Currently Inked #24 | 4 December 2016

This episode of Currently Inked is sponsored by Karas KustomsKaras Kustoms specializes in precision machining high-quality writing instruments made in the USA out of aluminum, brass, and copper. Since releasing their first pen in 2011, their unique designs and product creation have allowed us to adapt our flagship pen, the Render K, into the “K Series” of pens: a modular pen design that affords the user the ability to easily switch the pen between rollerball, ballpoint, and fountain pen simply by removing the grip section and refill and inserting a fountain pen nib, section, and cartridge converter. You can purchase Karas Kustoms products directly through their website at Be sure to sign up for the Karas Kustoms newsletter to receive new product releases, Special Edition releases, and discount codes. They offer free domestic shipping on all pen purchases, and $10 international shipping to anywhere in the world. And for the remainder of 2016, you can use the coupon code KARASPENS for 10% off your order!

  • 01:25 – What do you do with all leftover, never-to-be-used any more bottles of ink?
  • 03:20 – Have you ever tried using a Namiki pen, and what are your thoughts on the Namiki Emperor?
  • 05:35 –  What is your favorite material for pens (feel, appearance, etc?)
  • 09:00 – Re-review  #1 – Faber-Castell Basic Black Leather
  • 11:00 – Sponsor: Karas Kustoms – 10% off Coupon code:KARASPENS
  • 14:05 – I like DC Supershow Blue because of its sheen. What other inks sheen?
    • DC Supershow Blue
    • Diamine Majestic Blue
    • Akkerman #5 Shocking Blue
    • Sailor Oku-yama
    • Iroshizuku Yama-budo
    • J. Herbin 1670 Emerald of Chivor
    • Robert Oster Inks
    • Pelikan Edelstein Topaz
    • Iroshizuku Kon-Peki
  • 17:15 –  What are your “neutral” opinions on Indian-made pens?
  • 22:10 – What engraved on nibs do you find the most attractive?
  • 24:40 – Re-review #2 – Namiki/Pilot Falcon
  • 26:35 – When reviewers test the flex, does this misalign the tines?
  • 34:35 – Is the cost of ink directly proportional to its performance? What are some “underrated” blue inks? What items other than Micromesh can you use to smooth your nibs?
  • 39:30 – Currently Inked #3 – Conway Stewart 24
  • 41:30 – Would you be willing to share the music you wrote for the theme song
  • 42:55 – Recommendations for classy rollerballs or ballpoints

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