Giveaway: End of Season 3!

It’s that time again!

(“To put cucumbers in our ears?” “To make fun of the Disney Channel?”)

No, it’s time for The Wheel of Morality The Pen Habit End of Season Giveaway!

Now, the season isn’t quite over yet. There are still a couple of videos and blog posts to come. But as the month of May is winding to a close, it’s time to give away the pens, inks, and papers that have been building up. And I’ve got to give y’all time to enter!

But first, before I go through the prize packages, I just want to say another huge thank you to Pen Habit’s Sponsors this season: Fontoplumo, Goulet Pens, Goldspot Pens, La Couronne du Comte, Pen Chalet, PenWorld, and Vanness Pens. They have been tremendously supportive by providing review materials and/or financial support this season. The next time you order from these wonderful supporters, please leave them a note thanking them for their continued support of this blog and YouTube channel!

I would also like to provide special thanks to other manufacturers, retailers, and viewers who have send pens my way this season (including a large batch which will show up in Season 4). And, of course, a huge, huge thank you to my wonderful viewers and readers who have continued to support The Pen Habit financially. Your support has made what I do possible.

Now, on to what you’re really interested in: the prize packages.

First Place:

  • J&J Wood Designs Custom Pen – Copper Ore Alumilite with Copper and Brass accents, M Steel #6 Jowo Nib
  • 2 of my Currently Inked Logs
  • Fountain Pen Day Pin from the 2015 DC Supershow

Second Place:

  • Ranga / Peyton Street Pens Zayante in Yellow/Blue Swirl Ebonite (M Steel #6 Jowo Nib)
  • 2 of my Currently Inked Logs
  • A Fountain Pen Day Pin from the 2015 DC Supershow

Third Place:

  • 3 Pilot Petit1 Pens
  • A complete set of ink cartridges in all the Petit1 Colors
  • Paperblanks Grollier Ornamentali Journal
  • 2 of my Currently Inked Logs
  • Goldspot Pen-branded fountain pen
  •  Fountain Pen Day Pin from the 2015 DC Supershow

Fourth Place

  • 3 Petit1 Pens
  • A complete set of ink cartridges in all the Petit1 Colors
  • Earth Pen ballpoint from a failed Kickstarter campaign (It was a knockoff product, but writes really well.)
  • Jinhao 1200 (aka the ugliest pen of all time!)
  • 2 of my Currently Inked Logs
  • A Fountain Pen Day Pin from the 2015 DC Supershow

Use the instructions in the Rafflecopter giveaway box below to enter. I verify all entries, so please make sure to follow instructions closely. Winners will be picked one at a time and will be given their choice of the remaining packages.

Thanks again for a great season, and good luck with the giveaway!

Terms & Conditions: Giveaway ends June 1, 2016 at 12:00 AM PST. Winners will be selected by and verified by The Pen Habit. Each winner will be chosen one at a time and given his or her choice of remaining prizes. Winner will have 72 hours to respond before prize is forfeited and a new winner is selected. The Pen Habit will be responsible for shipping prizes to the winners. No purchase necessary to enter. By providing your information in this form, you are providing your information to The Pen Habit only. I do not share or sell personal information and will use any information only for the purpose of contacting the winner.
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  • DexterL

    Thanks for all the amazing reviews.

  • lessherger

    Right now I’m seriously enjoying my Namisu Nova inked up with Edelstein Tanzanite.

  • marytudor

    Knox Aristotle and Noodler’s black

  • Ian Hedley

    My favourite pen and ink combo at the moment is a Parker Vacumatic with Pilot Iroshizuku Kiri-Same

  • Tomi Heiskanen

    Geha, Pelikan Königsblau

  • NoFuture NoHope

    Thank you for all the great reviews

  • Derick Solano Veitia

    Thank you for all the great reviews and these amazing giveaways! Loved season 3

  • Carlos Iván Fuentes

    My favorite right now is Pelikan M205 transparent blue inked with Graf von Fabrr Castell Royal Blue

  • Nathan Weston

    I’m enjoying my pilot MR with Diamine Denim!

  • j1448

    Thank you for so many amazing reviews and videos. Very much appreciated.

  • kandm25

    Thanks Matt. Love your videos. My fave combo now is M400 green stripe with Irish Green!

  • j1448

    My favorite pen is definitely my Monteverde Prima (1.1mm stub) Writes like a beauty. I usually pair it with Noodler’s Blue, occasionally Noodler’s Navajo Turquiose if I want to switch it up.

  • Rodja

    Hi Matt! Lamy 2000 and Pilot Blue-Black

  • Mikey Mazur

    Thanks for the opportunity Matt. I can’t tell you how many time I have rewatched some of these videos. Sometimes I even let them play while doing math hw. Also my fav pen and ink combo right now is my red neponset with oxblood. Nathan in his Neponset video said the red looks like shark blood so oxblood was fitting.

  • Lauren

    Thanks for the chance to win AND all the reviews and blog content!

  • Alex de Vos

    Tanks for the giveaway and the great video reviews!
    At this moment I’m really enjoying the Pilot Vanishing Point in blue carbonesque (M nib) with Sailor Jentle Yama-Dori ink.

  • Dylan K.

    Thank you for 3 seasons of reviews and another giveaway!! My favorite pen/ink combo at the moment is a TWSBI Eco 1.1mm stub with J. Herbin Emerald of Chivor.

  • Rob

    Lamy Vista 1.1 mm with Pelikan Edelstein Aquamarine

  • David Banks

    Thanks for all the great reviews. My favorite combination is currently my Faber Castell Ondoro with GvFC Hazelnut Brown or Waterman Brown.

  • Timemit

    Thanks for the blog and reviews.
    I am enjoying an Edison Cappuccino pen flowing Visconti Blue.

  • Philip Schweitzer

    Favorite combo is a pelikan 100N and Iroshizuku ama dori!

  • Justin DeGuzman Maramba

    My current favorite is Pilot Iroshizuku Take-sumi partnered with my Matte Black Delta Unica. It has such a satiny feel to it.

  • Ciaran Myers

    Thank you for all the reviews and entertainment. Currently, I’m loving my Noodlers Konrad with Diamine Sunshine Yellow

  • Vlad Ardeleanu

    It’s been such a great season! Thanx!

  • Z Keros

    Thank you for all your reviews they are really helpful for us fountain pen enthousiasts

  • Fredrik

    My favorite combo at the moment is a Pelikan M800 (blue striated) with an F nib and Diamine Majestic Blue.

  • Christian

    Thank you!

  • Casey F.

    My favorite ink and pen combo right now would be my Pearl White Pilot Decimo with Pelikan Edelstein Jade. So pretty together!

  • Indira

    Thank you for the giveaway and for another great season of The Pen Habit. I’ve enjoyed the videos. I’ve currently enjoying my Noodler’s Konrad clear rollerball inked with De Atramentis Plum.

  • Melanie J.

    My favorite pen is the TWSBI Mini with a stub nib and the ink is called “Alt-Bordeaux” from Rohrer & Klingner at the moment.

  • Vitaly

    I’ve recently received my first and long awaited Waterman 52 with a wonderful flex nib, currently inked with Diamine Eau de Nil

  • Eduard-Cristian Stefan

    Edelstein Amethyst in a Reform 1745

  • Ben Stolz

    I love all your videos, Matt. Thanks for all you do.

  • EelyHovercraft

    My favourite pen and ink combo at the moment is the Pilot Metropolitan Retro Grey and Pilot Blue Black.

    Thanks for the giveaway, Matt. I wish you all the best for the rest of the season, the next season and the summer break between those two. Oh, good luck with your job hunt, too!

  • Bogdan Claudiu

    it’s been an wonderful season. thank you for all the great reviews!

  • Anzan Hoshin Roshi

    Edison Menlo grey translucent swirl pump filler with J Herbin Lie de the.

  • Ted

    My favorite pen and ink combo right now is my Burgundy Italix Parson’s Essential loaded with Iroshizuku Yama-budo!!

  • debraji

    The reviews are a lot of fun–a way to check out a lot of pens vicariously.

  • debraji

    Favorite pen & ink combo? Noodler’s Black Swan in English Roses in a Pelikan m600 Red-striped Sourveran.

  • Mishelle R

    Currently favorite pen and ink combo is Karas Kustom Ink with iroshizuku Asa-Gao

  • Benjamin N.

    Pilot 742 with FA nib, and Tekker Ink Tiger Taryn #c04900

  • Andrew Wolfson

    Thanks for the reviews. They were great as always.

  • Dennis Conlon

    I like my Lami Safrie with Noodler’s Black

  • Gordon Tillman

    Matt thank you and the wonderful Pen Habit sponsors! My current favorite pen and ink combo is my Pelikan M1000 (fine nib) with Pilot Iroshizuku fuyu-gaki!

  • LeGaulois

    Thank you for your blog and reviews.

  • Julia

    Right now I love my TWSBI Eco with Diamine Majestic Blue.

  • Joao Palma

    I started following you this season, and I’m hooked. On your blog, on foutain pens in general. Can’t wait to see what’s next

  • Joao Palma

    Current fave is Jinhao 750 with Noodler’s Apache Sunset

  • kaysguy

    Currently, I am using a Pelikan Level with Parker Quink Black. The pen is incredibly smooth in flow and has an ultra smooth nib.

  • Mike

    Sailor Pro Gear Imperial Black inked with Sailor Sei Boku

  • Joseph Reuben

    My sincerest thank you for all the hard work you put into these reviews. I got a couple of your Currently Inked logs, and they’re great! My favorite pen+ink this week is my blue Visconti Rembrandt with Noodler’s Navajo Turquoise.

  • gertzedek

    Pen and ink combo? Pilot CH92 with Iroshizuku Yama-Budo.

  • Aubrey Whitehead

    The Jinhao x450 and Autumn oak go beautifully together… Thanks for your videos Matt!

  • molossus

    All my pens are entry level and I don’t truly have a favorite. My favorite ink is J. Herbin’s Emerald of Chivor.

  • Jan Scott

    Tactile Turn and MB Corn Poppy

  • theyellowhobbit

    I just got a purple Pilot Vanishing Point Decimo, and it pairs perfectly with Iroshizuku Murasaki-Shikibu.

  • Kyle Parsons

    My favorite pen/ink combo right now is going to have to be my M800 green stripe with MB Irish Green. Love it.

  • gadgetfanboy

    Omas Arte Italiana ART Navy Guilloche with Maruzen Athena Blue Black

  • Chris Ward

    Great as always. Now usin a Parker 45 with Scrip blue-black.

  • TD Cackler

    Thanks for the giveaway and all your hard work.

  • SKT고객

    My favorite at the moment is the Tactile Turn Gist poly body with zirconium section and 14k m nib. Ink Sailor Nano black.

  • Benjamin Luo

    Pilot custom 823 amber with KWZ Honey is my current favorite.

  • bimmerin

    MontBlanc Starwalker inked with MontBlanc Blue Hour

  • James Crute

    Thanks for the vids. Currently Black Lamy AL Star with green Lamy ink, simple.

  • Daniel Fi

    Love the show. Keep up the great work!

  • Jonathan Whitehorn

    Current pen/ink combo is my Sheaffer Balance with Waterman Inspired Blue. 🙂

  • Smithman

    Thanks for a great, informative Season 3. It will seem such a long time to wait for the new season to star.

  • Smithman

    I’m enjoying practicing with my Platinum 3776 Century Chartres Bleu with Binder cursive italic. Am still experimenting with inks.

  • Randy R

    Thanks a bunch, Matt, for all the time and hard work you go through making some top-notch, extremely informative reviews!

    Currently: Karas Kustoms K with a broad nib and Diamine Ancient Copper. What a combination!

  • Kevin Robinson

    I enjoy the reviews and learning about the great pens. My current favorite is a cross century II, extra-fine nib in ruby red. Stiff, but always ready to write.

  • Randy R

    Please tell Kermie that maybe he should switch to decaf for a while! 😀

  • justicewolf

    Enjoying my Lamy 2000 and Noodler’s Navajo Turquoise atm.

  • Lauren

    matte black vanishing point with the pilot blue cartridge.

  • Joshua Bowman

    Another great season! Right now, my favorite combo is my Pilot Custom 74 SM and Montblanc Irish Green.

  • Joseph Beaupre

    Favorite combo: Lamy CP1 frankenpen with Pilot Preppy nib and Kiwa Guro.

  • Franz

    Thanks for this giveaway Matt! My favorite combo right now is Edison Huron with Pelikan Turquoise =)

  • Japitnik

    We all have to start small, so currently I have my very first Baoer 801 inked with Liqin (or something like that, hard to read logo) black ink cartridge.
    Keep up with the great reviews!

  • Nib & Muck

    Fantastic giveaway Matt! My current fave ink pen combo is my Namisu Nova with Diamine Aqua Lagoon.

  • Katy Rotman

    Right now i’m absolutely love using TWSBI Eco + Noodler’s Blue nosed bear

  • Joanna Mei

    Congratulations on another great season! Thank you for all the great content! My favorite pen and ink combo right now is my Pilot Kakuno with Sailor Jentle Tokiwa Matsu.

  • John Kiddier

    Onoto Magna Classic & Onoto Woodland Green (I think Onoto Inks are made by Diamine)

  • Anastasia

    right now I love my TWSBI 580AL (Purple) with Pilot Iroshizuku Murasaki Japanese Beautyberry

  • Julie Paradise

    Fav pen/ink-combo: KaWeCo Sport Luxe EF with KaWeCo Midnight Blue (Cartridge). Classy, elegant, timeless. Writes like a dream.

  • Pascal Leers

    My favourite combo is still my black Pelikan M1000 filled with Iroshizuku Ina-ho. (That classy look with that big springy nib and the smooth piston is very hard to beat.) A MontBlanc 149 is coming my way soon. But I have my doubt if it can beat the M1000).

  • Dave Busse

    Thanks for all the reviews, and for this give-away. To answer your question, currently my favourite pen and ink combo is a Ranga Aerometric Duofold Ebonite Model 3a and Sailor Souten ink.

  • Chris

    Lamy Safari with Mont Blanc Permanent Blue

  • Enoch Nicholson

    Thanks for everything Matt! Favorite combo is Waterman Hemisphere with Pelikan Edelstein Topaz

  • Jan Schneegaß

    Monteverde Prima – Rohrer & Klingner Cassia

  • Gordon Rakita

    I’m using a Lamy PUR with the blue cartridges that came with it right now.

  • mberker

    thanks for the giveaway. my top match is twsbi eco 1.1 stub with diamine syrah

  • b0th

    I like the nova minimal fountain pen (KS) with diamine deep dark purple

  • Pascal D.

    Visconti Wall Street and Visconti Blue ink

  • Urbanspinner

    I’m loving my Sailor Pro Gear Slim filled from my new bottle of Yama Dori ink. Beautiful combo. Thank you for all the great reviews and giveaways.

  • Kelly Turley

    Right now I’m liking my TWSBI Eco inked with Pilot Iroshizuku Kon-Peki. I use it every day.

  • Mattia Miani

    Thanks for your hard work. Answering the question: Opera Master clear Demo with Syo Ro ink.

  • sharon888

    Lamy 2000 with a cursive italic grind by Mike Masuyama filled with Pelikan Edelstein Tanzanite. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • The Raven’s Fire

    Can’t wait for next season!🖋

  • isitisisitis

    My favourite pen and ink combo (I currently have four possibilities) would be my Lamy nexx with Poussière de Lune.
    Thanks for making your reviews, Matt!

  • MeliC

    I’m really liking the Pilot Petit1 because as a student it’s inexpensive and cute. I really like it with Diamine Marine ink.

  • Bradley Weidemann

    My favorite inked-up pen at the moment is my Parker Vector, and my favorite ink is a blue-black that I mixed myself.

  • Stephanie Jung

    Thanks for the giveaway! I’ve been enjoying your blog very much, and have been learning a lot from it!

    Currently my favorite pen and ink combo is my TWSBI with Noodler’s Bad Belted Kingfisher. I love that blue, and the stub nib makes the ink look gorgeous!

  • Dick Davies

    I’ve been enjoying Chesterfield Antique Yankee (a great dark blue) in a Kaigelu 316 with a fine cursive italic nib. Heaven!

  • mulrich1

    I almost always have an M800 inked up but I don’t have a favorite ink, just whatever sample I pull out of my bag when I need to refill.

  • Ira Stone

    Stipula Vido/Binder Burgundy

  • Samuel

    thank you for this awesome giveaway Matt. Have a great summer, we’ll miss you !

  • NadineRPG

    Thank you for the opportunity 🙂 I’m really enjoying your posts, and I hope you’re still having as much fun with them as you had at the beginning.

  • mklages

    Thank you Matt for all your video’s and write-ups . My current fav. pen is my TWSBI Eco (B). At the moment it’s filled Diamine Red Dragon but my favorite ink is Diamine Sherwood Green.

  • Matt, thank you for yor giveaway:) I see, my comment has 108 number:) And It shows not exactly that people want to win something – yes it is a part of fun but most of all this number shows how many people read you (I suppose will be more these coments :). Thank you for your precious work:)
    And my favorite pen and ink combo: Sailor Pro Gear Slim (Yukitsubaki) + J. Herbin, Terre de feu

  • Ugo Jacquemin

    My current favourite combo is my Pilote Vanishing Point Decimo Burgundy with Pilot Iroshizuku Kiri-Same.
    Thanks you for your amazing work !

  • spfnycz

    Thank you for your good work!
    My favs now: Faber Castel Loom + Hero Blue Black

  • Kittenblitz

    Neon Coral Safari with Iroshizuku Momiji

  • Lez Cartwright

    Mabie Todd Swan with Scribblers imperial purple and Noodlers Ahab with Mr Pen radiant blue ink

  • AnissaJ

    Karas Kustoms Ink and Pilot Iroshizuku Yama Budo. The ink almost perfectly matches the color of the pen.

  • Janine

    Today it’s a vintage Pelikan 400 tortoise OB with Noodler’s Habanero.

  • AdamatusARTS

    Thanks for a great website on pens!!!!

  • scott d

    My current favorite pen and ink combo is my TWSBI Eco Clear EF filled with Private Reserve Sherwood Green – Fast Dry.

  • Brannen Hall

    I love my Regal Edward with Diamine Green Black! The Regal is like a Cross pen but significantly cheaper.

  • Caroline LOVES pears

    Pilot Kakuno and Waterman Inspired Blue.

  • Boyd Garrett

    I have my Monteverde Invincia in Full Blue Anodized inked up with my standard Waterman Mysterious Blue. I need to tweak the nib a bit, but it’s my current favorite.

  • Schrift

    Wow. What a lovely opportunity. I’m new to the fountain pen world, but my favorite actually came up via this site…Nemosine Fission. Broad Nib, inked with Diamine Ancient Copper right now.

  • Mary

    I don’t have any fountain pens or ink yet but I am really interested and I am doing my research to buy myself some great pens and ink. Thanks so much for this giveaway. Maybe I will win my first fountain pen =) <3

  • Karthus

    I’d have to say my Visconti Homo Sapiens Crystal with Sailor’s specialty shop Sankodo’s Ozone Blue

  • Sze Wai

    Thanks for the high quality video reviews! =)

  • David

    Loving the Pilot Knight with Callifolio Ohlanga. Smooth and gorgeous!

  • David H

    Favorite day-to-day pen/ink: Lamy Al-star with noodler’s air corp blue black. Thanks for the giveaways!

  • Alex Norman

    Your videos are a helpful and informative. Thanks for producing them, and for running giveaways like this!

  • Denis Lego

    Right now I found that Jinhao x450 with FPR fine nib does surprisingly good job with Pelikan 4001 purple ink.

  • Chia Jin Wen, Zachary

    pilot vp 2015 le twilight with Pilot Iroshizuku Tsuki-yo

  • Marek K.

    Franklin-Christoph Model 19 + Steel M-Stub + Terra Firma ink = pure pleasure of writing. Seriously, this is fascinating.

  • Derek

    Thanks for all the work done on your reviews. One thing I can be sure of when I read them, is quality.

  • tg

    This is a huge giveaway! Pretty cool!

    Favourite ink and pen combo at the moment: Visconti Opera Elements + J. Herbin Rouge Opera 🙂

  • Conner Flynn

    Thank you for all the hard work you do to provide the pen-community with reviews. Thank you for this giveaway!

  • BF

    I love my Waterman Lauriat with Pilot Iroshizuku Shin-Kai

  • Nicholas Dolce

    I’m enjoying Lamy Dark Lilac in my Lamy 2000 with a Masuyama Medium Cursive Italic.

  • Denise

    My favorite pen/ink combo right now are my new Sailor ProGear demonstrator tanked up with Sailor Souten!

  • Pavel C

    My favorite combo right now is Pilot Custom 74 SF nib with Iroshizuku Kon Peki.

  • David Cariker

    Currently I’m loving my Franklin-Christoph Model 66 inked with Diamine Burnt Sienna

  • Fredrik Lindroth

    Thanks for all the wonderful reviews! My favourite pen/ink combo atm. is Lamy 2000M (EF) with Diamine Oxblood

  • Shu

    Twsbi mini with Iroshizuku Kon-peki!

  • Jonathan Mooney

    I’m really loving my TWSBI 580 AL Green filled with KWZ Green #2.

  • Andrew Coon

    Visconti maxi michangelo, broad nib, custom tekker ink.

  • Joe Dell’Armi

    1971 Montblanc Carrera (Black & Silver) with Montblanc Irish Green (why yes, I am an insufferable snob).

  • Graeme Spicer

    My favourite pen/ink combo right now? Sailor 1911L M nib w/ Bungubox Blue Black (4B)!

  • R H Meade

    Thank you Matt for all you hard work producing the reviews.

  • p hl

    I have a very limited supply of inks and fountain pens right now. Of the ones I have, my favorite is my Nemosine Singularity with Waterman Serenity Blue. Not so much because of anything special in the pen or ink as because they always work and aren’t difficult to clean.

  • Jeremy George

    Conklin All American Stub with Chesterfield Antique Copper

  • R H Meade

    Serenity blue in a Platinum Chartres 3776 are my current favorite ink an pen combination.

  • Jim Dawson

    Pelikan M400 white tortoise and Kon Peki.

  • Judy Jacobs

    We recently got a bottle of Noodler’s Berning Red. Good color, fast dry without that annoying factor that often accompanies fast inks, feathering. It’s in a Baoer 388.

  • Shubhranshu Das

    My favourite pen and ink combo at the moment is the Italix Parson’s Essential with Diamine ASA Blue…. Why such a mundane choice? No Pelikans or Mont Blancs or Viscontis…. Firstly I write all day with fountain pens at work and at home so I need a pocket pen that works and is a delight for me to use…. I use .. I don’t consider myself as a collector .. As Yet….. The Parson’s fits the bill dead on … It’s substantial in the hand and works really well capped or uncapped…. I adore italics/cursive italic/ stubs and Italix has a wonderful range … They work so well out of the box and on most office supplies…but I use my own ink friendly note books at work … Diamine ASA Blue is great for official needs and delights me in terms of shading and the red tinge once it dries… On TR paper … The ink and Fine CI combination is a dream….

  • Dragonmaster Lou

    Thanks for the reviews… now my favorite pen and ink combo at the moment would be the TWSBI Diamond 580 AL with Pilot Blue Black.

  • Chris C

    I think my combo of choice at the moment is Karas Kustoms Fountain K with KWZ Honey. I don’t usually set out to match pen and ink but this works great!

  • SirSigma

    My current pen and ink combo is my Pilot Vanishing Point with Sailor Jentle Souten. I got a black and white finish VP (think Stormtroopers from Star Wars) from Europe, and I got the Sailor ink after seeing your review on it.

  • Andrew Compton

    Pilot Super 200V with Edelstein Amethyst.

  • Chris Droney

    Currently, my favorite pen/ink combo is my Peyton Street Pens Mid-sized Flat-top with Noodler’s Forrest Green. Thanks for yhe awesome opportunity, Matt!

  • maj8614

    Congrats on the completion of season 3! My favorite pen and ink combo at the moment is Lamy 2000, EF nib, with Ackerman #28.

  • Roshan K

    Lamy Al-Star and Lamy Blue

  • rdcalhoon

    Today’s favorite combo is my TWSBI Eco fine with Diamine Chocolate Brown. Thanks for the chance.

  • Denise Rogers

    Thanks for all the hard work you do, Matt! I love the videos and honest reviews.

  • Mikel Fdz. de Matauco Amestoy

    Thank you Matt for another season.

  • Stephen R. Valcourt

    Edison Collier in Antique Marble with J. Herbin Lie du Thé.

  • bob

    Pilot Metropolitan with Iroshizuku Kosumosu

  • bradenb41

    Right now I’m rockin the Lamy Safari with Noodler’s Apache Sunset

  • Kris M.

    Lamy Al-Star copper orange & Noodler’s Widow Maker

  • Razi Syed

    Danitrio Mikado with Iroshizuku Ku-jaku!

  • Randall Green

    Pilot Metro and Pelikan 4001 Königsblau Royal Blue

  • Ali Konan

    For the moment my favorite combination is Visconti Homosapiens Oversize (B) with MB Irish Green

  • Jessica Rodríguez

    Thanks for the blog and reviews.
    My current favorite is Pilot Metrolitan fine nib with Pilot Iroshizuku Yama-Budo.

  • Ocie

    Thanks for all that you share with the pen community. You are a great resource for me and those searching for the next “must have” pen.

  • pszabi

    Parker Jotter fine with Lamy blue 🙂

  • Jared Huff

    Vintage Sheaffer touchdown filler with Alt-Goldgrun

  • David Peters

    Right now my favorite pen and ink combination is my 1909 Waterman 52 inked up with Montblanc Lavender Purple. I love this flex nib.

  • Garrett Olsen

    I am in LOVE with that pen. And since the 21st was my birthday, I’m feeling good about this one. Thanks! Season 3 has been great!

    Current favorite: Lamy 2000 with Diamine Eau Dr Nil. Killer combo.

  • Rust

    Lamy Safari with black.

  • jonah

    Thanks for your work and reviews this season.

  • riley

    what a great season can’t wait for next one.

  • cameron

    Love the reviews have a great summer.

  • jed

    Can;t wait for next season great job.

  • Nicolas Cloutier

    Platinum 3776 Century Chartres-Blue with Sailor ink Souten !

  • Paul Burberry

    I am really enjoying my Masuyama ground Sailor Pro Gear Starburst Galaxy with Kon Peki ink. Thank you for all the wonderful reviews Matt.

  • My current favorite combo is the Lamy Dark Lilac Safari with Dark Lilac ink. So nice!
    Love your amazing reviews. Thanks for a splendid giveaway!

  • Matt Taylor

    I’m a big fan of my Lamy 2000 with Rohrer & Klingner Salix

  • Tora Aki

    I am currently using my Vintage Sheaffer dolphin with Parker blue quink, I really like how both work together

  • gandesc

    Montblanc 32 and pelikan konigsblau 4001

  • Joshua Giacone

    Pilot Metropolitan with Noodler’s Black

  • Hannah Malcolm

    My turquoise Monteverde Poquito with Faber-Castell Moss Green is my favorite pen and ink combo. It makes me feel like taking notes is almost an art form.

  • Jonathan Tite

    I am loving my Pilot Custom Heritage 91 soft FM nib with Private Reserve Tanzanite.

  • Maya

    My go to pen is my lamy safari with noodler’s Heart of Darkness.

  • James Burwell

    My current favorite pen/ink combo (also my ONLY current pen/ink combo) is a Platinum Preppy Fine nib with the Platinum Black cartridge the pen came with. I’ll come up with something better once I acquire more pens and ink. Keep up the great work, Matt. Plenty of broke fountain pen owners are counting on you to steer us straight. 😀

  • Jo-Anne Teal

    I love my TSWBI Eco though I wish it was a bit inkier. I have it filled with Waterman Absolute Brown and love (love) seeing the brown ink in the demonstrator. I know I’m always saying this to you but I’ll say it again – hope you might do some more brown ink reviews! Thanks, Matt!

  • Nick

    I’m absolutely in love with my combination of Diamine Autumn Oak and a Monteverde Invincia with a Pendleton BLS Nib!!

  • Marie-Paule Graham

    TWSBI Vac700, medium nib and Waterman Inspired Blue.

  • Christine Roquet

    Visconti Manhattan Wall St Green with Pelikan Edelstein Aquamarine. Never enough green.

  • Bob Shephard

    Metropolitan fine with Liberty’s Elysium

  • Ali Yazdi

    Steadler Resina B – Waterman Brown

  • Katherine Stewart

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