[Finished] Bexley Gaston’s Exclusive Fountain Pen Giveaway

Bexley Gaston's Exclusive

The good folks at the Vanness Pens have provided this lovely Bexley pen (the red one) for giveaway to my amazing Pen Habit viewers. You can see the full review of the pen here. This unusual is a Bexley made in the style of a vintage Parker, out of Sheaffer acrylics, and features a big, fat, wet Waterman 18k Broad nib. This is a very unusual pen, and a limited quantity was made. Along with this gorgeous pen, I’ll also be including a variety pack of Inky Fingers Notebooks in either pocket or Traveler’s size.

To enter, follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter box below. (And make sure you follow the instructions because I verify every winning entry!) ย The contest will close on Monday, December 5, and the winner will be announced shortly thereafter. To find out who wins, you can check back here at this post, or follow me on Twitter or Facebook.

And all the boring “legal” stuff.

Terms & Conditions: The prize for this giveaway was provided free of charge by Vanness Pens. Giveaway ends December 5, 2016 at 11:59 PM PDT. Winner will be selected at random by Rafflecopter.com and verified by The Pen Habit. Winner will have 72 hours to respond before prize is forfeited and a new winner is selected. Inky Fingers LLC will be responsible for shipping prize toย winner. Neither Vanness Pens nor The Pen Habit/Inky Fingers LLC will be held responsible for prizes that are not received by user. No purchase necessary to enter. By providing your information in this form, you are providing your information to The Pen Habit only. I do not share or sell personal information and will use any information only for the purpose of contacting the winner unless otherwise specified.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

  • Rodja

    I am the first one this time! Nobody really introduced me. I moved from interest in pens to interest in fountain pens. (Wasting a lot of money in the process)

  • david forsythe

    My buddy Mike introduced me to nice Roller Balls and it eventually spread to a pen obsession which led me to the Pen Addict and then Boom! Fountain Pens all over the house.

  • danimal604

    Self-discovered after perusing through a stationary store in Tokyo.

  • Erik K. Fritz

    I bought a cheap Sheaffer calligraphy pen in the 9th grade and then quickly abandoned it when it performed so horribly on the the crappy notebook paper we used then. Thankfully my buddy Steve got me back into it (20+ years later!) a little over two years ago. In hindsight, I was lucky. If I’d had the internet back then to guide me, I’d likely never been able to afford grad school!

    • Narciso Mendoza


  • Lyndsay Alvin T. Ng

    My father who first introduced me to a quill pen.

  • E Frank Ball III

    A friend in the 5th grade showed me his Wearever Fountain Pen and I liked it so much I went out and bought a Shaeffer student pen ($2.99 in 1969).

  • Gian Paolo Paredes

    I’ve never been really introduced but since High School I’ve been really interested in fountain pens and have only recently gotten to buy my first few ones.

  • Mattia Miani

    Love this pen! Too bad it is sold out. Nobody really introduced me to fountain pens… but my father used to bring home from clients a lot of cheap promotional fountain pens and I would use them when I was in school.

  • Kaiser Venzon

    Honestly it was my mother that got me into writing fountain pens, It was my father that gave me the writing gene. It was my Grandpa that got me to love history. To be honest YouTube got me into the hobby. The people such as Matt Armstrong, Stef of Grandmia Pens, Brian Goulet, David of figboot on pens to name a few who inspired me to get into the hobby.

  • Omar Mahaba

    I stumbled onto Brian Goulet’s channel on YouTube and I’ve been using fountain pens ever since.!

    • Gordon Nguyen

      That is exactly what happened to me!

  • gary ruben

    Noone introduced me; A podcaster I follow was speaking about how he likes using fountain pens, so I started looking into what the fascination was.

  • Ruben Dhaenens

    Woaaah the red marbled one! Would look great with diamine red dragon I think

    • Marek K.

      Or MB Burgundy Red, to match the more wine-coloured swirls!
      Yes, the red marble is fantastic.

  • Jeremy

    A book about sketching made me buy some. And now I have a bunch of them!

  • Max Schumacher

    I introduced myself, after going through far too many Pilot V-5s in a month I decided I needed a more permenant pen. Several hundred dollars later…

  • Nathan Weston

    I think it must have been my parents, or maybe friends at school. It was a while ago ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Marie-Paule Graham

    My Dad. He had a Parker 75 which he bought shortly after I was born. I coveted it growing up, always watched by him and warned that this wasn’t an instrument for children. When I was 8, he took me into town and let me choose my own pen – also a Parker – and I haven’t looked back since.

  • Alexander Zurek

    Was into calligraphy and one aspiring calligrapher introduced me to an Aussie group of pen lovers

  • Curtis Hamilton

    I love the acrylic on these pens!

  • Steve Arman

    I was introduced to the fountain pen hobby back in 1984 by my friend and roommate Dan. Dan was in law school at the time and liked to procrastinate (odd, since he’s so organized these days and is an accomplished lawyer). One day Dan came home with 3 vintage fountain pens from a local restorer’s shop in the Fairfax area of LA. He gave me one, and I was intrigued and excited to learn more. Sadly, my interest waned as I got married, had kids, and worked my butt off for many years. Now the kids are grown and gone, and I’m able to rekindle my interest.

  • AbdElRhman Zagloul

    My father is the one who introduced me to the fountain pen world with a parker vector.

  • Jose

    Started writing during my school days. My teacher introduced me.

  • Sean Friel

    I was introduced to fountain pens when I stumbled into SBRE Brown’s channel and such as your own channel, Matt Armstrong, ThePenHabit.

  • Denise

    gorgeous pen! Thanks to you and to Vanness Pens for making someone’s holiday season brighter

  • Marek K.

    Self-discovered, started with cheap Sheaffer No-Nonsense, then a friend of mine shown me Diamine Inks, then I watched Matt’s video about F-C Model 1901… The rest probably everybody knows ๐Ÿ™‚ .

  • Logan Scheiwe

    My former supervisor used fountain pens and kept showing them to me. When I moved, he gave me a Lamy Safari and that’s how the big passed from him to me.

  • Jani Pitkรคnen

    Technically saying it was your Penhabit youtube channel. One morning I just started wondering if people still use fountain pens, then I found your channel and soon I had my own fountain pen.

  • Andras Salamon

    One of my friend suggested me to buy my first fountain pen. He is responsible for the whole thing. Thanks for him.

  • Jane Eyre

    I was browsing ebay & I came across some fountain pens & it took off from there. My fountain pen hobby came along at just the right time for me, I love them ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  • Alhaza Ei Templari

    My sister used to have a few pens that she would never let me touch. This year I decided to get one for myself when I saw some Metropolitan on massdrop.

  • AJ

    I need to upgrade my pen collection from the Jinhao x750s… I was introduced from a decision to start journaling, and thought that fountain pens would make it more fun.

  • Matt Sugerik

    It started with the Pen Addict, but I would have to credit the online pen community as a whole. Thanks for all the information you provide and for this fantastic opportunity!

  • I had decided that I should be ashamed of my handwriting and thought getting into fountain pens would help me – and it’s helping me getting rid of my little money!

  • Michael Davis

    My father gave me his Parker 75 when I was in high school.

  • Anzan Hoshin Roshi

    A very interesting pen. I chose a fountain pen when I was a child. A great givewaway, Matt.

  • Hugo Laprise

    My father introduced me to fountain pens in an indirect way… I found his old Sheaffer when I was like 10 years old… Instantly loved it, I was hooked…

  • Pavel C

    I tried roller ball with fountain pen ink cartridge and was very impressed how good it writes. So i thought that fountain pen should write even better. And the story began.

  • Adam Harris

    A semi-vintage franken pen. I love it.

  • David Banks

    No one introduced me. It started with a purchase of a Waterman Phileas, and then finding a pen store a few years later. Youtube videos changed everything after that.

  • Jonathan Burchett

    Beautiful pens with some juicy nibs!

  • J. Duben Engelkirk

    Love fountain pens! I found the Goulet site and now I’m hooked on fountain pens ! The Bexley’s look gorgeous!

  • Dylan Keefe

    Thank you for the giveaway! I was introduced by a YouTube video by TheImmovableMovers.

  • Filipe Mamede

    I bought a Waterman Rollerball from the 90’s in a antiques fair. Went online to discover more about it and stumbled into Fountain Pens. It was an imediate hook!

  • Ste ven

    I was introduced to fountain pens when I fell down the YouTube rabbit hole and landed on the ThePenHabit channel.

  • Felix

    wow, what a pen! thanks for the giveaway.

  • PS

    My wife, though I think she thought she was just buying me a nice pen.

  • Stephen R. Valcourt

    I was introduced to fountain pens by my Dad, who gave me an old, broken pen when I was 8. Even though I couldn’t get it writing, it sparked something in my imagination. Then, a couple years ago, my interest was sparked by an article in the Art of Manliness.

  • Kyle Katsinis

    I was introduced to fountain pens by: YouTube. Was watching a few relaxing sound videos, and found the “skritch” sound of the (probably poorly adjusted) fountain nib interesting! Bought my first pen the next week.

  • Southern Henry

    I was introduced to pens by my mother, father and local public school at age 7, My first pen was and esterbrook with a fine nib.

  • karen

    My grandmother gave me an old pen (a Waterman) of hers.

  • Graham Spiers

    YouTube. It recommended a video – which turned out to be calligraphy with a fountain pen.

  • Jacob

    I got into this myself when I wanted a new pen to write in my Bullet Journal. After one Pilot Metro, I was hooked.

  • Neil

    In truth, the internet introduced me to fountain pens, as I searched for smoother writing instruments. If any one person had the most impact initially, it was probably Rick Krantz.

  • molossus

    There wasn’t any one person who introduced me to the fountain pen habit…er…hobby. I do pen and ink drawings and I admired the work of other artists who used fountain pen for that purpose that I had to try it myself.

  • fyrefly816

    Always had a love of smooth ink and dark colors. Husband enables my habit but I got into it on my own. Love the way I can customize my writing instrument to fit me and my mood.

  • Katherine Loh

    My parents — they got me my first pen when I was about nine. It took me a while but I eventually rediscovered them and now with more pocket money! Haha.

  • Rob

    I actually introduced myself to the hobby in college while looking for a pen that would cause less hand cramping for my college lecture notes. However, once I got started in the hobby, I learned my Father enjoys fountain pens as well and he has become one of my biggest enablers! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jack Clayton

    I was actually looking at Pilot’s website trying to find some rollerball pen I saw a commercial for on TV and came across the Metropolitan by accident, a few Youtube videos later and I was hooked on fountain pens!

  • Joe

    A random relative introduced me to fountain pens by giving me a “Michael Schumacher” IPG set of pens which contained no instructions whatsoever. Lots of trial and error there. After that, it was [embarrassingly] James Bond films that made me stand up and take notice.

  • Jenn Dee

    When I graduated from college (many many years ago), I thought I needed a grown up pen. This was back in the day when there were several pen shops in the area. I tried many but bought a S. T. Dupont, and used it for years. And for years and years, I only had one pen. It wasn’t until about 2 years ago, through Instagram, that I found a whole slew of people who not only use fountain pens, but actually immerse themselves in pens and pen culture as a hobby. I had no idea. I thought a pen was just something you wrote with….turns out they are way more than that! Thanks to all the pen people out there who, everyday, share their love for pens. So, I suppose the answer to the question is no body (or the sales person at signatore where I bought my first pen) and everyone in the community….

  • Timothy Cawthorne

    My use of fountain pens is not a hobby, but I found them when I was researching ways to reduce disposable elements of writing.

  • Dieandra

    I had a French exchange student staying with me for a few months and she gave me a Faber-Castel fountain pen as a thank you gift when she returned home. It’s been love ever since.

  • drowles0890

    These look great! I guess i introduced myself! It has been a pleasure working with fountain pens ever since!

  • Manuel Puente

    Just by myself!

  • Nick

    I got into writing fiction recently, and rediscovered my dad’s old Safari Vista in a pile of pens. It kind of went from there.

  • I kind of just stumbled onto fountain pens! I found myself wandering Staples far too often and ended up picking up some disposable Bic fountain pens and started writing with them upside down. I googled them to see what they were and how to write with them and came across Goulet Pens. Game over.

  • scott d

    My Grandfather gave me my first fountain pen and bottle of ink for my high school graduation.

  • 57721

    I introduced myself to the hobby (of getting more than one pen and ink) about 1ยฝโ€“2 years ago, but I’m writing with fountain pens since I learned how to write, which was about 20 years ago. Luckily, fountain pens were mandatory at my primary school.

  • I found fountain pens via urban sketching. I took a usk class with Stephanie Bowers and was pretty hooked.

  • As always I want to say, I watch almost every review and currently inked you post:) Ok, sometimes when I see a metal pen I leave an episode, but it probably is ok;)
    I waited for this giveaway very much and I would like to thank you for it ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you Matt, thank you Vanness pens:)

  • Christian Walle

    I would love an opportunity to try this one.

  • Dominick Dieterle

    Hey Matt! Thanks for the giveaway. I was I produced into the fountain pen hobby by the Brian Goulet’s fountain pen videos on YouTube.

  • Allen Van Camp

    A co-worker was into pens, and through him I started to enjoy high quality rollerballs. I bought one FP (Waterman Hemisphere) during that time but then lost interest for several years. As for the reawakening of my interest to the point that I consider myself a true hobbyist, credit for that goes to my wife, when she was building a collection of Chinese pens, and I started to discover all the other options out there.

  • bimmerin

    I was introduced to the fountain pen hobby by my dad who loved and used Sheaffer pens his entire life.

  • Marcus.L

    My brother introduced me to using fountain pens, back then in primary school when learning to write it was the “thing” to move up from using a pencil to a fountain pen, and my brother gave me my first one.

  • Vivek pillay

    My Dad used to use fountain pens when j was a small child and gave me my first fountain pen, a disposable one that he had gotten from a medication rep.
    But my first good quality fountain pen was given to me by my mother prior to my year 12 exams

  • Ramiro LS

    I had been looking for a good pen for a long time, after looking locally I could not find one to my taste. One day I stumbled over Stephen Brown’s videos on YouTube and it’s been downhill from there.

  • Rust

    My Uncle Gerald introduced me, along with fine cigars. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rรฉmy Nguyen

    I think I asked my mom to buy me one in middle school.

  • brian c

    My internet friend, Sam F. He is responsible for many of our downfall.

  • Petr Pecha

    I suppose the person who started me off with fountain pens was my grandmother. She used to work in a stationery factory and sometimes she’d bring work home. I remember seeing her cleaning a pile of newly machined feeds one day and asking her what those were. She said those were for fountain pens and although I didn’t know what that meant being just a tiny bundle of questions at that time, I somehow internalised it and intuitively sought pens that had feeds. It took decades for the fountain pen habit to really develop but I think that afternoon with grandma nudged me towards where I am now.

  • lexybeast

    Discovered this hobby myself via the internet.

  • banocka brunette

    Who introduced you to the fountain pen hobby? really nobody. I just thought it was cool writing with different line variations. I asked my family if they had any old fountain pens laying around and of corse the answer is no. so thanks to the world wide web I learned a lot about fountain pens. and also thanks to you and all of your reviews. it sure helps when trying to make a purchase that you personally cant touch until you purchase the pen.

  • Julia van der Wyk

    Who introduced me to fountain pens? I don’t remember… I think it was all tied to my childhood obsession with 19th century literature, art and accoutrement. I carried around a simple fountain pen in high school, which I loved but also leaked everywhere. Years later, I discover the pen addict podcast and realize that all these things I loved and wanted then, totally still exist, and history has been writ.

  • Michael M.

    Thanks in advance for the win! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Neil Pollock

    You and sbre brown introduced me to pens from your youtube posts…

  • Tanner Woolf

    I discovered fountain pens on my own when I was younger and then a Goulet pens video got me back into them a few years ago.

  • thirdmember

    My grandfather got me into fountain pens. He let me play with a box of old fountain pens that he’d used in years gone by. I came to love fountain pens and will use nothing else. Wish I knew where that old box of pens is now!

  • marytudor

    One of my friends in grad school introduced me to fountain pens.

  • kenneth noh

    My friend Solomon introduced me to fountain pens.

  • Bianca McDermott

    I was given a Montblanc in my early 20s (I believe it’s considered vintage now ๐Ÿ˜ฎ) and writing with anything else lost its charm….

  • Jonathan Mooney

    My pastor introduced me to fountain pens!

  • I’ve always loved notebooks and pens, and I started paying attention to fountain pens over the last year or so after I became more interested in bullet journaling. The push to actually buy my first fountain pen came after watching Brian Goulet’s videos and falling in love with the dark lilac Lamy Safari.

  • Pilgrim

    I was introduced to the FP hobby because I really wanted to buy an iPad Pro with the Pencil in order to do some nice writing, but I could not afford one, so I decided, “Why not try out some real pens?” and then I started learning about FPs. Now, I don’t care about the iPad Pro!

  • David Lee

    I was reading American Gods by Neil Gaiman and was curious to find he was pretty active online as well. Stumbled across his personal blog, twitter, and eventually found out he preferred to write at the time with a TWSBI Diamond 540 fountain pen. I didn’t know people even used fountain pens anymore! But after some researching, that became my first fountain pen purchase for a graduation present. Then–like everyone else–it was down the rabbit hole from there.

  • Ana

    No one specifically introduced me, I just wanted to start owning fewer disposable goods.

  • Jim

    My dad introduced me to fountain pens.

  • John-Christopher Reilley

    A friend of mine at college noticed that I had a Fisher Space Pen, and after class he pushed his TWSBI 580 into my hands and told me to try next class with it. Never looked back!

  • John

    My parents got me into fountain pens.

  • Jhannaford

    I got interested on my own starting almost 25 years ago!

  • Adam

    Hmm, my best friend in high school and I used v-pens so I guess we introduced each other.

  • I can’t say anyone in particular introduced me to fountain pens, it was something I wasn’t always interested in.

  • Andrew Wolfson

    I noticed people using them once I started up grad school (one professor an two fellow grad students). Eventually, I checked them out for myself.

  • Alex

    Everybody wrote with fountain pens in my school; I just kept the flame alive.

  • Narciso Mendoza

    No one initially got me interested in fountain pens. Interestingly enough I was attending a week long string of meetings a year ago. On the first day I found at my seat a bright orange plastic ballpoint pen with the company logo on it and a pad of paper for notes. I used it all day and by the end of the day my hand was killing me. I looked at my notepad and realized why the company provided a pen and notepad. It was going to be a long week. It just so happened that I went to Walgreens and decided I needed some pilot G2s. I saw another brand of pen that looked nice and decided to googleave which would be a better writing experience. I Google everything. I came across a G2 montblanc ink refill hack. I tried, thought it was cool so I went back for another G2. Well while there I spotted an interesting looking pen called a Zebra V301. It claimed to conform to my own writing style or something. I was in a pen zone I guess so I thought I’d try the Zebra as well. Next day at work I couldn’t get it to write. I figured I’d never used a fountain pen before so maybe I was using it wrong. I Googledon’t the pen. Found a guide on why those pens have promlems. I tinkered with it and got it to write all smooth and gushy.Realized I liked how it wrote. I then figured I’d look up nice fountain pens on Google to see if I could pick up a decent professional looking pen that wrote like the Zebra. None other than Goulet pens popped up. That was it for me. That dang Brian Goulet and his Willy Wonka of a pen factory hooked me. A couple thousand dollars and Pen Habit episodes later, and here I am. I am currently deciding between a condid bulk filler, homo Sabian, or KOP. But in the mean time one of these Bexleys will fit nicely in my display case.

  • Nicolas

    I really enjoyed the video about this juicy pen. I have a couple of bottle and notebooks ready for such a challenge ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Justin

    I introduced myself, actually. I was burning through a twelve pack of G-2s every two weeks as a physics student in my third year and decided there had to be something more efficient. At first I was looking at refillable roller-balls, but then I stumbled upon the pilot metropolitan and the rest is history.

  • Susan J

    I stumbled upon fountain pens as a kid with babysitting money. I always loved stationary stores, and when I actually had a few dollars, i visited a (now extinct) retail chain in the northeast US called Caldor; I bought my first Sheaffer flat-top student pen and ink cartridges there. I was hooked, and still am today!

  • Cosima Kafka

    I was introduced to fountain pens when I learned to write but what introduced me to the fountain pen hobby was getting into bullet journaling. That’s how I learned about bottled iks, something I suppose I knew about but never had a chance to dip my feet in before I abandoned fountain pens as a teenager. I’m certainly glad I came back to them.

  • Joshua Lo

    I stumbled across the fountain pen habit on my own (at least, that’s how I remember it).

  • hugh_huynh

    Thank you for doing this! I got into fountain pens by random people on the wetshaving subreddit ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Austin Patterson

    I guess I got bored one time doing some pre-writing for an essay due the next day and looked up a review of the gel pen I was using. That brought me to The Pen Addict, which introduced me to fountain pens, which lead me to Goulet, and I ordered my first metro same night.

  • Eric Johnson

    My lovely wife, Cosima introduced me to the colorful world of fountain pens. I was rather….reticent at first. But after playing with a Twsbi Eco and a Lamy Studio, and then seeing this amazing Cactus Fruit ink… I was sold. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Sze Wai

    I got into fountain pens after watching the video in Rule 4a of r/penmanshipporn’s sidebar! Never looked back since. =)

  • Pen Arbor

    I started using fountain pens at the age of about 9-10. We weren’t allowed to use anything other than fountain pens in middle school. Even in high school ball points were sort of frowned upon. Though I stopped using fountain pens after high school, I still had (and have) the pens I used in high school. I was always fascinated by the mechanics of a fountain pen and enjoyed writing with a juicy smooth fountain pen. I went back to using fountain pens in my senior year of undergrad. Since then I’ve been using and acquiring premium fountain pens.

  • Pauline Chua

    I got interested after my friend gave me a Taiwan-made fountain pen bought from the bookstore. Seeing different blog posts, reviews and instagram pictures of fountain pens and beautiful ink colors made me want to get more.

  • Ron

    Matt, this is a good question. I was taught to write firstly using pencil and then with an ink pen – an Osmiroid which my mother bought from a local newsagent. Roll the clock forward a few years to secondary school and the use of ball pens had become very popular, however, there was one teacher who assessed all work written in ballpoint pen with a score of 0/10, a red line through all of it and an instruction to do the work again using a fountain pen. Could he be the one who saved me from the ballpoint? After leaving education I used all sorts of pens at work, ballpoint, fountain pen, rollerball and fibre tip. Despite the fact that my favourite three pens were a Waterman CF, Sheaffer Imperial and Parker 75 I nearly always used a Parker 45 ballpoint. Then some 12 years ago my wife bought me a MontBlanc 146 for my birthday and since then I pretty much exclusively use fountain pens. I then stumbled upon videos by Stephen Brown and some time later your videos. Of course once you have one superb pen you need another, and another, and another……..So who do I thank (or should that be blame given this is not a cheap hobby) for my interest in fountain pens, teachers, wife, Stephen Brown or you? Thinking about how often I see a fountain pen in use I realise it’s virtually never, in the workplace in the 20 years I’ve been with my current employer I can only recall seeing one person using a fountain pen. My vote goes to my primary school teacher Mrs Tapping who by teaching me use a fountain pen set the foundation for what was to become a fascinating hobby.

  • Maria

    Ive never tried anything else other than the lamy i got as a gift

  • Dave Busse

    Thabjs Matt for doing this giveaway, Good luck to all,

  • Raymond Johnson

    My wife gifted me with a drip pen and ink…. then the adventure began (:

  • Stefan

    I started using fountain pens in primary school, but only recently reinvested in them as I kept losing my gel pens.

  • kevin parks

    no one really. I just walked into a store and bought a blister pack Sheaffer School pen one day many years ago and that was the end of that! ha!

  • Matthew Rochte

    I was at a sustainabilty conference/training when my neighbor pulled out a bottle of ink to refill her 20 year old fountain pen that was gifted to her by her father upon graduation. So long as fountain pens dont become a hobby (ahem) they are truly a sustainable writing device as evidenced by my colleague who introduced me. Alas, I’ve been sucked into the vortex of fountain pen hobbiests.

  • tg

    I’ve been writing with fountain pens since the beginning of school! Thanks for the giveaway, Matt!

  • Zhe Zeng

    I am the one who introduced myself into fountain pens, always have an interest in them when i first lay my eyes on a fountain pen !!!

  • stellabl89

    My friend Snapchatted a Kakuno. I thought it was adorable. Began watching videos after I got it to ask about maintenance, but the videos are addicting.

  • Narundil

    Actually i like the blue one more, but the red one will be a perfect present for my girlfriend this year. She introduced me to the fountain pen addiction and will definitely love it.

  • Embree Valcourt

    My Husband introduced me. He had been into pens for a while and wanted to share the hobby with me, so he showed me all the great ways it could fit into some of my other hobbies, like scrapbooking. Aaaand he showed me all the cute pens, and colours, there were to be had!

  • Ove Bjornson

    I was introduced to fountain pens in primary school, and yes, that makes me an elderly gentleman. SO – I gouess it was my teacher who did the introduction.

  • Erie Quintanilla

    Was an older cousin, i was like 14 – 16 years old (like 12 years older). He is architect. Used his pen at a family party, to take some notes. Bought my firsts 3 years later, a cheap french with Iridium point germany nib, in a Carrefour store.

  • Nicholas Garrison

    i was actually introduced to fountain pens a few years ago through Raphael Schneider’s blog Gentlemanโ€™s Gazette.

  • Linda H.

    I’ve had a pen obsession since I was in elementary school and it’s evolved into fountain pens 3 years ago! Keeping a steady pace since!

  • Alessandro Piazza

    I introduced myself to fountain pens ๐Ÿ˜€ I just started to get some more informations and to look for new fountain pens online and in shops

  • Ashley N. Shillinger

    I got myself into the fountain pen hobby ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Calle Lindstrรถm

    I was just bored online and searched info on fountain pens, I don’t remember why. Came across SBRE Brown’s videos on Youtube and then like the geek I am I was hooked.

  • Witty Walnut

    I introduced myself by picking up a nice fountain pen and then doing some more research after really liking the experience. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • David Mobley

    I’m not sure that anyone in specific introduced me to fountain pens. In college I developed a love for writing and have always appreciated the elegant simplicity (and simultaneous complexity) of a fountain pen. When I used one for the first time I was hooked.

  • Chris

    I’m not even sure; I think I became interested in fountain pens after getting a Hobonichi Techo and learning more about Tomoe River paper. I only have two inexpensive pens so far, but I love writing with them!

  • Bryce Douglas

    The person who introduced me to fountain pens was actually Matt Armstrong. I was scrolling through youtube and stumbled upon one of his reviews. It was of the pilot metropolitan way back in his early days on youtube. And after watching his review of that one, I just kept going and eventually became obsessed.

  • Wrathen Stormbringer

    I was introduced to fountain pens while on the ShaveNook Buy/Sell/Trade forums. I kept seeing pens go up for sale, at the time I was also flustrated with my handwriting. I decided it was time to change and what better way to do it than get one of those pretty shinny fountain pens. My first pen was a used TWSBI 580 with a Fine nib and I couldnt have been happier…. It has spiraled since then.

  • David

    I always had an interest in stationary and office supplies, but my parents gave me a Rotring pen & pencil set for college graduation. This showed me how nice quality writing instruments could be. I bought myself a Lamy Safari not long after.

  • Giovanni Gasco

    My Grand-Aunt! She used to use a silver Mont Blanc Noblesse while working. Sometimes She let me doing some homeworks with it, gently teaching how to write with a decent calligraphy even if I’m a leftie. When she passed away I’ve inherited it and this is how my passion begun.

  • Keith

    I got introduced by the salesman at my local pen store.

  • Dragonmaster Lou

    I was introduced to the fountain pen hobby by an article on the Art of Manliness website about using fountain pens.

  • margessw

    Nobody introduced me into the fountain pen hobby. In France, when I was in the equivalent of your junior high school, it was very common to write with fountain pens. As far as I can remember, I’ve always have fountain pens in my immediate environnement.

  • CP

    A friend of mine let me borrow his fountain pen for the first time only a short while ago, and ever since then I’ve been interested in collecting and using different inks and pens. I thank him all the time.

  • Ted

    The first real fountain pen I ever saw in action face to face was that belonging to a college English professor and poet, Daniel Hoffman. And he had a very unique way of holding it, between first and second fingers. Really caught my eye.

  • Ricky Rodriguez

    I got a FP as a kid from my grandparents and then quickly forgot all about it. Found the Penaddict Podcast and got hooked.

  • Jake

    Great review!

  • Sterling Wang

    The one who introduced me to the hobby was a friend who gave me a TWSBI Diamond 580. He’s not a fountain pen user himself, he just thought it’d be nice since I enjoy writing. In a way, I think it rather spoiled my expectations for a fountain pen, since it was an affordable, demonstrator, piston-filler.

  • Max

    Friend at school started using one and got me hooked

  • Jason F

    A childhood friend gave me a gift once which had a demonstrator FP and a matching rollerball, I loved seeing the ink saturate the feed under the clear section and was hooked right then.

  • Alex

    Thanks for the giveaway Matt! My sister introduced me to fountain pens by giving me my first pen for my graduation. Since then my collection is growing steadily ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Got a simple Sheaffer calligraphy kit from my parents as a kid… Since then, I always kept interest in writing instruments. I eventually graduated to fountain pens by myself.

  • David Cariker

    One of my college friends had a TWSBI and a Safari, that is what started my love of fountain pens.

  • Ryan D

    I introduced myself to the hobby when I stumbled across a post on FPN by accident. Many pens and inks later, I’m hooked!

  • jenn

    my dad but i have since helped myself to many cups of the kool-aid

  • Chad Wells

    I bought a pilot varsity on a whim a few years ago and my wallet has not been the same since. Thank you for the great giveaway and reviews.

  • Josh Ghiringhelli

    My friend Robert got me into fountain pens. He recommended I start with either a Lamy Safari or Pilot Metropolitan. Naturally I bought both and everything snowballed from there.

  • BadassMcKill

    I got my first fountain pen from some old stuff my grandmother had laying about

  • PhilVT

    Flipping through a Levenger catalog many years ago, I came across some fountain pens and was immediately intrigued. Then learning that some of my favorite authors preferred specific models of fountain pens got me to delve deeper into the history of various brands and models. From there, I was hooked.

  • Mathew Whelan

    Just came accross it by accident!

  • Marjorie Lamb Askins

    I was introduced to fountain pens by Kara at BohoBerry who mentions Goulet Pens all the time – I am still learning so much, but I am fascinated!

  • Rich

    HI! My girlfriend introduced me to the fountain pen hobby! I love it.

  • Laura

    Various artist and planning YouTube channels got me familiar with fountain pens as I am not of the generation that used them at school and everyone around me prefers ballpoints.

  • Jim Cavanaugh

    My mom got me into fountain pens.

  • Daniel Rendzionek

    I believe i self-discovered fountain pens as i was looking for something in an auction portal and accidentally came across some fp offer. And i bought it. It was a chinese Duke.

  • yaakov tolwin

    I’m in med school, and I saw many doctors with fountain pens, and decided to read up on fountain pens a bit. Since then, I’ve been hooked!

  • slkinsey

    This does look like a very interesting pen!

  • Zachary

    The way I was introduced into this hobby was because I am a poet and prefer writing things on paper rather than using a computer/phone, so I wanted to upgrade to a pen that was more sophisticated and more fun to use than a simple ballpoint pen.

  • Alan Daniel

    A colleague and friend of mine introduced me. He inherited a very nice vintage Montblanc, and carries it around with him. He encouraged me, and once I started looking around I was hooked ๐Ÿ™‚

  • paras

    Got in the hobby out of necessity…(long writing sessions)..and tempting fountain pen reviews

  • Buying fountain pens for other reasons than necessity basically started when I stumbled across the Stylophiles online magazine way back when. I liked the Cross ATX they reviewed and bought it. The first gold nib pen was also inspired by a review there (Waterman Charleston). Once I discovered the really phantastic fountain pen department of our local stationary shop (closed down last year after 160 years) I was hooked. Not as hooked as Matt, with only about 40 pens and 50 bottles of ink, but still.

  • Nicolรฒ Villa

    I got introduced to fps when i bought a parker IM in a mall, just out of curiosity!

  • Schrift

    I was first introduced to fountain pens when I bought myself a Waterman Lauriat as a university graduation present. That pen was used for a bit, but then sat in a drawer for about 20 years until about a year ago. When moving apartments, found the pen, and it spoke to me as an antidote to the proliferating digital tools in my life. Jumped into exploring other pens and have been having a blast.

  • Matt McNichol

    I was first introduced to fountain pens through YouTube. I was watching an ASMR writing sounds video (the person was using a fountain pen) and I was intrigued by the pen, so I started looking for more videos on fountain pens and I ended up watching like all of the videos by The Pen Habit, Brian Goulet, sbrebrown, etc. About a week into watching fountain pen and ink videos, I bought my first pen from the Goulet Pen Co. (a TWSBI Eco), and now I’m hooked!

  • Renรฉe Brozowski

    My french teach made a comment that a lot of people liked fountain pens so I decided to look it.

  • Rolanda David

    What a beautiful pen. When some one writes with an instrament such as this, it becomes art.

  • Austin Saulisberry

    My friend Curtis introduced me to the world of fountain pens. He recommended that I should buy the Twsbi Eco because it’s a great starter pen. I’m really enjoying using it so far and I plan to buy more pens in the future.

  • Mackenzie Kurzynski

    I came across the hobby myself. My handwriting was really terrible all the way through school, so when I got to university I tried to improve it. Fountain pens helped a lot, the lack of pressure required really helped improve my writing style, and allowed me to write for longer without fatigue.


    Goulet pens and Pen Habit on youtube got me into this!!

  • Justin Jones

    YouTube introduced me to fountain pens, specifically Brian Goulet’s videos. Instantly fell down the rabbit hole!

  • Matt Allen

    Love all the new production you’ve added this season.

  • Jonathan Whitehorn

    When I started college, I decided I needed an “adult” pen. So, I went to my local Staples, picked up a Parker Frontier and used that pen for the next 9 years. I used it through two degrees in many countries. I went along not even knowing that fountain pens are a “thing”until about 2 years ago when I spotted a fellow business owner using a vintage Conklin Crescent. Long story short: I asked about it, he gifted me a user grade Eclipse and into the rabbit hole I went. Not sure if I should thank him or curse him (just kidding. All the thanks in the world!).

  • Chayan

    I first found an old fountain pen somewhere in a corner of my grandfathers house. Thats it. I felt in love with it. I repaired it and used it for long. As I grew up, my love for fountain pen increased and I bought more and more of them.

  • Jerry Huang

    No one really introduced me; I’ve always been really into stationery (pens / pencils). I wanted something for $12 on jetpens and the minimum for free shipping was $25, so I was like, why not get a fountain pen (metropolitan)? And it snowballed from there.

  • Ultimate Pixel

    Youtubers, I guess. Been writing with a fountain pen in school since the first grade, and decided to look into it a bit more, thus I found your channel and SBRE Brown, too.

  • Indira

    Goulet Pen Co help me navigate through fountain pens after I purchased my first pen from Staples.

  • Simon Cook

    I got a Parker Urban ballpoint as a gift and that sparked my interest in pens in general. It didn’t take long before I got interested in fountain pens again, after previously used fountain pens at school

  • Lennart

    I basically was introduced by my school system. Where I live everybody learns to use a fountain pen in elementary school.
    Of course my personal interest played a role, too.

  • Manuel Puente

    I did!!!!!!

  • Lez Cartwright

    Its all SBRE Browns fault… I thought I was some weirdo until I found him then discovered he is as insane as myself. Always loved calligraphy since school boy days but not being talented I cant produce a “Hand”,,, now some will say practice and I agree to a degree but you have to be” Blessed” to be able to write beautifully where folks say “Gordon H Bennett, look at that writing” anyway now I ve been with the folks for about 3 years now. Then I found this wonderful man named Matt Armstrong who shared his passion with us, his technical skills and his charisma, yes I said charisma because hes gone from good to excellent.
    Nowthen, why the big rambling comment to enter the give away??? I just cant help it, I can write forever about anything humanistic, but I’m a let down to my pen friends as I dont write to them enough.
    The technology of the Bexley give away let me down and the first attempt using email… Cockup! . OK, its an English saying dont start censoring me.
    So, just used this opertunity to have a go and to send my best wishes to all fountain pen fiends.
    Best wishes

  • Ian

    I found a fountain pen in my schools library. Started using it and instantly fell in love with the hobby

  • P.Panagiotidis

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Uniotter

    I “rediscovered” the fountain pen hobby by finding an old Sheaffer in my desk, and deciding to see if I could buy new cartridges for it. I Googled fountain pens, came across Brian Goulet’s videos, and the rest was history. I got sucked into a world much great than I ever imagined, and haven’t looked back since! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • kandm25

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a great pen!

  • Rachel Lalor

    I sort of just stumbled across them on the internet and enjoyed the look of them, so I found the subreddit and I’ve been obsessed ever since. ^^ Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  • Angela Watson

    My mom introduced me to calligraphy; her hand work was so beautiful. I do miss her…๐Ÿ˜ฟ

  • Jean Marmo

    I had one years ago in junior high school!

  • Nemivyasis

    My uncle was the one who got me into fountain pens when I visited him in Switzerland.

  • Taike

    It may have been SBRE Brown. I certainly consumed copious amounts of his concept when getting started.

  • vis

    Nobody introduced me. I’ve found a fountain pen, started looking for informarion and few years later I’ve found myself with growing collection of inks and pens.

  • Pam

    I have fond memories of my mother signing Christmas cards with a Sheaffer black Balance 60 years ago!

  • Andrea Kirkby

    I wrote with fountain pens at school and remember my Latin teacher’s gold filled, red ink filled Parker… but it wasn’t till I found the Waterman Laureat on sale in the City Organiser in Bow Lane that I got my habit. And it stayed just a Waterman habit for a very long time… till I found Fountain Pen Network, Pen Shows, and the delights of hunting vintage pens in the wild!


    myself ๐Ÿ˜› needed a review for pilot metropolitan ,liked pen habit’s review very much !!!! So I watch every video ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Smithman

    I got started after decades away from fountain pens when I ordered a rollerball pen from JetPens and noticed the fountain pens.

  • trantrad

    I’ve always used fountain pens, but I really got hooked into the hobby after stumbling on FP-related videos on YouTube — PenHabit, SBREBrown, FigBoot, Goulet, etc.


    I was introduced to fountain pens by my Grandpa. He never officially showed them to me, but I used to go into his office and doodle with them, incorrectly probably. Later on, in high school, I bought a cheapo pen from Walmart. It was great until it broke in my pocket and I tossed it. Since then I’ve given it another go, more cautiously I might add, and I’m hooked!

  • Castillo

    nobody introduced me, my curiosity got me here and now I already own a Lamy and Pilot fountain pen

  • Jessica Tate

    Really no individual introduced me to the fountain pen hobby. I did get information about fountain pens from Brain Goulet and Jet Pens.

  • Semion

    I started using fountain pen at school. From grade one they allowed us to write only with fountain pen. No ballpoint was allawed!

  • Larsson

    My friend Arin gave me my first fountain pen as a gift in college. I’ve since gotten my revenge by introducing them to vintage pens and pen repair.

  • Andrea D’Asaro

    My mother bought me a cheap one and then all started!

  • Alison H

    I can’t really remember specifically being introduced to the fountain pen thing. I used a Sheaffer No Nonsence Calligraphy set (which I still own to this day, although I haven’t actually used it for probably 25+ years!) to do most of my writing through high school, and I have a sentimental attachment to a Parker 51 engraved with my mother’s maiden name….

  • Austin

    My great grandfather introduced me sort of as a child. SBREBrown rekindled the hobby after I stumbled upon his channel.

  • woo jae jang

    started listening to hello internet, then cortex, then pen habbit and rest is history

  • Henry Noeh

    I got into fountain pens purely by chance. I was randomly looking at videos a month ago and saw a fountain pen review. Since then I was hooked and gradually ended up here. I started with entry Jinhao’s, Noodlers, and Pilot Metro’s but really trying hard to restrain myself from moving on to the next level of pens.

  • Tito

    I found a video from The Goulet Pen Company on YouTube, then The Pen Habit, then Sbrebrown, and then Figboot on Pens, a week later and my first fountain pen in my mailbox. So yes, I can say all those YouTube guys introduced me to fountain pens.

  • Tim Draude

    My first into to Fountain Pens was listening to a podcast (GTD – non pen related) – one of the hosts mentioned using a Pilot Varsity and I was intrigued