Currently Inked #18 | 20 October 2016

This episode of Currently Inked is sponsored by La Couronne du Comte. Based in Tilburg, Netherlands, La Couronne du Comte has one of the largest and more diverse selection of fountain pens of any online retailer, from well-known brands like Pilot, Kaweco, and Lamy to specialty brands like Danitrio and Nakaya. La Couronne du Comte offers Pen Habit viewers 10% off their entire order (excl. Montblanc items) with the coupon code PENHABIT10.

  • 2:35 – Top Shading and Sheening Inks
  • 5:30 – Other pen brands or models that have triangular grips like the Lamy AL-Star or the Jinhao x450
    • Omas 360
    • Pelikan Twist
  • 7:25 – Currently Inked #1 – Montegrappa Passione Zebra – Noodler’s Black Swan in Australian Roses
  • 9:30 – What companies offer Cursive Italic nibs as a standard option
  • 12:05 – How do bad experiences with a brand color your willingness to try them again? Where do I stand on Visconti these days?
  • 18:08 – Visconti Divina Elegance Blue – Parker Penman Emerald
  • 19:35 – The possibility of adding Midori Passport sizes to the Inky Finger notebook line
  • 21:45 – Does a pen’s nib “remember” it’s original tuning?
  • 23:55 – Currently Inked #2 – Pelikan Calculation of Time – Pilot Blue
  • 25:30 – How do I feel about Pelikan bindes made by custom pen makers?
  • 28:25 – About fudé nibs
  • 30:54 – Sponsor: La Couronne du Comte
  • 33:45 – Currently Inked #3 – Classic Pens LB5 Kouseki Mineral Ore – KWZ Honey New Formula
  • 36:50  – How do you justify buying multiples of the same thing?
  • 42:42 – How many pens is too many?
  • Clifford Hughes

    Hi Matt, talking of brand loyalty – I have a Red Monteverde Invincia that I bought (an absolute bargain at £15) at the London Writing Equipment Show in 2012. It’s beautifully made pen and the black finish medium nib is superb, as is the extra stub nib I got with it. It writes and feels like a very expensive pen and I’ve used it constantly since then with no problems at all. However, I have since bought a number of other Monteverdes on-line from the US and had really sub-standard pens delivered with nibs that lose their black finish and blob ink at unexpected moments in the middle of a birthday card or letter. I’ve had MV pens where their own brand converters don’t work or even fit the pen properly and cap threads that are loose and section threads that don’t mesh properly. I don’t want to abandon the brand as I love my first Invincia so much. What do you think the problem is and what would you do?

    • IMO, Monteverde has made the decision as a company that they’re not interested in providing quality control on their pens. I believe they’ve done the math and decided it’s better to simply repair/replace pens that don’t work than to put out pens that have been properly checked prior to shipping.

      To be real honest, I avoid the brand these days. They’ve got some cool designs and beautiful materials, but I just don’t have room in my collection for pens that won’t write or that fall apart.

  • kevin parks

    People hating on Pilot Blue meet me in the back ally after school. Your ass is grass.

  • Ramiro LS

    Another pen that has the triangualr grip is the Pilot Plumix, very inexpensive and uses the same nib/feed as the Metropolitan 😉

    • Ted

      and another is the Pilot Kakuno (inexpensive and good quality, with a Pilot nib that is interchangeable with Prera, Plumix, Metro, etc)