Welcome to Season 3!


Well, boys and girls, it’s that time again. After months and months of breathlessly waiting for its return (or just now thinking, “What? it was gone?”) The Pen Habit is back on “the air.”

I’ve got new theme music. I’ve got my Rhodia Dot Pad (as always). I’ve got a lot of ink. I’ve got a pile of pens.

Let’s do this thing!

  • Andrew

    Hey Matt,
    I’m so happy that the new season is out. Im curious when the cirst reviews will come out. (Pleezpleezpleeztoday) Thanks as always for the high quality work.

    • It will be on Monday. Tomorrow I kick off a giveaway, and Monday is the first review.

  • Rob

    As always, looking forward to it!!

  • Roger Sellars

    Hey Matt,
    How do I enter into the raffle now? I follow you on Facebook & Instagram, will that be enough to enter my name for any giveaways? Thanks again for your reviews!

    • I’ll announce it on Facebook (And Twitter, Google Plus, and Here on the blog). You can enter any giveaways on the blog here.

  • My hovercraft is full of eels

    Welcome back Matt!

  • Jan Scott

    I shall treasure the interpretative dance for ever. You are a very foolish chap and I love you for it. Looking forward to the reviews.

    • I think, perhaps, “treasure” may be too strong of a word… 🙂

  • Notagrownup

    Oh Matt, how I adore you!

  • myrto

    I love Luke the dog! Just make sure to lock all those nice pens away! 🙂

  • Marc Florent

    Great to have you back. I am greatly looking forward to the new season. Love Lukethedog (as always) and the dance. More!

  • Clifford Hughes

    Hi Matt, good to see you back. That interpretive dance looked quite accomplished and difficult to pull off – not like you were just goofing around.
    Just thought I’d ask (as you are getting more into ink reviews this season) whether you’ve come across Diamine’s new Shimmertastic range with lots of sparkly bits. Definitely worth a look.

  • Puskfam Sn


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