Live Stream: Pen Chat with SBREBrown and The Pen Habit

Today (24 May 2015) at 11AM Pacific, 7PM GMT, I will be joining up with Stephen Brown for a live stream Q&A. This will be our first test of this system, and if all goes well, may become a regular thing.  Join on in!

  • Falk Meinhardt

    Matt & Stephen, great Stream! I loved watching you both talking about “our” hobby.

  • Cody H

    This was a treat to watch! You guys should definitely do this more. The competitive side of me is making me ask this question, who got more viewers on this this video? Your’s or SBRE Brown’s site? Thanks both of you for doing this!

    • I’m pretty sure Stephen got more. He’s got a much larger subscriber base than I do.

  • Rafael Pappalardo

    I arrived late and now the video is private. 🙁

    • Cody H

      He mentioned that it was recorded and will be up on the site after some editing!

    • It’s live again!

  • Winnie Dolderer

    Thank you Matt & Stephen for the great Hang Out today. So much fun and always a lot to learn!

  • Ted

    Awesome. Thanks for posting the recording.

  • Sudhir Kalyanikar

    Thanks a ton Matt and Stephen for doing this and for a very detailed answer to my question. You can’t even begin to guess what it means to me as I have been thinking about getting into pen reviews myself. Really appreciate your time and effort. Please keep up your good work – watching your (and other) videos is a very key part of regaining and retaining my sanity at the end of my work week. Cheers and please keep up the good work.

  • Clifford Hughes

    Hi Matt and Stephen, this Q & A session was a great idea and very enjoyable to watch (first of many I hope). I have seen a lot of your videos and I appreciate your different approaches and respect your opinions, so I’m glad you’re not getting bored with your own reviews as they’ve inspired me at this late stage of my career to become a bit of a fountain pen evangelist.
    Matt, I also love your ink reviews – I find the detail and stuff like chromatography fascinating. I’ve used fountain pens (on and off) since I was 8 yrs old but always with black or blue ink. Thanks largely to you I’m now a born again rainbow warrior.

    Stephen, in addition to your reviews I also love your Serious Nibbage and Pen o’clock News with Azizah – they’re always entertaining.
    So all I can say is keep it up guys, you’re providing a great sercvice. Thanks

  • numinous palimpsest

    This was very entertaining, and I wish you guys would do a podcast.