Currently Inked #20 | 3 November 2016

This episode of Currently Inked is sponsored by Pen Chalet. In addition to a huge selection of pens, ink, paper, and accessories, Pen Chalet offers free shipping to the US for orders over $50. Use the coupon code PENHABIT10 for a 10% discount off your entire order.

  • 1:05 – I like the cold open (scripted intro). Are you reading them and, if so, what?
  • 2:45 – What is your favorite work-appropriate blue?
    • Akkerman Shocking Blue
    • Private Reserve American Blue
    • Private Reserve Midnight Blues
    • Bungbox Sapphire
    • De Atramentis Indigo Blue
  • 4:50 – Currently Inked #1 – Classic Pens LB5 Tairiku Marble
  • 7:40 – The Paper / Ink / Pen Combinations
  • 10:10 – Sponsor: Pen Chalet
  • 12:15 – What inspires you to do things (especially reviews?)
  • 15:25 – Currently Inked #2 – Visconti Divina Metropolitan
  • 17:35 – Have you considered making your own ink and what color would it be?
  • 20:30 –  Is there any pen you thought you would love but you hated, or a pen you expected to hate but ended up loving
  • 22:15 – Currently Inked – Revisiting the nibs
  • 26:15 – How you feel now about the Wahl-Eversharp Superflex nib? Does it come close to a vintage flex wet noodle?
  • What pens have exceeded your expectations?

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