Currently Inked #9 | 18 August 2016

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  • Ted

    someday I hope to acquire one of those cool Akkerman bottles, and I couldn’t agree with you more about the JHerbin bottles!

  • mulrich1

    Nice thing about fountain pens is people don’t realize they’re worth much (unless you’re carrying a MB). I agree with Matt’s advice, I don’t buy something unless I’m okay with that thing being damaged, lost, or stolen. In fact, the first pen I purchased for more than $10 (a Waterman ballpoint, probably $50) somehow managed to fall right as I was closing my car door and got badly dented. I was annoyed but refused to get angry about it. I won’t leave a nice pen laying around for someone to use while I’m not there but I have no problem carrying nice pen with me anywhere I go.

  • kevin parks

    re: Akkerman bottles: “why someone hadn’t thought of that sooner”

    • kevin parks

      They did.

    • Very cool! I hadn’t seen those before. Glad someone brought them back.

      • kevin parks

        Feel free to invite me to do a currently inked with you. 🙂 hehe. Thanks for the series. You do fine work.

      • Pascal Leers

        I have 3 of these. Shocking blue, Groenemarkt smaragd (green) and Chinatown red. I especially love the Shocking blue. I only wish Akkerman would make the larger bottes again.