Currently Inked #7 – 28 July 2016

This episode of Currently Inked is sponsored by Pen Chalet. A long-time supporter of The Pen Habit, Pen Chalet is a world-class retailer of pens, ink, paper, and accessories. They carry a wide selection of brands, and back all of their pens up with top-notch customer service. Plus they offer free shipping for orders over $50! Pen Chalet has also been kind enough to offer Currently Inked viewers coupon code for 10% off their entire order. Simply use the code INKED when you checkout to receive the discount.

  • 1:55 – A sneak peak of the new Inky Fingers Notebooks!
  • 4:15 – Currently Inked #1 – Merlen Aleph
  • 5:25 – Question: What brand of inks make the brightest, most vibrant colors?
  • 7:30 – Question from Eric: What do you think about two-toned nibs on pens with silver trim
  • 9:40 – Currently Inked #2 – Tactile Turn Gist
  • 12:40 – Question from Curtis: How do you fill your pens most of the time and what is your favorite filling system?
  • 15:52 – Sponsor Message
  • 17:30 – Currently Inked #3 – Stylo-Art Taut
  • 19:00 – A screed about people freaking out over modern Iron Gall inks in modern pens
  • 20:30 – Question from Alejandro: What is the best way to care for, store, handle celluloid pens?
  • 23:00 – Currently Inked #4 – Franklin-Christoph 66
  • 25:15  – (Question from Joe) – Are there any pens that will overthrow the Classic Pens LB5? List your favorite finish from least to favorite.
  • 27:45 – (Question from Joe) – How does the Omas Ogiva Celluloid Brown Arco compare to the Classic Pens LB5 Brown
  • Jo-Anne Teal

    Thank you for keeping us connected with all things inky while we await next season. Look forward to hearing your thoughts on the DC pen show and congrats on the new paper booklets. Great idea! P.S. Did you ever finish that one bottle of ink???

  • DKC

    I’m interested in what you think of the Marlen Aleph. People really don’t talk enough about Marlen. I really like some of their funky and bizarre designs but I lament that their QC just isn’t up to the level of the other Italians. Safe travels to DC.

  • Lez Cartwright

    Whaow thanks for another 30mins + of stationery erotica… hhahah. Joe from Phoenix, look after your LB5 don’t let your school mates use it unless they really appreciate what it is… Whaow! 13 and a LB5 owner… Someone luvvzzz yer lad. REALLY want the new books you’ve produced, please more details soon. I’ll look on the Pen Habit store to buy several. The original currently inked book is invaluable for keeping track of what’ s been used and bought . Very recently bought a TWSBI vac 700 which I love, the nib on mine has the biggest writing blob I’ve seen and it’s a wonderful writing experience with Diamine forest green shimmertastic ink in it. Thank you for talking about J Herbin Emerald of Chivor which I bought this week from Bureau Direct UK, I was going to use a dip pen for this ink, may still do, because I have read somewhere that the ink clogs up fountain pens, so it’s a relief you tell us it’s ok, thanks. Enjoy the DC Show, bring us loads of piccies will you and I’m really looking forward to your experiences there.
    Coming back to my TWSBI vac 700,,, I really love this pen maybe I’ll buy another, and it gives the opertunity to own a vac filler without having to sell a kidney to own such a filling system, but if anyone wants to give me a visconti vac filler or some other similar… Don’t hesitate.
    Best wishes as always to everyone

  • slkinsey

    LOVE the KWZ IG green-gold!