Welcome to Season 4!

Summer is winding to a close and I’m back to work in just a few days, so it’s time to usher in a new season of The Pen Habit.  This is my fourth season doing review videos, and with all the time off I have had this summer, I’ve made some pretty hefty changes to the format of the review videos. Watch the video above for some items of business!

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0:50 – Welcome & Aurora Optima Giveaway
2:00 – Updates to The Pen Habit
3:10 – Pen Habit Schedule
4:10 – Help with Closed Captioning
5:25 – Supporting the Pen Habit and Updates to Patreon
7:25 – Giveaway rules and procedures
11:25 – Inky Fingers Notebooks
12:40 – Wrap-up
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  • mulrich1

    I’m impressed that you disabled Patron because you didn’t feel like the videos were up to snub even though you were out of work. Knowing you didn’t try to milk your patrons while you were unemployed actually makes me want to give more.

  • Ted

    very slick, Matt! Awesome video. And I loved the transitions with the logo.

  • Alvin Brooks

    Very glad your back Matt and hope you enjoyed the time away….. sort of…… time away

  • Hanuman

    Hi Matt,
    Always enjoyed your videos. Glad to hear about your new job.
    Cheers ;

  • Waski the Squirrel

    I actually really appreciated your specific requirements for your giveaways. I don’t care too much if I win your latest one (I like the pen, but am ambivalent about winning). However, you did help me pay attention to some accounts I have been neglecting. There are several social media tools I need to use better, and you helped me remember them. Instagram, especially, would go well with my own pen reviews. I just need to get better at using all this social media stuff. I’ve learned that, in a lot of ways, I’m living in a different century!

  • Kim van Beelen

    Im looking forward to this season. I hope your new job works out Matt.

  • 57721

    Hi Matt,

    just a short (and possibly silly) question: With Rafflecopter, you have to enter a name. Do you have to enter the same name that you use for Disqus and posting comments here, or are you supposed to enter your real name? If someone enters as ‘John Doe’, but no one posted a comment using this name, but instead with a nickname, is this entry disqualified, or do you contact ‘John Doe’ and ask for clarification?