Currently Inked #8 | 11 August 2016

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  • Brian Friedlander

    Hi Matt really enjoyed the recap of the DC Pen Show- you mentioned purchasing the leather portfolio for the notepads but I could not find the link- could you point me in the right direction Thanks Brian

  • Benjamin Luo

    +1 for the Sheaffer Legacy! A solid pen that I don’t hear much about.

    I walked into Fountain Pen Hospital earlier this year in search of a PFM, but ended up choosing a Legacy 2 in ribbed black/palladium over the PFM III they had in the back room. The Legacy happened to be in better shape and I prefer the slightly softer nib. It’s also substantially heaver than the PFM due to the metal body.

    The Touchdown converter that came with mine refused to fill very well and leaked ink all over the inside of the barrel to boot. Following Brian Anderson’s advice, I replaced it with an NOS Sheaffer squeeze converter, which works with the TD mechanism better than the TD-only converter – go figure.

    It seems that once upon a time, Jim Rouse of Franklin-Christoph made and sold several varieties of aftermarket Legacy barrels turned from all sorts of nice acrylics. Google Sheaffer Legacy Fantasy. Maybe someday I’ll hunt one of those down…

  • mulrich1

    I know you own a few LB5s, what nibs do you have with them? If I remember you had a M and B with your first two.

    • mulrich1

      And do you prefer one over the other?

    • I’ve got M or B on all of them. I wouldn’t really use the specialty nibs. The Broad nibs are my favorites.

  • mulrich1

    There’s been a Sailor King of Pen green mosaic listed on FPGeeks for a while now if you wanted one.

  • Ted

    Wow! F–! That Kahakai pen is perhaps the most beautiful pen I have ever seen. I have been to Hawaii twice, and your pen screams “Write with me on a sandy beach next to the turquoise sea”! Pens can talk! 🙂