Currently Inked #16 | 6 October 2016

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  • 1:15 – Corri from ShopJot is offering a 15% off coupon code from her Etsy shot for Pen Habit viewers. Use the code PENHABIT at checkout.
  • 4:15 – Do you have an RSS Feed or do you plan to set one up?
  • 5:55 – My paper pads get all wrinkled and warped. What paper would be least affected by humidity?
  • 7:15 – Currently Inked #1 – Classic Pens LB5 Midorigi (Green Trees)
  • 10:20 – Does gold plating wear off over time?
  • 11:55 – What pens are at the top of your “Most want to try/buy but haven’t” list?
  • 14:30 – Currently Inked #2 – Wahl-Eversharp Decoband Superflex
  • 16:50  – Sponsor – Pen Chalet
  • 18:35 – Why don’t you review some of the more recognized brands like Waterman, Parker, Sheaffer, etc.
  • 27:30  – How do you clean a Visconti Moonlight Fountain Pen?
  • 30:05 – Currently Inked #3 – Stylo Art Taut
  • 31:45 – What are good options for a thin pocket pen. Have you ever compared different nib sizes to see how much ink they use?
  • 34:30 – Talking about how to resolve ink starvation and heat setting feed.
  • 41:25 – How do you use an ultrasonic cleaner for cleaning your pens.