Giveaway: Staedtler Initium Resina and Royal Blue Ink

Staedtler Initium Resina

The good folks over at Staedtler sent over this lovely Initium Resina in blue for review purposes and then a viewer giveaway. You can check out the full review here, but this is a tank of a workhorse pen that writes wonderfully. The pen will come in its original packaging, and will include a most-full bottle of Staedtler Royal Blue (Königsblau) ink and a couple of booklets provided to me at the DC Pen Show from Staedtler’s rep there, Corey.

Staedtler Initium Resina

The pen retails for $169US, and features a rich blue resin, metal section, and very well-built steel nib. It is a great writer. The pen comes with a “Fine” nib.

You can enter the giveaway in up to three ways: blog post, email, or follow @penhabit on Twitter. The winner will be selected on November 7, 2015 by Rafflecopter, and I will announce the winner shortly thereafter. (Please see the entry box below for the terms and conditions.) And while you’re at it, please follow Staedtler on Twitter (@STAEmars), check out their Staedtler North America Facebook Page, or visit their website and thank them for their wonderful support of The Pen Habit.


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  • nyb

    Oh, i’m the 1st ! Helloooooo !!!! /kiss

  • Always a fan of giveaways!

  • I’ve always wanted a blue pen 🙂

  • Molnár Balázs

    It’s a beautiful pen, even if it’s not the wooden type. Thank you for the reviews, I really like to watch them.

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    Oooh, so nice!

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    I love Blue

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    Great review. Keep up the great work.

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    This pen is very very blue.

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    It’ll make a great match next to my Mars technico 2mm clutch pencils 😀

  • tg

    Very nice pen, the metal section makes it look rather expensive. Reminds me of Steven’s Opera Masters…

  • T Fitz

    Hope to win! What a beautiful pen

  • Thomas G

    It’s hard to hate a reliable workhorse pen

  • Jim Cavanaugh

    What a lovely blue color.

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    Howdy, Matt! Looks like another wonderful Pen and Ink! Thanks for a chance to own them.

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    That’s a fine looking pen.

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    Nice blue. I’ve always found Steadler products to be well made

  • Andrew

    Yes Matt, yes I would like to win the staedtler. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Tas Kyprianou

    “Never touch anything with half of your heart” . . .

  • A blue pen indeed, but hopefully it doesn’t leave one in a blue mood!

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    thx for the giveaway

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    Oh… I’d love to win this one… Count me in! 😀

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    What a nice pen

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    This pen looks very professional. I wouldn’t mind having one 😉

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    Glad the new season has begun. Great giveaway to start off. Thanks, Matt.

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    Nice looking pen!

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    It looks very pretty!

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  • Love your reviews.

  • Sonya Shi

    I have seen Staedtler fountain pens, but their looks have never really attracted me. On the other hand, they are very streamlined and would be good office pens. Thanks for the review!

  • Mishelle R

    Snazzy pen, once again a well done review.

  • Nicole K.

    I’ve not used any Staedtler pens, but their colored pencils are amazing.

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    It’s blue!

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    Beautiful blue, would love to win

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    Hey Matt! Thanks a lot for your great videos! Keep going!

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    Nice looking pen!

  • I’ve had my eye on one of these for a year or so. Maybe I’ll get lucky!

  • Rob

    Thanks for the giveaway. Based on your review it looks like this will make a great everyday writer for someone!!

  • tim

    I love Staedtler and their Pencils.

  • EelyHovercraft

    I haven’t used a Staedtler pen for ages. I used to like their pencils and erasers; their ballpoints, not so much. Let’s see if I can get to try out their fountain pens. Thank you Matt and Staedtler!

  • Theo

    Awesome looking pen. Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  • stanley kost

    Yes please!

  • Mark Knoblauch

    This particular blue is my favorite color, and it would be great to have this beautiful pen in my rotation!

  • scott d

    When writing is your job a workhorse pen is needed; whether it be for plowing the fields of prose, sewing the seeds of symbolism, or harvesting the fields of fruition… Or using a metaphor with which to beat said workhorse. Sorry, I had to joke a bit I was milking that metaphor for all it’s worth.

  • scott d

    When writing is your job a workhorse pen is needed; whether it be for
    plowing the fields of prose, sewing the seeds of symbolism, or
    harvesting the fields of fruition… Or using a metaphor with which to
    beat said workhorse. Sorry, I had to joke a bit I was milking that
    metaphor for all it’s worth.

  • Dexter L.

    The pen looks pretty good. Simple design.

  • Julia van der Wyk

    Love Staedtler for their pencils and erasers, and so would treasure their pen too! And it’s the blue color, added bonus. 🙂

  • Luke Kurzawa

    Very cool pen.

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    Nice pen!

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    I sure could use a blue pen…

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    Nice colour! Good looking pen as well

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    This is an attractive pen and ink combo. Thanks for the chance.

  • Davidson

    One of the best things about November is fountain pen giveaways!

  • Daniel Hanuka

    Matt, keep up the great work. I thoroughly enjoy your reviews.
    Big fan of Staedtler and love their super smooth nibs.

  • Katy Rotman

    what a pretty pen!

  • Best think Staedler makes are those bright gel text highlighters 😛
    Doesnt this pen look factoryish?

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    Blue pen love!

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    Thanks for the review and the giveaway.

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    The pen looks like a winner!

  • 57721

    I just watched your video review. As always, very informative!

    This seems like a really nice pen and not nearly as expensive where I live. Here, it’s 80€ (RRP, currently about $88US). I didn’t even know Staedtler made fountain pens.
    Isn’t Staedtler a German company, though? Considering how it looks, it really seems like a German pen, too, if you know what I mean. Nice and subtle, I’d say; maybe a little Bauhaus?

    • Yes, they are a German company. (I put a text correction on the video correcting my misspeak.)

  • Adriana Schreiber

    Seems solid, good to carry around everywhere!

  • chad vandyke

    ill enter

  • Lorraine G

    Giveaways are fun.

  • Richard

    Staedtler makes nice writing tools, nice to see them branching into higher end fountain pens

  • Visvamitra

    It’s interesting pen although I’m not sure if the clip isn’t too big. Maybe I’ll check this myself.

  • Adam Hayashi

    Interesting to see a Staedtler on here. Excellent review!

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    I’ve used Staedtler pencils but never a pen. Looks sweet!

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    What a gorgeous pen. Would be a great way for me to start my fountain pen collection don’t you think. 😉

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    It looks like a good workhorse pen.

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    Another giveaway! Looks like there will be a bunch lucky winners this week here and elsewhere for Fountain Pen Day. Thank, Matt.

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  • I still think pencils and rubbers whenever I see their name. Thanks for the comp Matt!

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    Hey Matt, this looks like an amazing pen!

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    Oooh, such a pretty pen!! I love it!

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    I have not yet tried Staedler Fountain Pens…. Could be a nice addition to my collection!!

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    Such a handsome pen! Reminded me a Pelikan Souveran M605 in dark blue.

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    Really nice pen, but can it run Crysis?

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