Currently Inked #11 | 2 September 2016

This episode of Currently Inked is sponsored by Open Book Audio, a distributor of audiobooks for independent authors and small publishers. Open Book Audio recommends the books of Brian McDonald to Pen Habit viewers. Brian is a screenwriter, author, lecturer, and teacher who helps writers and filmmakers the best ways to tell their stories. You can find Brian’s audiobooks, Invisible Ink and Ink Spots, on Audible, iTunes, Amazon,, Overdrive, Findaway World, and all other major audiobook retailers. 

Show Notes

  • 2:15 – How to go about getting an architect nib
  • 6:00 – About the San Francisco Pen Show
  • 12:00 – What do you do with your pen boxes?
  • 14:30 – Sponsor – Open Book Audio (
  • 16:27 – Nib Sizes (#5/#6, etc.)
  • 20:50 – SF Pen Show Acquisition – Robert Oster Signature Inks
  • 24:30 – SF Pen Show Acquisition – Parker Duofold Centennial
  • 26:00 – Can you recreate out-of-production inks with Platinum’s Mixfree Ink
  • 27:43 – SF Pen Show Acquisition – Aurora Optima Green
  • 31:10 – How much does changing brands of ink impact ink flow
  • 34:35 – SF Pen Show Acquisition – Waterman’s Ideal #7 with a “Pink” nib (

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