Introducing the Pen Habit “Currently Inked” Log

Over the last couple of months, I’ve hinted in various venues that I’ve been working on a new Pen Habit-branded paper product. I am happy to announce that the Pen Habit Currently Inked Log is now available for same from the all new Pen Habit Web Store.

This Currently Inked log is sized to fit in your Traveller’s Notebook (formerly Midori Traveller’s Notebook) or to be used as a standalone product. It contains 40 pages of fountain-pen and environmentally friendly wheat straw paper, which is a completely accidental discovery I made with my printer, and with which I could not be more thrilled. It’s a thin paper with just a hint of texture, and holds up very well to even flex writing.


Inside the card stock cover are modules for your to keep track of which pens you have inked, what inks you filled them with, the date of filling and cleaning (for those of you who, like me, often have far too many pens inked at the same time), and a place for a quick ink swatch. The last two pages are a pen spend log, to keep track of the running total of the damage you’re doing to your savings account.

With this product, I’m also running an experiment to offer a downloadable PDF version of the Currently Inked log for DIY-ers who want to try making their own booklets, or who want to use different papers of their own chosing.

The print version of the Currently Inked Log is $8 + S&H. The downloadable version is only $3, and both are available now!

If there is enough interest for this Currently Inked Log, I plan to offer other products specifically targeted to fountain pen users, as well as offer all of my products in a variety of different sizes.

(I should also note that this web store is brand new to the site. I’ve done some testing, but there are probably bugs that still need to be worked out. I’ll be monitoring things, so if you run into problems, please drop me a line and I’ll to solve them as soon as possible!)

  • bimmerin

    Hey Matt,
    Quick question about the paper in the new log. So the paper is FP friendly, how does it (or does it) accentuate sheen in an ink?

    • This paper is a bit more absorptive, so you’ll see less sheen that you would on Rhodia or Tomoe River.

  • Ted

    My order is in!

  • David Rea

    What a cool idea!

  • Rafael R. Pappalardo

    Dear Sir,
    are you going to offer detailed explanations on how to print the pdf version? I am not familiar with Adobe Reader since they stopped producing a Linux version. Maybe you could produce a ready to print pdf in A4 and Letter sizes? I am thinking in somethingmsimilar to what mylifeallinoneplace blog.

    • Hey Rafael,

      I will try to write up something more detailed, but I won’t be able to help you with any linux printers.

      In the meantime, Adobe Acrobat Reader has a “Print Booklet” option which will order the pages properly for printing. Then, if your printer can do duplex printing (print on both sides of the paper), you just to indicate in the printer settings that you want it to print double-sided. If your printer doesn’t do that, you’ll need to print only the odd pages first, then reverse the paper and print the even pages.

      Then you stitch or staple the booklet and trim it to size.

      The existing booklet will print just fine on either A4 or Letter-sized paper. I’ve done it on both.

      When I get some time, I’ll look at putting together a tutorial video on how to do this.

      • Rafael R. Pappalardo

        I have tried to print with acrobat reader on A4 but I believe there is something wrong. The “box” measure 93mm. The right margin 30mm and the gap between the two “boxes” 50mm. When I fold the A4 I get 118mm from the left to the edge of the “box”. I have no Midori at hand but I believe the width of my printing is more than 10mm off.
        Could you please measure your booklet?
        Thanks in advance,

        • The booklet is 110 by 210. Have you tried the “Print Booklet” command? It’s a different command than regular “print.”

          • Rafael R. Pappalardo

            Yes, I used the print booklet. If not the page order is wrong. Is not my first booklet. I even have a long hand staple and make my own inserts for my son’s Midori. The inner gap between the body of the pages is wrong, instead of 20 mm came out 50mm.

        • BTW, I’m working on an easier solution. I’ll email you when I’ve got it ready.

          • Rafael R. Pappalardo

            Ok, thanks.

  • Ernest

    Hey Matt. I just watched your video introducing the Currently Inked log. I’ve gotta say I love the idea. I have several notebooks, loose papers, etc. where I find myself recording pen, nib and ink info. It will be nice to have this all in one place for a change. I’m happy to be one of the first to purchase!

  • Lez Cartwright

    Matt, superbamundo idea, I want one…
    Sent you a email with an idea.
    Best wishes as always.

  • I S

    This looks awesome and I’ll probably get this size, but is there any chance of a Field Notes size in the future? I tend to prefer smaller notebooks and don’t often carry my larger TN around…

    • Yep. I’m looking at creating FN size and Midori Passport sizes in the future as well.

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  • poeticnook

    I would love to buy this notebook in blanks or dot grids

    • Jan Scott

      Err wouldn’t that defeat the object?

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  • Ted

    UPDATE: I have been greatly enjoying my PenHabit ink logbook for some weeks now. I have never kept track of my pen-ink combos before, and I was fascinated by the idea of wheat-based paper, so this had a double-interest for me. How are sales going? Still getting orders?

  • Jan Scott

    Ladies and Gentlemen, just buy one. In fact buy several. They are exactly what you need. Trust me. Ordered two (the price point to make the postage to the UK not eye watering) and I may actually turn over one of my Midori’s just for these. At the moment it nestles in alongside my gardening notebook. Matt, you are a genius. And love to Luke the dog.

  • Jerry C

    Placed my order for 2 Currently Inked-brilliant idea Matt! Can’t wait to see the new version.