to thumb stretched and tip of the middle finger to the bottom of your palm.

24:49 – Michael (YT) Any danger to my higher-end pens that are celluloid like my OMAS? I thought orange can stain celluloid.

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