Presenting Inky Fingers Notebooks

Presenting Inky Fingers Notebooks

Hello Pen Habit friends! If you watch my Currently Inked podcast videos, this post will be repeated information for you. But in case you don’t, I wanted to write a quick blog post here on the Pen Habit website as well.

Earlier this year, I rolled out a prototype of a notebook called Currently Inked that was meant to help you keep track of what pens you had inked, what inks you were using, and how long the inks had been in the pens. It was a great success, and I started getting a lot of requests for different versions of the notebooks. Over the intervening months, I have worked with a couple of different designers to improve both the covers and the innards of the notebooks and am happy to announce the official release of the Inky Fingers notebook line.


This first iteration of the line includes three notebooks (Blank, Lined, and Currently inked) in two different sizes. The pocket notebooks are 3.5″x5.5″ and should fit any accessory that accepts Field Notes or other standard-sized pocket notebooks. The Traveller’s Notebook inserts are 110mm x 210mm.


Each notebook is made from fountain pen and environmentally-friendly paper. This paper is 80% tree-pulp free. Unlike other fountain pen friendly papers, this paper has a bit more texture to it, and absorbs ink faster than other well-known fp-friendly papers without bleeding or feathering. This allows for shorter dry times, which is great for a notebook format like this.

Traveller’s Notebook inserts sell for $8 each, and pocket notebooks for $5 each. However, if you order two or more of the same type of notebook, you’ll get an automatic 10% off. (Making them $7.20 and $4.50 respectively.) Both sizes also come in a variety pack of 3 (one each of Blank, Lined, and Currently Inked) at a discount.

(And while supplies last, the remaining stock of the prototype Currently Inked notebooks are on sale for $6 each.)

You can check out the video below for more details, or head over to the to pick up your Inky Fingers notebooks now.  There are also plans to come out with several different variations of these notebooks as well, so keep an eye out here for announcements coming soon.

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