New Sponsor Welcome: La Couronne du Comte

UPDATE 5/20: La Couronne du Comte is now offering Pen Habit Viewers 10% off their next purchase! Just enter the offer code PENHABIT10 before you check out for the discount. (Discount not applicable on Montblanc items.)

The Pen Habit is happy to welcome our newest sponsor, La Couronne du Comte, out of Tilberg, Netherlands. La Couronne du Comte is a retailer of fine writing instruments , paper, leather ware, and accessories. They feature a wide variety of brands including Montblanc, Pelikan, Nakaya, Sailor, Graf von Faber-Castell, OMAS, Visconti, and many, many more.

And, as a quick tip for my U.S. viewers, don’t forget that ordering from a Euro-zone store has some interesting benefits! U.S. customers get an automatic 21% discount, since they don’t have to pay the VAT tax. And, depending on the exchange rate between dollars and Euros, you can often find really great deals if you’re willing to order from overseas.

So, check out La Couronne du Comte for your fine writing instrument needs. And be sure to tell them you came from The Pen Habit!


  • Pascal Leers

    I buy all of my pens (and most of my inks) from La Couronne du Comte. When I bought my Pelikan M800, I got a bottle of Aurora ink for free. (And I could choose the colour). And now they have a discount on the Pelikan M1000. (450 euro instead of 595 euro.) Of course I took this chance and bought one. Even though I had promised myself not to buy any more fountain pens until next summer. (No regrets though. I just love that pen.)

  • Andre Blum

    I live in the Tilburg area and I find La Couronne Du Comte has a great shop, both online and in the city. I, too, am awaiting delivery of their great pelikan M1000 offer. I highly recommend them. Great news that mr Van der Graaf is sponsoring you, Matt. I hope this will allow you to continue to make these great videos!

  • numinous palimpsest

    If ordering in the US, what might one expect for fees from UPS or FedEx? I have an amazing order queued up, but if I get hit with a $60 fee or something, it would cancel that out….

    • I’ve never been charged a fee from shipping companies for pens I’ve imported into the states. Ever.

      • numinous palimpsest

        Thanks for confirming!

      • Kevin Guo

        Oh the U.S….. Unfortunately for me, Canada’s Customs is pretty on point about squeezing every cent out of us. But I’m about to give La Couronne a try. I’m deciding between another Homo Sapiens, a Yard O Led Grand Victorian, or the limited edition snakewood GvFC classic. Deciding between pens is hard!

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