Live Q&A #3 with @PenHabit, @GourmetPens @SBREBrown

On Saturday, November 28th, 2015, The Pen Habit (that’s me!), Gourmet Pens (Azizah Asgarali), and SBREBrown (Stephen Brown) will be holding our third live Q&A. The live broadcast will start at 9AM Pacific Standard Time (17:00 GMT) and will run for approximately an hour. You can submit your questions in advance by commenting on this post, or on the Twitter or Facebook pages for any of us. We will also have a live chat going where we will do our best to answer questions in real time.

We may also be joined by a special guest, so stay tuned!  See you on Saturday.

  • Parsa Shamloo

    What are some pens you were dying to buy but ended up selling eventually? (Cheap pens don’t count.)

    • Graf Faber Castel pen and pencil. Lovely to look at, but heavy [brass?], awful nib like a 15£ pen. Stiff. Dry.

  • Pascal Leers

    If you would be James Bond. What gadget should Q build into your fountain pen ?

  • Jen

    At what point do you think a pen gets a bit overrated for its price? Certain ones for me immediately jump the shark, but then there are some on the cusp of what I wouldn’t pay for a pen that make me wonder if stepping up my spending game is worth it. Hope that makes sense! Thanks for taking the time to answer:)

    • Miss Fountain Pen

      Ooo, I have a related question! At what price point do you think a pen effectively ceases to be a writing instrument and becomes a collector’s item? That is, at what price point can one reasonably conclude that owners of the pen in question bought the pen in order to display it in a glass case, having no intention of ever actually inking it up?

  • Nick Soreen


    Do you think vintage fountain pens are better than modern fountain pens in terms of ergonomics?

    Personally I find ridiculous how often manufacturers are making the pens too short, too thin / too thick, with the threads in wrong position (exactly where you hold the pen), with very steep changes in diameter, etc.

    Nic S.

  • Thor Clayton Wright

    Im looking for other types of paper then Rhodia, Clairfontaine, ex. Wondering if you guys have tried Kokuyo or Maruman Mnemosyne or Apica?

  • jldragone

    What is your favorite pen for LONG, LONG writing sessions (say 2 hours or so)?

  • Patrick Blindeman

    What do you think of the “Pelikan Edelstein ‘ink, is it really so, what they claim, the ink contains a special ingredient, allowing for an even smoother writing experience.
    What is your experience?

  • Justin Shields

    I have to use notebook paper at school. What blue or black inks would not bleed through with a fine or EF. I used de atrementas aubergine (thx Matt) with my lamy Safari EF and it still bleeds.

    – Justin S.

    • You’ll probably never find an ink that doesn’t bleed a little. I will be doing a review shortly of Sailor Jentle Four Seasons Souten. It’s a sky blue color, and it does really well on cheap paper.