Currently Inked #17 | 13 October 2016

This episode of Currently Inked is sponsored by Vanness Pens, featuring the newly-priced Aurora Optima.  For the month of October, you can get an extra 10% off the price of an Aurora Optima when you use the coupon code PENHABIT at checkout.

  • 3:25 – My nib is scratchy on the upstrokes
  • 7:20 – Do you prefer the Ogiva Alba or Ogiva Paragon? Brown Arco or Green Arco?
  • 8:50 – Currently Inked #1 – Xezo Architect
  • 10:20 – What are some dos and don’ts for vintage pens?
  • 17:15 – Sponsor: Vanness Pens
  • 18:40 – Why does my ink/pen/paper behave differently from day to day?
  • 20:20 – Currently Inked #2 – Edison Menlo
  • 24:10 – Ballpoint or fountain pen for a hot island
  • 24:40 – What is your favorite ink / least favorite of all time.
  • 25:20 – What inks are must-buy for new fountain pen users.
  • 27:40 – With all the pens, how much time do you get to spend with the times you love.
  • 30:10 – Currently Inked #3 – Carolina Pen Company Urushi pen
  • 33:10 – Is there a waterproof blue inks that you like.
  • 34:20 –  Have you spent much time using Romillo fountain pens
  • 35:22 – My Montblanc 149 runs dry really quickly, and the piston doesn’t operate smoothly.
  • 37:05 –  How do you minimize your loss when selling your used pens?
  • Jon Szanto

    For waterproof blue, basic Namiki Blue gets totally overlooked. The odd part is that it is such a nice blue on its own that it comes in 2nd place only to Aurora Blue on my list. The fact that I can use it to address envelopes or write postcards to the Pacific NW and *not* worry about moisture-related problems is a real treat. Always have a pen or two inked with this, and especially an EDC vintage Vanishing Point with a stub nib. Completely non-problematic ink with good looks and the extra bonus of water-resistance. For your consideration…

  • youstruckgold

    I agree with you on the brown (tiger-eye) Arco over the green; but the real hero model is the brown Arco 360… omg!!!!

  • youstruckgold
  • Clifford Hughes

    I’m a fountain pen user, not really a collector (although I have over 40 pens). But if you are an investor/collector, there must be a premium attached to a pen’s provenance (matching his’n’hers pens made by Faberge for Tsar Nicholas and Tsarina Alexandra would probably be tops). And you can imagine the collectability of a pen “once owned/reviewed by Matt Armstrong”. Surely that provenance would add a hefty sum to it’s value. The FP community waits with baited breath and open wallets for Matt to unload his surplus writing instruments.

  • Joe

    Happy to hear some love for FP nibs – their custom grinds are really nice too. I have their 1.1 Cursive Italic (15º oblique) in my Franklin Christoph 02 right now and LOVE it.