Currently Inked #13 | 15 September 2016

This episode of currently inked is made possible in part by Penworld. With a massive selection of high-quality writing instruments, Penworld is one of the premiere retailers in Europe, and carry pens from retailers like Montblanc, Pelikan, S.T. Dupont, Visconti, Lamy, Graf von Faber-Castell, and many more. 

I’m happy to welcome back David Parker from the FigbootOnPens YouTube Channel for another episode of Currently Inked.

  • 2:50 – What are your favorite pen materials. Which fountain pen gives you the best writing experience?
  • 6:45 – Currently Inked #1 – Matt: Aurora Optima Green
  • 9:45 – Currently Inked #2 – David: Danitrio Tama-nuri on Shu on Ginkai
  • 13:20 – How does ink look different with different nib sizes, and how does that impact your ink choices?
  • 16:40 – Currently Inked #3 – David: Kanilea Nui Nalu
  • 20:10 – Currently Inked #4 – Matt: Delta Vintage
  • 24:20 – How many of your pens wrote well right out of the box? Did you buy them expecting to do some nib work on them?
  • 29:55 – Currently Inked #5 – David: Visconti Millionaire
  • 32:30 – Currently Inked #6 – Matt: Franklin-Christoph Model 66
  • 36:40 – How do Bock titanium nibs compare to other modern flex nibs like the OMAS Extra Flessibile or Pilot FA nibs

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