Currently Inked #12 | 8 September 2016

This episode of Currently Inked is sponsored by Vanness Pens, and independent brick and mortar pen store in business since 1938, and currently run by the third generation of Vannesses. Based in Little Rock Arkansas, Vanness Pens has one of the most extensive collections of ink available in the US, including several brands exclusive to them. In addition to their impressive ink selection, though, Vanness Pens also carries a wide variety of pens, paper, and other accessories.  For the month of September, Vanness Pens is featuring the Aurora Optima. With a new, lower price point, this high-end luxury pen is an even better value than it used to be. And viewers of The Pen Habit can receive an additional 10% off their Aurora Optima purchase by using the coupon code PENHABIT at checkout when they have an Optima in the cart. 


  • mulrich1

    I think Visconti had a double sided LE pen a while back (Alchemy?). Definitely not cheap.


    I love that blue Duofold but cannot imagine not inking any pen after it reaches my hand! Thanks for defining FOMO. I had another thought as to what the letters stood for which was not accurate.

  • kevin parks

    Italix/Mr. Pen “The Teacher” is double ended.

  • Ted

    Matt, I am sorry to say, but I really didn’t like what this camera did with the various surfaces of the skin on your head and face. Did you notice this? I don’t think that this is caused by my screen…

    • It’s not the camera, it’s the lighting. But yes, I was aware of it. Webcams are problematic, but necessary for these quick videos.

  • Lez Cartwright

    Italix range by mrpen. co. uk. . There is a two ended model there snd you can get two different nibs from a choice of fifteen grinds. The pens are made of brass and are ooober heavy. My Imperium State is 65grams. SBRE Brown reviews quite a few models.
    Buying for the obsession I have to totally agree Matt unless your careful you can end up in serious deep debt because of the covertous nature of the obsession with stationery. My rule now is if i really really want something at least half the money has to be there and currently Im selling equipment from a previous interest that my health prevents me from being involved with, using that as the fund, maybe that gives an idea.
    Have you thought of mixing the light outputs from your lightboxes say having a 6500k which are the daylight bulbs used in SAD treatments trying to get the whole temprature range of daylight.
    Its a relief having a dog thats self sufficient at least you can leave him with the dog minders knowing he isnt fretting for you. Mine are like a body rash, the little Jack Russell of mine has to have physical contact with me or he gets all anxious that im not coming back home. My chocolate coloured cross labrador isnt quite as bad, its nice having their love and Im really fortunate but it does get too much to cope with and dog hairs are a real problem, so your right, sanctuary is needed.
    I really like your videos and the interest you have, this review has been watched three times so far and will more than likely be visited again.
    It will be an interesting development with the stationers when you release more products and ive decided to wait for a writing pad to be released in this great paper youve found, maybe you could have it watermarked with the Pen Habit biologo if its not too expensive, just a thought.
    So, thank you again and best wishes as always… to everyone.

  • Parth Patel

    I would love the Aurora in Green and Medium nib!

  • Thank you for the show. Just a little assistance with Australian pronunciation: Bondi is pronounced BON-DIE not DEE😊 Glad you’re loving the Oster inks. We love them here.

    • Yeah, got called out on that one already! 🙂 As I said on YouTube, “Ah, those wacky aussies and their strange pronunciations…” 😉