Currently Inked #6 – 2016 July 21

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  • Julie Paradise

    Thank you for another interesting and informative episode of “Currently Inked”!

    Regarding the video length: I bet there are others like me who screamed “No! Please!” to their screens when you said you would like your videos to be shorter. 😉 They are perfect every time, please, do not try to compress your train of thought on whatever topic into a certain amount of minutes. Take your time, your thoughts are worth it!

  • Terry Holt

    Two former directors of Onoto stated up a company called British Bespoke Pens to produce small runs of high end pens on commission. When Conway Stewart folded BBP purchased a whole load of material from the receivers. They have been slowly going through this stuff to see if they have enough parts to make up quantities of pens usually only finding 20 to 30 at a time. Which they release as limited, in as much as when they have gone there are no more parts left. Effectively they are Conway Stewart pens and are marketed as such but BBP have not resurrected the Conway Stewart production line or the company. Regards. Terry Holt.

  • Clifford Hughes

    25 minutes seems just about right to me too. Believe me Matt, you’re not boring us!