[Finished] Montegrappa Passione Zebra Giveaway


Y’all. Are you kidding me with this?

The good folks at Kenro Industries are really crushing it in the pen giveaway game this season. They started off with the beautiful Aurora Optima, and now they’re stepping it up even further with this beautiful Montegrappa Passione in black and white Zebra celluloid, and featuring a whole lot of sterling silver accents. This beautiful pen was provided for review, and they’re allowing me to give it to Pen Habit viewers.  This pen lists for $795 (!) USD, and is easily the most expensive pen I’ve ever given away on The Pen Habit. So, a HUGE thanks to them!

You can enter the giveaway using the Rafflecopter frame below. Now, I know I say this every giveaway, but it deserves repeating: FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS. I have had to disqualify SO MANY PEOPLE who haven’t followed the instructions. How much would you HATE to lose out on this giveaway because you didn’t answer the question in your blog post comment, or sent an email with the wrong subject line?  FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS!!!  (Seriously, guys. You’re getting a chance to win an $800 pen. Following the instructions is the LEAST I could ask.)

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: The prize for this giveaway was provided free of charge by Kenro Industries. Giveaway ends December 17, 2016 at 11:50 PM PST. Winners will be selected at random by Rafflecopter.com and verified by The Pen Habit. Winner will have 72 hours to respond before prize is forfeited and a new winner is selected. Inky Fingers LLC will be responsible for shipping prizes to the winners. Neither Kenro Industries nor The Pen Habit/Inky Fingers LLC will be responsible for prizes that are not received by user. No purchase necessary to enter. By providing your information in this form, you are providing your information to The Pen Habit only. I do not share or sell personal information and will use any information only for the purpose of contacting the winner.


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  • Brando

    wow Matt… Nice giveaway! My favorite material for a pen has got to be acrylic (there are just so many options available with acrylic pens versus some of the other materials which are quite nice but have limited availability).

  • Nathan Weston

    Wowsers. I like Makrolon, mainly for the word. MAKROLON. Sounds like an alien race come to invade earth. Also it looks stunning 🙂

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Randy R

      Nathan, I cannot resist complimenting your response. It is true that I hope to be the lucky recipient of this pen, but if I am not, then your appreciation of the material “MAKROLON” because it sounds like … well you said neatly and simply … will be reward enough. I now crack up every time I hear that word and I probably always will. (Matt — keep digging if you find my comment here. My answer to your query lies in another comment elsewhere; I don’t want to cheat by leaving it twice.) Well done, Nathan Weston, well done! Thanks and good luck in the giveaway! I’m still chuckling.

  • Anthony Grimm

    My favorite pen material is my brass karas kustoms. As a nurse, I need something quick and easy to sanitize. The brass is simple yet beautiful.

  • Daniel R


  • Matthew Schneider

    What a great giveaway! I would say my favorite pen material is acrylic. There are so many beautiful acrylic pens from so many manufactures. I really like beautiful pens!

  • Antony Kotronakis

    Personally I like ebonite pens the most. The unique feeling when writing with an ebonite pen makes for a really interesting and fun writing experience! Also the smell is awesome.

  • Ciaran Myers

    I do have a particular soft spot for the Makrolon finish on my Lamy 2000 – durable and lightweight

  • Kyle Parsons

    My favorite material that pens are made out of is celluloid. I especially like the candy celluloid that visconti uses on some of their pens.

    • Matthew Franklin

      Oooh yes on the merry go round I like it can’t afford it though 🙁

  • John-Christopher Reilley

    Beautiful pen! My favorite material happens to be celluloid!

  • Paula Koetter

    Thanks for the giveaway! My favorite materials are anything in the plastic family. Metal pens are uncomfortable for me. I’m so tempted to get a Franklin Christoph after your latest review! I think I would enjoy their materials (even if the antique glass is not available right now).

    • Christopher Kelly

      I apologize, since I bought the last two of their Antique Glass pens. Luckily for you, I am returning one. They should have it back Monday or Tuesday of next week. I didn’t even open the box it is in – it was a duped order. I LOVE the #02 in antique glass! I eyedroppered it with BungBox sapphire – it is just gorgeous.

  • Pim Lefevere

    I’m in the need for a std int cartridge using pen so this would be so nice! Thank you for the chance! Favourite material: anything that isn’t metal basically. it changes with my mood swings, from a nice black resin to my persimmon swirl edison acrylic 🙂

  • pierremeu

    I like brass a lot

  • Peter Law

    my favourite material from for fountain pen would be Celluloid. just love it’s balance on price, easy cleaning, and not cold during cold day.

  • marytudor

    My favorite material for a fgountan pen would be acrylic because of all the colors it comes in.


    My favorite material for a pen would be those made of sterling silver. These pens, for me, give the pen character as patina develops. The pen “ages” with the user as well.

  • Anastasia

    Acrylic. They come in so many colours/ shapes… and also very lightweight.

  • Lawrence Osborn

    That is an amazing pen! And a surprisingly difficult question to answer. I think on balance I have a soft spot for clear (or tinted) acrylic demonstrators.

  • brian c

    that is a beautiful pen. Thanks, Kenro! I love the swirly acrylics right now. I’m sure those tastes will change, but that’s what i’m into currently.

  • Pen Arbor

    Great giveaway!
    I think my favorite material for a pen is hard rubber (aka ebonite). Though there are some acrylics that I find irresistible, hard rubber just feels warm in the hand and all of my hard rubber pens (all Made in India) have a great balance. I haven’t used or handled some of the gorgeous celluloids that some of the Italian manufacturers use and I am afraid to because then my list of pens to buy will explode.

  • Erik K. Fritz

    Urushi over Ebonite for me!

  • Zhe Zeng

    My favorite pen material would be acrylic , because of it’s crisp and organic appearance .

  • Allen Van Camp

    Acrylic…simply feels better in the hand (metal often too slippery) and acrylic pens are generally lighter.

  • jenn

    i’m not savvy enough to know what materials are what (obviously, since i ruined my dad’s old parker pen by leaving in water too long), so i’ll just say aluminum because i haven’t fouled up any lamy al-stars yet! 😀

  • Chayan

    It’s truly a piece of beauty, inspired from zebra. I really like it. I like acrylic and Indian ebonite fountain pens.

    • Christopher Kelly

      I have never tried an ebonite fountain pen, but it is about time I do. What is the difference between ‘standard ebonite’ and ‘Indian Ebonite’ fountain pens?

  • Joe

    My favorite material has to be either tightly swirled ebonite (like the new ones Edison is using) or the Wall Street celluloid from Visconti. MAGIC!

  • Dieandra

    I have to love acrylic for a men material – warm and so much variety!

    • Dieandra

      *PEN material! Men made from acrylic aren’t as good.

      • Randy R

        Nice save to a humorous Freudian slip! 😉

  • Felix

    my favourite pen material is injection molded plastic.

  • Erie Quintanilla

    Carbon fiber. Stainless steel in second place because of winter season. Great giveaway. Someone at Kenro has grown white beard and wears red uniform 🙂

    • Christopher Kelly

      Try the Gist with the Damascus steel Finial and Grip section. It is the nicest metal grip I have ever felt. The ridged pattern makes for a perfect grip – no slipping. I have several high end pens with metal grip sections, and it is the only one I like.

      • Erie Quintanilla

        Thanks for the advice!

  • Mikel Fdz. de Matauco Amestoy

    Thanks for another giveaway Matt! I prefer pens made of celluloid.

  • Christian Haitz

    I think my favorite material is the lava resin in my Visconti Homo Sapiens. The texture is so unique and the fact it absorbs moisture is a plus too.

  • CP

    My favorite pen material has to be acrylic too because of the heavy feel. I post my pens and I like the weight of it when I write, it makes the writing much smoother.

  • Christian Walle

    I am very fond of the Makrolon used in the Lamy 2000. That’s probably my favorite. That and delrin.

  • Rodja

    Brushed Resin (Makrolon, etc)

  • Michael M.

    OOOOOOooooooo!!! Early Christmas present for me!

  • Karen Griffiths

    I love wooden bodies on pens – have a handmade pen of wood and it’s gorgeous

  • Ron

    My favorite material is the resin Mont Blanc use. I’ve had mine for 11 years or so during which time it has had a lot use at both work and at home, and it doesn’t have a single mark or scratch o it. It may not be the prettiest of materials but it’s as tough as old boots.

  • Sean Koh

    My favourite material is celluloid especially the Italian made ones. In the made to order pen world, I have a weakness for Aluminite.

  • Rich

    My favorite pen material is currently acrylic, but I’d love to try celluloid and ebonite.

  • Michael Edwin

    My favorite material is metal. I love the weight and it also provides for some additional pressure on the paper when I write. Amazing giveaway. Thanks Matt.

  • Matt McNichol

    I think my favorite pen material would have to be acrylic because it feels nice in the hand and offers so many great color options and designs!

  • Thomas G

    So far, and my experience is somewhat limited, I really like acrylic pens. They are lightweight and have so much variation from clear to solid color and everything in between.

  • Jacob

    Thanks for the giveaway. My favorite material must be clear acrylic so I can watch that ink slosh around.

  • Sam

    My favorite pen material is acrylic. Beautiful yet Fairly inexpensive material.

  • Barbara Krekeler

    I love the Kaweco Sport Pens. In all colors and all materials.

  • tg

    Hey Matt! Probably celuloid — gaudy and shiny is what I like 🙂

  • E Frank Ball III

    Brass, I like a pen with some weight.

  • Nick

    At the moment it’s acrylic, as I’m crazy for demonstrators.

  • Laisa Chavez Macias

    Awesome! My favorite material is probably celluloid 😊 But I love them all!

  • Ste ven

    My favorite material currently is copper. I love the patina on my all copper TT Gist.

  • Steve Arman

    What a beautiful pen! Thanks, Matt, for the nice giveaway. And especially thanks to Kenro Industries for the pen donation! My favorite material that fountain pens are made of is resin. I’m also a fan of the copper section that I have on a Karas Kustoms Fountain K, as I like that it is just starting to take on a patina.


    I like celluloid. I hear it shrinks over time which doesn’t sound great to me, but I really like the funky colors!

  • lexybeast

    My collection is pretty small and humble, so I can’t judge from experience. That said, I do like the look of Makrolon!

  • Philip Nimish

    Favorite material has to be celluloid! 2nd place is the Lava resin on the Visconti HS

  • Narciso Mendoza

    When I first started out I was very happy with the metal pens because the weight of the pen made it feel premium. Like I really got what I paid for. Now; however, after a bit more experience I’ve grown very fond of my acrylic pens. I also like the Makrolon from Lamy but it’s just black. So I’ll say acrylic for now.

  • PS

    So far, my metal Sonnet is my favorite of my three pens. But I’d *love* to try a wood pen.

  • Narundil

    I think i prefer wood, especially pearwood on my Faber Castell Ambition. I just love the feel!

  • J. Duben Engelkirk

    Great giveaway! My favorite material is celluloid. I have a green/gold Aurora Optima and love it!

  • Val

    This is super generous. I have recently got back into writing with a fountain pen, and I love it so much. My writing is much better, and I have started collecting pens. I love the colourful resins, and experimenting with the different type of nibs. I would love to win the beautiful pen.

  • Alex

    Great giveaway Matt! My favourite material is acrylic, I really like the endless possibilities of this material 🙂

  • Joshua Sidell

    What a gorgeous instrument!

  • Smithman

    My favorite pen material is celluloid. There are others which are great to hold but nothing looks as cool. Thanks to you and Kenro for the opportunity.

  • If you go by sheer volume, it would probably be Acrylic – just for the wide range of patterns, colors, and designs. But the uncommon materials seem to stand out from the rest – like my micarta TWISBI, or the Makrolon of the Lamy 2000, or the cotton resin of the Omas. That said – it’s hard to beat the versatility and broad and varied ranges of acrylic resins.

  • AbdElRhman Zagloul

    My favourite material would be resin.
    Thank you for the awesome giveaway.

  • Luc Harvey

    My favorite is aluminium…like the kaweko al

  • Jane Eyre

    My favourite material was acrylic until recently but metals like copper & brass are capturing my attention more lately. I love the patina the pens get with use that makes them unique & everchanging. Great competition Matt, you’ve had some amazing giveaways of late 😎

  • Ramiro LS

    My favorite material for a fountain pen is resin, the kind that is very light and has better feel than acrylic. On the other end of the spectrum, metal pens or heavy pens are not my favorites.

  • My favourite material for fountain pens is celluloid. It feels great in the hand and comes in so many beautiful colours and patterns.

  • Daniel Street

    I love a lovely acrylic, ebonite, or urushi. I haven’t gotten to play with an ebonite or urushi pen just yet though.

  • This is a really pretty material.

  • I think my favorite fountain pen material is acrylic, but I love lots of materials for different reasons!

  • Keon Jin

    I really like aluminum as a material because I enjoy using more heavy and sturdy pens.

  • Sarah Syers

    Stunning giveaway. Good luck everyone. My favourite material is the ivory casein on my Conway Stewart Winston churchill.

  • Tanner Woolf

    I think that my favorite material is makrolon. I also do love acrylic. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Eric Aycock

    That is a tough question, I like resin since it warms to your hand as you use it. I have a Conklin All American in sunburst orange and it is just perfection. However, I recently got to use my friends Visconti Homo Sapiens Bronze age and I have to say that that volcanic material is just as amazing. Thank you and Kenro for an amazing giveaway, someone is going to be very very lucky.

  • Jeremy

    I don’t have much pens, but for now, my lamy 2000 has my favorite tactile feeling. The makrolon thing is very cool.

  • Jessica Tate

    Hello, thank you so much for the giveaway. I have only tried plastic or resin and metal pens. Out of those 2 I most definitely prefer the resin material. On my list is to try celluloid, ebonite, and the Visconti lava resin (drool worthy)

  • Curtis Hamilton

    My favorite material is Celluloid!

  • Dylan K.

    Wow…..this is an amazing giveaway. Even if I don’t win, thank you to Kenro Industries and The Pen Habit for making this possible! I really like pens made out of celluloid. It has amazing depth of color, and the variations in the materials is amazing.

  • Austin Saulisberry

    I would have to say my favorite material that fountain pens are made out of is celluloid. That aurora optima is pretty noooice.

  • Jonathan Burchett

    Cool pen. I’ve never used a Montegrappa

  • Andy Le

    Acrylics are my favorite. Planning to get a custom pen with alumilite and acrylic from Shawn Newton soon. I can’t lie though, some celluloide materials make me drool like the one on the Wahl Eversharp Dorics or Omas. Thanks for the giveaways Matt!

  • Kaiser Venzon

    My favorite materials used in fountain pens are either Celluloid, or steel depending on the feel of the pen

  • Taveet Sinanian

    What a generous giveaway! Personally I do love celluloid as a pen material but my all time favourite is ebonite, due to the old-timey feel.

  • I really like acrylic. Not all of it is created equal, but it wears well, resists damage, and looks rad.

  • scott d

    My favorite material for a pen would have to be ebonite.

  • MKR

    My favorite material–celluloid.

  • Daniel Medina

    My favorite pen material is ebonite, the feel is just amazing, makes me feel I am really writing

  • Jurjen T.

    Due to lack of experience with other materials, I can only say that my favorite material is metal. But I must say that I like the weight it gives.

  • ralph

    To me there is something special about celluloid but after I tried the Porsche Tecflex I am experiencing with new materials, such as steal weave and titanium…

  • Garrett Olsen

    Tough one…hmm. Probably ebonite? It feels very nice to grip. I really like just the classic resin too, but I’ll go with ebonite.

  • Gill

    Great giveaway! My favorite pen material is ebonite because it warms in my hand and is a natural product.

  • Logan T Skeehan

    I would have to say my favorite material is acrylic

  • Carlos Iván Fuentes

    I hate to be boring, but I like plain old shinny resin.

  • Randy R

    Thank you, Matt – Thank you, Kenro – Sweet Giveaway!! — and Good Luck to all. 😀
    Kind of a tough question for me. I’ll answer Ebonite simply because of its unusual “feel” and warmth but that particular pen is not one of my favorites. However, I must add that I very much like the heft, patina and the ruggedness of my all copper Karas Kustoms Fountain K pen.

  • Katherine V

    Cool giveaway! Thanks to Penhabit and Kenro for doing this! My favorite material is probably a toss-up between celluloid and makrolon. They both feel so good in the hand!

  • Jeremiah

    What is your favorite material from which fountain pens are made? I like the feel and look of Visconti’s basaltic lava and resin mix for their Homo Sapiens best of all.

  • Katherine Loh

    Zomg. Amazing giveaway, I love the stripes!

    My favorite material by feel is the Lamy 2000’s Makloron… by looks the Arco Celluloid. Sadly I own neither! Lol.

  • Gordon

    Amazing giveaway! I find it hard to choose a favourite pen material – but really love my Indian ebonite pens, so will settle for that!

  • Robert Banks

    I like acrylic for pens. It can be so many colors. It is also feels nicer than most metals.

  • Susan Kief

    Nice ! Ebonite!

  • Jason F

    Hmm, that’s tough. But I have to go with ebonite. Love the stuff. Great giveway, thanks Matt & Kenro!

  • trantrad

    I love demonstrator pens, so clear plastic or acrylic is good for me.

  • Jonathan Tsang

    This giveaway is amazingggg!!! My favourite material is clear acrylic with crazy patterns.

  • Pilgrim

    Wow, great giveaway, Matt! I’m new to the FP world and all of my pens are either metal (Jinhao, Metropolitan) or plastic of some sort (TWSBI Eco). I think I would greatly enjoy acrylic pens with interesting colors and patterns. I’m also curious about ebonite pens. Much to explore! Thanks Matt!

  • Nisachol

    My favorite right now would have to be celluloid!

  • Brad Clark

    This is an awesome giveaway, my favorite material has got to be ebonite for the unique feel and look.

  • Timothy Cawthorne

    I prefer pens from metals.

  • Bruce Rogie

    Unbelievable giveaway. Thank you Matt and Kenro very much for the chance this pen.

  • Adam

    My favorite material for a pen to be made of is metal, I prefer a heavier pen. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Bruce Rogie

    Unbelievable giveaway. Thank you Matt and Kenro for the chance to win this pen. Ebonite is the fav material.

  • David Banks

    Cool giveaway! Out of the pens I own (plastic and metal), metal is my favorite. I’d like to try ebonite and makrolon in the near future, though.

  • Stephanie Jung

    Thank you so much for these lovely giveaways! I don’t have much experience with varied materials, so I have to say… celluloid. I just got my vacumatic back from repair and it is such a lovely material!

  • Sterling Wang

    If we’re limiting the discussion to materials that I actually own (which sadly precludes the Omas Arco Celluloid), I’d have to say the acryloid or whatever Visconti calls the stuff in their demonstrators with ribbons of celluloid swirled in. To me it’s both beautiful and functional. The transparent parts show the ink level and interior parts of the pen at a glance. The swirls are just beautiful and add a sense of dynamism to the whole package. I particularly enjoy the depth of the material; you can see the way the swirls run through the entire thickness of the barrel wall so you get a different image with each angle you examine it from.

  • Lee Gribbon

    Thanks for the chance to enter!

    I might be in the minority here, but love stainless steel as a fountain pen material. Sturdy, easy to clean and looks great.

  • Joshua Lo

    Unfortunately, I haven’t had the pleasure of trying out other materials for fountain pens. I would say though, that so far, I like the plastic of my Pilot Kakuno over the metal of my Ohto Dude or the vegetal resin of my Noodler’s Nib Creaper.

  • Karak

    Merry Christmas, Matt! My favorite material for a pen is acrylic. Lots of choices in acrylics. Thanks for giving away this nice pen! Whoever gets it is going to be so excited!

  • Harry

    My favorite material is the Lamy 2000 Makrolon; mmmm, glass fibre reinforced polycarbonate.

  • Great giveaway!

    My favourite pen material would have to be acrylic, because I’m a demonstrator fan girl…

  • Banocka Brunette

    still new on the fountain pen thing. but so far I would like to say the “acrylic. it is light weight.

  • Fountainpenner

    Celluloid is my fav. Love the smell, feel and depth of colors.

  • Scott Du

    My favourite pen material is definitely resin. It feels sturdy, and yet still not light like a cheaper plastic. Thanks heaps for the giveaway!

  • Guido

    My favorite material for fountain pen is resin-lava by Visconti

  • Jim

    Resin, the grip is really comfortable.

  • Cosima Kafka

    Such a beautiful pen! You weren’t kidding about the giveaways this season!
    I have not had a chance to test too many different materials yet but I favor light pens overall so generally speaking I’d have to say acrylic. But on the other hand I love the Lamy Studio, especially the Palladium version. It always depends on the pen I suppose!

  • Matt Allen

    Very interesting style of Pen. Don’t know much about Montegrappa; it’s great to watch all these videos to learn more about pens we may not have had a chance to see / use.

  • Nicholas Garrison

    have to be ebonite

  • snc

    my favorite material is titan 🙂

  • Ricky Rodriguez

    My favorite so far is my Visconti Homo sapiens Lava Pen. I really enjoy the feel.

  • gary ruben

    There are so many deep resins with complementary colours that I love that I’d have to just say resin.

  • Alexander Apukov

    I believe the steel and wood pens are the best. For example, Graf Von Faber-Castell Classic.

  • Mattia Miani

    Nothing like a solid gold pen!

  • Karol

    Favourite material, I am really enjoying the resins resins by Franklin-Christoph and Edison.

  • Marie-Paule Graham

    Favourite material: probably celluloid. After that, acrylics, particularly the wide ranging patterns used by many of the custom makers in the US. Thanks for the opportunity, Matt and Kenro.

  • Jani Pitkänen

    Acrylic is my favorite. Mostly because TWSBI Eco is made of it.

  • AtHeaven

    Wood or makrolon.

  • That’s a giveaway… As to my favorite material for fountain pens, well I don’t have much exposure yet, but I like the heft of metallic pens. Titanium and zirconium are very appealing to me, though I haven’t had the chance to hold one yet.

  • Nicholas Dolce

    I do enjoy whatever combination of lava rock+ the Homosapien is made out of.

  • Michael Davis

    Nice giveaway! A beautiful pen. Thanks for all you do Matt. I am lame, but I’ll echo acrylic.

  • Andras Salamon

    I prefer metal+lacquer pens.

  • My favorite material is definitely Ebonite.

  • Derik Ling Yii Zhan

    Acrylic because of the colours

  • vis

    In my personal ranking two materials take a favorite one place: ebonite and wood. I’m not able to choose one.

  • kevin-landon@comcast.net

    Fantastic giveaway! My favorite material for a fountain pen is any hand-turned resin.

  • bonnie jean woolger

    happy holidays

  • Susan

    Wow! This is so awesome! My favorite material is celluloid with its rich, beautiful colors.

  • Graham Spiers


  • Adam Hayashi

    Very nice giveaway! It’s difficult to choose one favourite material, but today I’ll say celluloid.

  • Calligraphy Nut

    Love ebonite – the warmth of the material is always amazing.

  • 57721

    I’d probably have to say simple, boring plastic (or ‘resin’, or whatever the marketing folks liked to name it). I just don’t have enough pens using something else that I could form an educated opinion about it. At least I can say that I don’t have any material that I dislike. 😄

  • Russell

    My current favourite pen material is titanium. That may have something to do with my new Namisu.

  • Taike

    It changes all the time! I’d like to say micarta and if I have to pick just one, I’ll stick with that. But makrolon is also super comfortable and a pleasure to write with. Of course, ebonite rises to the top regularly! And when I’m out and about jotting notes, stainless steel is a beautiful thing.

  • Larsson

    I think that brushed stainless steel is my favorite material for pens. No matter who made them, they look good together in my pocket.

  • Ryan D

    I haven’t purchased a pen made from ebonite yet, as my budget has been “kept in check” by SWMBO, but it’s the best pen material I’ve ever held and it’s on my short list to pick one up ASAP!

  • Stephen R. Valcourt

    My favourite fountain pen material is macrolon. I love the way it looks and feels in my hand!

  • ikkinlala

    I haven’t tried them all but of the ones I have I think my favourite is wood – it’s warmer than a lot of them.

  • Lez Cartwright

    Amazing give away best wishes to Kenro Industries for their support to The Pen Habit and pen addicts… My material for a pen would be the lava concoction Visconti use, the thought of having a bit of Mt Etna in my hand appeals to me.
    Best wishes as always.

  • Seth Croston Barber

    My favorite pen material is Tibaldi’s Impero celluloid. It feels great in the hand and nothing looks better.

  • Bryce Douglas

    I would say that my favourite fountain pen material would have to be Celluloide. I love how weird it smells when you first get it. And it is just a gorgeous material and the way it feels in the hand is just spectacular.

  • Geneviève

    Wow! Thanks for the giveaway!
    My favorite material would have to be acrylic, just because of the variety you can get compared to other materials.

  • JZV

    Ebonite or brass.

  • borista

    I tried this once and I loved it!

  • Erin

    My favorite material for a pen is acrylic, or for a cheaper pen I love the light feel of ABS plastic.

  • Kristof Robert Nelson

    My favorite is the Edison Butterfly Garden Acrylic that I have coming in the form of a Beaumont Pneaumatic, but I still have 6 weeks to wait to see the thing in person… I am in love, but I am sick of the long-distance relationships. Here I am, alluding to a pen as if it were a mail-order bride…

  • Pam

    My favorite pen material is any colorful celluloid. It gives a very warm feel in the hand.
    Thanks Matt for this generous giveaway.

  • slkinsey

    Probably my favorite material is that OMAS arco celluloid.

  • Vasco

    Incredible. Truly beautiful this one.

  • Stefan

    So far, celluloid has to be my favourite material. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Mike W

    Great looking pen. I can’t wait to give it a try!

  • Shihao Li

    Favorite material for a pen is for sure acrylic! It is light yet sturdy and feels great in the hand!

  • Kenneth Clayton

    Resin is my favorite material.

  • RandyTorres


  • Andy Ngo

    Ebonite or acrylic pens are my favorite because they look the best.

  • Mathias Schmerbach

    Wow, what a beautiful pen. And a very generous giveaway too. My favorite pen material is celluloid.

  • 최준일

    For me, ebonite from my Masahiro flagship fountain pen is the most exciting pen material of all time. Masahiro is a name of japanese custom-made pen company. Ebonite has its distinctive warm and pleasurable feeling different from any other material. Also it is harder than acrylics or resin which makes the pen more durable and long-lasting.

  • Julia van der Wyk

    Oh, that’s a tough one. What is the Parker vacumatic made from, celluloid? Also love the warmth of the L2K makrolon and micarta. And ebonite. Acrylic is just fine.

  • Jenn Dee

    Wow, what a great giveaway. My favorite pen material has to be celluloid. I have a couple of vintage parkers vacumatics, one montegrappa red celluliod. There is just something so beautiful about the way they look and feel.

  • Tamara

    Is it any surprise that celluloid is my favorite material? It feels luxurious and modern, and it’s a reminder of the history of the fountain pen. Plus, it’s beautiful!

  • Craig W

    Nice looking pen! You guys are crushing the giveaways this year

  • kenneth noh

    Currently my favorite material for fountain pens would have to be sterling silver for the patina like on a parker 75.

  • David Lee

    My favorite material of fountain pen would have to be either the makrolon on the Lamy 2000 or lucite on the Parker 51. I’m not the biggest fan of metal pens, I’ve noticed, for their heft and slick feel. But give me a lightweight pen with some tactile feel on the grip, and I’ll completely forget that I’m writing in the first place! That to me is the mark of a great tool.

  • Matthew Crank

    Thanks for the give-away! =D

  • Susan J

    My favorite fountain-pen material depends on the day! Today, I’d say it’s swirly, pearlescent acrylic. Happy holidays and thanks for the giveaway!

  • Andrew Surmak

    Great giveaway, Matt. My favorite material from which a pen is made is a difficult question, as different circumstances are appropriate for different materials. I have always, however, enjoyed pens with a wooden shaft as featured with Jean-Pierre Lepine Atilla pens. A warm and comfortable feeling.

  • Arthur Foster

    Thanks for the giveaway! So far my favorite material is metal. I really like my Pilot Metal Falcon and Pilot Vanishing Point.

  • Jonathan Whitehorn

    Matt Armstrong: King of Pen Giveaways! Really hard toss up between celluloid for depth of color and ebonite for cool colors and material feel in hand. I think I have to go ebonite. It just has a feeling unlike any other pen.

  • Neil Pollock

    Montegrappa Passione Giveaway My favorite material is alumilite…. specially that marine vulcano swirly stuff… that Rene’ uses on her custom pens…

  • Bryan Katterman

    My favorite material is currently acrylic at present, but they all have their charm.

  • Gini Cooper

    Thanks for the incredible giveaway … and the enabling. I hadn’t seen that pen before and now I will be dreaming of it. My favorite pen material would be urushi, though I don’t have a pen made of that. Yet. Of those I have, I’d have to say that I’m really crushing on those transparent acrylics with swirls of color, like cool mint waters. Yep, swirly acrylics are a favorite.

  • Jhannaford

    That is a terrific looking pen. Looks a little bit like a Visconti.

  • Manuel Puente

    Makrolon? L2000 🙂

  • Mark Peacock

    Wood. I have a Faber-Castell e-motion in pearwood that is my favorite pen.

  • E Chak

    Celluloid happens to be my favourite fountain pen material. Love the translucency.

  • Jason Konold

    Favorite material… Noodler’s vegetal resin. Hah, just kidding. I’m honestly a sucker for crystal clear acrylic demonstrators. I know, I know, I’m basic.

  • DrPaz

    My favorite material is Silver.

  • Max

    My favorite material is copper. Too bad there aren’t too many pens that use it 🙁

  • Vitaly

    Tough question. I like the look (particularly!) and feel of celluloid but it is too temperamental so on balance, ebonite wins for me. It is less appealing visually but for me tactile-wise it blows any other material out of the water.

  • Dave Busse

    Thanks for the give away Matt. My favorite material is acrylic. One can get a very nice looking pen at reasonable cost.

  • karen

    I vote for Makrolon too — I adore my 2K.

  • deanyeh

    Amazing giveaway! I am very new to the fountain pen hobby so don’t have a lot of experience with different materials. I have only handled mainly metal and plastic but love them all as long as it comes in black!

  • Wrathen Stormbringer

    “what is your favorite material from which fountain pens are made?” If push come to shove I would have to go with acrylic since I really love demonstrators, but that being said using ether Derlin or Ebonite for grips then having clear or translucent barrels is the best of both worlds.

  • kandm25

    Hi Matt! Currently acrylic is my favorite material, I love the light weight and the vivid colors and combinations of colors. Thanks for another fabulous giveaway Kenro!

  • Max Schumacher

    I’m hopelessly in love with Celluloid, but none of my pens are made of it.

  • Tom Rhoton

    Sweet giveaway – thanks for making it happen! My favorite pen material is celluloid. I love pens from the 1940s, and it was common then.

  • Jaime Calleja Alderete

    This would certainly make the season a jolly one! Love the rolling ball clip.

  • Ritsaert Lieverse


  • Qasim Dewji

    My favorite material for a pen would be Makrolon, just love how it feels, and how light it is. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  • Ritsaert Lieverse

    acrylic over ebonite

  • Jake

    Makrolon hands down.

  • Elizabeth Brady

    Celluloid. Warms in your hand. Comes in any color and zebra stripes too.

  • Sharyn

    I really like both the Makrolon from LAMY 2000 and the clear acrylic from the Franklin Cristoph pens.

  • guido.spanu9999

    Thanks for the giveaway! My favorite material is the makrolon

  • claudia barcellos

    Matt, what a wonderful giveaway to end 2016. Thank you very much <3

  • claudia barcellos

    I am not sure what material I do like the most in fountain pens. I don´t think I´ve ever touched so many of them. I have metal, acrylic and … that´s it. I would love to try carbon fiber

  • Julio Raúl Mazariegos

    My favorite material is metal because it feels classy for some reason to me. Awsome blog and youtube channel.

  • Grand Duke

    I’m very new to the fountain pen world, so I have yet to acquire a preference for a particular material. So far, the one I like best is the acrylic used in the Nemosine Singularity (which I bought after having watched your review if it) because I like the lighter weight of the material (compared to say my much heavier Lamy Al-Star), I really like being able to see through the pen, and as I student, I appreciate the low cost of production. I’m sure that this will change as I explore more pens 😛

  • Jose Madrid

    My favorite material for a fountain pen has to be Aluminum. Good luck everybody!.

  • Lars

    My favorite material is celluloid!

  • Chris M

    I just received a new Lamy 2000 and so far the Makrolon material is my favorite but would love to experience the celluloid material of the Zebra!


    My favorite material for fountain pens is any metal.

  • Alvin

    I like metals such as brass for pens, as the weight is comforting, but I’d like to see a pen made of something really dense like tungsten 😛

  • Kenneth Goh


  • Dawn Geraci

    My favorite material for pens is resin because it feels smooth in my hand.

  • Blake Gonzalez

    My favorite material on fountain pens is celluloid, I love all my celluloid pens.

  • Harry L

    Thanks for the chance! My favourite material is my coated brass pilot metro, as it’s the only material I’ve handled on a pen besides the platinum preppy and jinhao 599a i had before it. (Which were crap!)

  • Kevin

    My favorite material is acrylic. So many different colors and patterns, and some seem to glow from within. Awesome giveaway!

  • JRK

    Hey Matt. My favorite material for pens is probably celluloid because of the feel and the look though not the smell :p

    Ebonite a close second.

  • Lennart

    Nice giveaway.
    I like Makrolon for its durability and weight.

  • Chan Wee How

    Mine will be the cotton resin from Omas

  • Adam Harris

    Lava resin is my favorite. Love my HS Bronze Age.

  • Brett

    I really like demonstrators. My favorite, that I own, is the Twsbi Mini. It is made of Resin.

  • Caleb Abraham

    I actually like metal and brass in my pens to feel weighty and robust. Though I know Matt hates them.

  • Yehhyun Jo

    My current favorite material is the cherry bamboo wood on my pilot vanishing point!

  • Nicolò Villa

    My favourite material is ebonite!

  • Ted A

    Wow! What a nice giveaway. My favorite material is ebonite, by a hair

  • Semion

    I like ebonite, acrylic and resin pen, but celluloid is my favorite. Some celluloids are stunningly beautiful.

  • E Smith

    I really have no experience with celluloid, but my favorite pen material is definitely ebonite! I absolutely love having a smooth texture that provides grip no matter how much my hands are sweating. The rubber smell also takes me back to my childhood when I would play/work at my Dad’s truck shop. The material is just more homey to me than acrylic or metal pens.

  • Wan

    i like ebonite pen feels in my hand when writing.

  • Chris Condon

    Wow…. Fingers crossed. That looks amazing!

  • Dave Danielson 📎

    My favorite material is acrylic. I’ve tried aluminum, Makrolon, brass and acrylic. Need to try ebonite.

  • Wumbo

    Not the most experienced user, but acrylic is simple and cheap!

  • Lauren

    amazing giveaway! my favorite material for fountain pens is probably celluloid – there are some beauties out there!

  • Mackenzie Kurzynski

    My favourite pen material is celluloid. The depth of the material, and the smell is just fantastic.

  • Sham Kashyap

    Hey Matt, I am a long time follower of your YouTube channel, but the blog is new to me. Now that I have been here, I’ll be a regular visitor.
    My favorite materials for making you fountain penswould be Brass and Ebonite. Brass gives that regal feeling and I connect Ebonite with old travellers who document their memories in small notebooks under candlelight.

  • Theadore Bundle

    Resin pens, anyone?

  • Rebecca

    I favor acrylic. Awesome giveaway!

  • Mihir

    I love pens that are made in Celluloid…

  • Dylan Nguyen

    I don’t have an exact favorite,but ebonite and celluliod are always good.

  • Taylor

    I’ve found my favorite pens are acrylic. Makes for easy writing sessions.

  • Pen Arbor

    Great giveaway! Thank you!
    My favorite material for the giveaway is hard rubber (aka ebonite) closely followed by cast acrylic.

  • Steve

    Great giveaway, thank you!
    My favorite material for a pen is hard rubber or ebonite.

  • Giovanni Gasco

    Celluloid! I’ve god some vintage models that are just one step above any other modern finishes. Not very easy to deal with, need a lot of manteinance and care, but they’re worth every extra attention.

  • GreekNerdia

    Thanks for the giveaway it is a wonderful pen!
    My favorite material for a pen is celluloid!

  • bimmerin

    Right now my favorite material is acrylic – lots of variation in materials, colors, etc; and they hold up well to EDC stuff (like work). With that being said, I really don’t own anything made from substances other than acrylic or metal. 🙂

  • Bilal Iqbal

    It is so hard to pick a favourite material for pen, but most of my pens are made of metal. I like a bit of heft to my pens, so I guess prefer metal over other materials.

  • Myles House Mahajan

    i cant really say a favourite materia; i only just now got into fountain pens.

  • Evan Macdonald

    I’d kiss you on the mouth.

  • Alessandro Piazza

    Nice giveaway! I prefer acryluc pens but i also like metal ones.

  • Itt Nathapat

    i love the makrolon from lamy 2000, strong, light, and has the interesting texture.

  • Terumi

    Hello Matt, what a great giveway! I’ve never used a Montegrappa. It would be exciting to get to use this one. My favorite material “from which fountain pens are made” happens to be makrolon, the material used in the Lamy 2000.

  • Wow! I can confirm this is an outstanding pen, with gorgeous celluloid. This is an insane giveaway! Many thanks to kenro.

  • Fearn B

    What a generous giveaway! My favourite material is probably just anything clear, most of my pens are too cheap to have much going on but a demonstrator filled with a vibrant ink always looks amazing!

  • P3H04

    My favourite material from which pens are made is celluloid!

  • My favourite is black resin. 🙂

  • Caleb

    I definitely love metal pens most, but acrylic definitely has way more options and availability.

  • Diego Diaz

    Alumilite, lava lamps and lava explosions!

  • Robert Page

    Ebonite is my favorite material.

  • Spencer Bobbett

    I love clear acrylic as a material.

  • Ruud

    My favorite material is all kind of acrylic/plastic, but is has to be solid and strong. And a metal cap is fine for protecting a very nice writing nib.

  • yaakov tolwin

    Very difficult question. My favorite material is probably celluloid. I just love the depth you can get with it. Although I’m a big Ebonite fan as well.

  • Katherine Stewart

    I’m pretty happy with all pen materials, each one has it’s own characteristics. I like gold nibs, but am ok with steel too. I’ve never tried Palladium or Titanium nibs, at least not yet.

  • Rachel Lalor

    Favourite material? Has to be celluloid, it can contribute to some absolutely breathtaking designs. Thanks for this opportunity, Matt!

  • dries bleus

    I think I’m just gonna go with all types of resins, there’s so much variety and styles to be had, I can never get enough of it! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Nak

    Thanks for a great giveaway Matt! My favourite material has to be acrylic, some great makers out there doing amazing work!

  • Jason Yu

    definitely wood! I love my Faber-castell wooden ondoro!

  • Daniel

    I really don’t have that much experience with a lot of different materials, but my current favorite is the plastic resin that Pilot uses. I just like the way it feels in my hand.

  • Chuck G

    I love a nice acrylic pen. My Franklin Christoph model 2 is wonderful. Thanks Matt and Kenro for another amazing giveaway!

  • Daven Savla

    I really haven’t experienced many pens in person, so my favorite material right now is the makrolon of my Lamy 2000. I suspect that might change in the future, as I reqlly look forwards to checking out acrylic and ebonite.

  • Micarta has definitely been my favourite!

  • Rob Johnston

    Lava is my favorite material or makrolon. Not sure.

  • That One Guy

    Vintage gold filled always makes me feel fancy, although a look at my handwriting would beg to differ…

  • Will Eubanks

    Favourite material… hm… I guess just acrylic, as long as it’s a purdy acrylic 😀

  • Daniel R

    That is an amazing pen, and such a generous giveaway. As much as I love celluloid, I think my favorite pen material is acrylic because I’m kinda paranoid about my beautiful celluloid pen (cellulose nitrate) burning me alive in my sleep…

  • Toad Becker

    Metal for me! I love the cool feeling and the weight it gives. Also the durability of metal pens make it so they can develop “personality” that, in my opinion, looks much nicer than the “personality”scratches that appear in plastic pens.

  • Matt Whelan

    I like the more heavy pens so has to be metal for me!

  • Justin

    I have yet to use one, but I really love the look of black chased hard rubber on some vintage pens- especially when it’s in good condition and has some luster.

  • Luke Kurzawa

    As a fan of machined pens, I would say that aluminum is my favorite material with which fountain pens are made.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Andy Vickery

    Favorite material is celluloid or acrylic.

  • Gordon Nguyen

    Pen looks nice, it’d be a considerable upgrade to my Lamy Safari. This pen’s clip certainly looks interesting!

  • daystrom

    Really like ebonite.

  • Joshua Greig

    Thanks for the giveaway! My favorite material for fountain pens has to be celluloid. It’s a beautiful material that has a wide range of possibilities for how it can appear, and I think so many pen manufacturers make absolutely beautiful pens from celluloid.

  • Ngọc Nguyễn Bảo

    My favorite pen material is celluloid from Parker Vacumatic :).

  • Austin

    My favorite pen material is the volcanic resin used by Visconti for the Homo Sapiens. The perfect blend of texture and smoothness, with the heft of metal but more soul.

  • Bran Aldridge

    What is my favorite material from which fountain pens are made? I would have to say ebonite. I just love the feel and look.

  • sharon888

    My favorite pen material is acrylic, but I haven’t experienced ebonite or lava, so that could change!

  • Gian Colucci

    Resin is life

  • Adam Batson

    i feel like a wood pen is a much more pleasurable material than alot of the plastics

  • Jose

    Favorite material is acrylic and the many different colors.

  • John Drago

    Matt, Wonderful work that you do on the site! I try to never miss an episode of your reviews. My favorite pen material is Ebonite; I especially like the Japanese Urushi coatings and the care that goes into their process. I’d love to own a Danitrio pen one day.

  • Andy

    my favorite fountain pen material so far is brass. I love the extra weight!

  • Alan Jai Kuriako

    My favourite has to be my Sandalwood, a type of rare wood, fountain pen from custom pen maker Fosfor pens. I guess it’s the exclusivity that entices me. The wood also has a nice light brown colour.

  • stellabl89

    I prefer an industrial look, which really attracts me to the plastic on TWSBI ECO. I’m super new too the FP community though. My Lamy 2000 is in the mail so it might be Makrolon soon. I’d also really like to get a Kara’s Kustom’s with lots of brass.

  • Tom Godbold

    I love sterling silver pens, for the warm shine they give off. Cheers!

  • David Coldwell

    resin is my favorite I guess.

  • Alicia Arias

    Favorite fountain pen material is celluloid.

  • Julie McFarling

    I’m surprising myself by saying this, but I like metal pens. I like having a little weight in my hand.

  • Advocatus

    celluloid is my favorite by far.

  • Omar Mahaba

    Thnaks for the giveaway, Matt! My favorite material is the transparent acrylics!

  • Riyad Haq

    Thanks for all the videos Matt! Learning so much.

  • Bryangb

    My favorite material from which fountain pens are made is probably acrylic. The colors they come in all look fantastic, it is easy to maintain, and you don’t have to worry about any staining issues.

  • Ben Milne

    Thanks for the giveaway! My favourite material is makrolon just because if the Lamy 2000 which I adore!

  • Disasuality

    My favorite (well, of the ones I own) would probably be acrylic. My favorite pens, Franklin-Christophs, look great eyedroppered with ice and italian ice finishes.

  • Nick

    In terms of the best materials; I would have to say nothing quite tops the look and perceived feel of a Homo Sapiens Bronze Age. Love the Volcanic rock resin!

  • Pavel C

    I like the most resin pens.

  • Koby Cohen

    Wowwww! man this is coooll!!! and my favorite material for a pen is acrylic mainly do to it nice and smooth feeling.

  • col.db

    Well, for most of my life I’ve been using ebonite pens and perhaps i got used to it; but still, I’m rather not a big fan of metal ones as I find them too heavy.

  • Pierre Carrier

    Makrolon, of course 🙂

  • Bert Van Herzele

    I really like the texture and colour of my Waterman Le Man 100, but the smoothness of my Pelikan M215’s black resin really gets me going. I hope to stumble upon a lot of other pens, so I can decide with certainty what material I like best.

  • Alex Harper

    My favourite material is split between lacquer and resin

  • brownixx

    I love the “boring” black resin of my Aurora Optima. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  • Louis

    That is possibly one of the prettiest pens I have seen! I haven’t had the fortune yet to try out a celluloid pen. I am on the fence as to my favorite pen material. My go-to would be the makrolon on a Lamy 2000, but just recently got my hands on a Visconti Homo Sapiens and I am really loving the feel and slight warmth of the resin impregnated basaltic lava rock composite.

  • Nicholas Casarini

    Aren’t all fountain pens made out of pure magic?… Anyway, I think the resins used for the kanilea pens are just amazing.

  • Fayce

    Wow!!! This must be the most exciting giveaway ive ever seen!!

  • Rovinna Ferrer

    This pen is a beauty! I hope to win some! My favorite material for a pen is acrylic because it is lightweight which is suitable for my small hand, it can be converted into an eyedropper, and I just love the swirls! 🙂

  • I’m partial to an acrylic or celluloid pen. Especially a fine specimen such as this!

  • invisuu

    Makrolon is still the best material I have yet to use on a fountain pen.

  • Eddy Van Meerbeeck

    Favorite material must be acrylic. Although I like somewhat heavier pens nothing can beat the depth in colour and patterns that can be achieved with acrylic compounds. Always looking forward to your youtube pen reviews and currently inked videos !

  • Jed Goodluck

    What an amazing giveaway! Id have to say my favourite material is acrylic, the options with it are just endless and I like the lightweight for long sessions

  • Franz

    Hi Matt! Really awesome giveaway! Hope you had fun at the Seattleish Pen Meet! My favorite material is Pelikan’s cellulose acetate. My next favorite is diffusion bonded acrylic and you know which pens this material comes in. haha! =) Take care!

  • Julie Anne Hawkes

    awesome giveaway! I love beautiful shimmery acrylics and the large variety of colors it comes in 🙂

  • Théo Roux

    Nice Giveway ! I think my favorite material for a foutain pen is ebonite. Even tough its fragile aspect, it makes for nice looking pens !

  • Mriganksinha

    My favourite material is ebonite .

  • Roberto Sans

    Hello there. My vote for my favourite pen material goes to Acrylic, versatile, light and durable.

  • Charles Kramer

    I like plastic type pens. They’re easier to grip, doesn’t feel to heavy and just feels comfortable.

  • I really like the pattern on this pen, looks really nice.

  • Patrick Urwin

    What a fantastic giveaway! Thank you. My favourite pen material is aluminium – I love the solid but cool feel, and a good anodised finish can be highly scratch resistant…

  • Acrylic, the variation is great, and the maintenance is easy.

  • Anzan Hoshin Roshi

    My favourite material has to be the transparent swirled acrylics that Edison Pen Co use.

  • Great giveaway! It’s hard to pick one material simply because while I like certain types more than others, some, such acrylic offer beautiful and vibrant colors that I love. As of right now, I do really enjoy makrolon, perhaps because I am infatuated with my most recent pen which is made from it, but I also enjoy the feel and durability of the material.

  • Greg Nullis

    My favourite material is definitely makrolon!

  • Heikki Virtanen

    My favorite fountain pen material is ebonite. It’s lite, but durable, It feels shoft and warm. Pen can be complete new, but it gives me a little bit samekind of feeling than stone washed jeans. I just like it.

  • Luke Richards

    Ebonite for feel. Celluloid for looks. Acrylic/Resin for options. I love all three of these, though Celluloid has to be the best in terms of look and feel.

  • Sean Woon

    Always has to be Makrolon. Absolutely adore that polished but slightly textury feel!

  • Matt Allen

    At the moment My favorite material are acrylic demonstrator’s including the semi-tinted ones. I don’t own any celluloid pens, but have to admit if I did that material would most likely be my favorite.

  • debraji

    I love all the colors & patterns of acrylic.

  • Kelly Turley

    Great giveaway! I think I like nice clear acrylic demonstrator pens the most.

  • Kevin Lau

    Thanks for the chance!

  • Nicolas Capsitski

    Hi, Matt. I’m new to the hobby (relatively). I have experience only with some resin and metal pens, so far. Resin pens are a much better experience, IMHO. I want to seize the occasion to thank you for your work, and the effort you put in your reviews. I’m a new fan. Thank you, once again.

  • Alex Hackmann

    Hi! My favorite material os those sparky acrylics, celluloid.

  • Anabelle Sophie Hiller

    As a goldsmith in the making I have to say, my favourite material would have to be metal. At least, wonderful pens could or should be made of metal. Personally, I don’t actually own one though.

  • That pen looks great. thanks for the giveaway

  • Brian Friedlander

    I like the feel of acrylic pens

  • Sam

    Favorite material is wire-brushed stainless steel, which feels modern but isn’t too slippery.

  • Sara

    My favorite pen material is celluloid.

  • Andy Huang

    My favorite material for a pen would be sterling silver.

  • Gordon Nguyen

    I love resin. It’s lightweight and most of the times looks classy. (Depending on what pen you get). Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Fernando Alain Nin

    My favorite pen material is Celluloid, I just love the feel, depth and chatoyance on those materials.

  • James Payne

    My favourite pen material is ebonite : )

  • Rob

    I’ve always been a fan of the classic look and feel of ebonite. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  • Brian Kott

    My favorite material for fountain pens is celluloid.

  • flipper2gv

    Always been a big fan of sterling silver accents and Montegrappa in general. Currently saving for an Extra 1930 but would love this one since that finish isn’t available on the regular extra.

  • DexterL

    Great giveaway. My favorite material for a pen is acrylic.

  • Moctecus

    Makrolon. Looks great, feels great, and is durable.

  • Gerald Coates

    This looks like an amazing pen…one that I would love to add to my small collection.

  • Sagar Sv

    Keep up the good work Matt! 👍

  • Ian Wolfe

    Awesome giveaway! I wished I could answer the question. I really only have a couple of metal pens, so I don’t know of any other materials by experience. But I will say I really like the Delta Docevita Oro orange acrylic. I think for the range of designs acrylic is pretty darn good.

  • Southern Henry

    I really like the auroloide material from aurora.

  • Jorge Manuel Acosta


  • miguel oxamendi

    Great contest!

  • Nathaniel

    Thank you Matt and Kenro for this. Awesome. Celluloid definitely gets my favorite material vote.

  • Daniel Biermann

    I like about any material as long as it is green, not slippery, and is durable.

  • Keir

    Thanks for doing this giveaway Matt ! My favourite material for a pen would have to be celluloid, as it can provide so much depth and richness that often cannot be expressed with modern acrylics. Ebonite is a close second, though….. 🙂

  • Thorn_UPSB

    Now THIS is a giveaway… wow…

    I’m not expecting to win but my favorite fountain pen material is probably translucent plastic. Demonstrators are awesome! (So is celluloid, though)

  • Robert Draper

    Excellent giveaway Matt! My favorite vintage pen material is BCHR but new pens, acrylic resin is my fave as so much can be done with it! Thanks for the Montegrappa Passione giveaway.

  • Keith

    My favourite pen material is celluloid.

  • Tora Aki

    amazing GAW!
    I don’t have much experience with different material beside metal and plastic barrells.

  • Gustavo

    I gotta say acrylic. Though I enjoy an ebonite eyedropper, acrylic has much nicer colors, just look at those Platinum 3776 in burgundy or the amber Pilot Custom 823.

  • drqandil

    I love high quality acrylics

  • Matthew Franklin

    I don’t have too many pens made of fancy materials, I have a Lady Sheaffer which is really old and gold plated so that’s sort of nice because it looks pretty but other than that all I’ve got is resin and aluminium, but I would love to have a pen made out of wood because I love the look and the feel of it, so I would say probably pear wood. (Though I wouldn’t complain if I got that one even though it’s not made out of wood ;))

  • Alucard

    I’ll say My favorite material must be Urushi …

  • Matthew Chan

    My favorite material for a fountain pen is simply clear acrylic. I just love watching the ink flow inside the pen!

  • Ira Stone

    Wow. What a giveaway. I hope I win,

  • Eugenio Parise

    My favourite pen material is certainly celluloid!
    Thank you Matt for this giveaway 🙂

  • Gary Sereno

    I’m caught between a rock and a hard place. I have several ebonite pens, and love the feeling, but I also have an OMAS 360 in cotton resin, and that just feels great.

  • Tobias Tornberg

    Hi there Matt, at the moment i’m going for wood pens, however my latest purchase was the Faber Castell e-motion black edition.
    The of the textured rubber on the grip was just to good to pass by.

  • Judy Jacobs

    Some ebonites are terrific: warm, not slippery, available in color mixes such that each pen is unique. Knowing that it’s hand-crafted, often with old technology rather than the factory stamped and often overpriced pens from most manufacturers is a factor in their favor, too.

  • Zinggy Ce Zheng

    Thanks for the giveaway ! My favourite material for a pen is copper, love how it ages!

  • jamesquinn

    Matt… I really enjoy your reviews and your Currently Inked comments. Keep up the good work. You are truly appreciated by many of us out here.

  • jamesquinn

    Matt… my favorite material for a pen is a resin of any composition.

  • David Gurman

    Hey Matt, love all your YouTube videos and your reviews. Haven’t missed one yet. Please keep up the great work and thanks also for the giveaway.

  • Cheddars Five

    Believe it or not, my current favorite material is brass, because I like really heavy pens, and nothing can beat the heft of metal. I’m sure that might change as I become more acquainted with other types of pens. I love the look of Urushi Lacquer, but I have no experience of owning that type of pen yet.

  • Ronald B

    My favorite pen material is acrylic with a nice number of colours in it! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • Christopher Sambre

    My favorite pen material would be acrylic. That is because the various colors that they can come in.

  • Rémy Nguyen

    To be honest, I’m perfectly content with most plastic pens (heavy pens make me nervous).

  • Tom Hermes

    Great giveaway! Favorite pen material….Celluloid! Nothing can match the color or variety.

  • Grant Darnell

    I haven’t gotten many pens yet but my favorite would definitely be the resin on my Platinum Century 3776

  • Stacy Snyder

    Celluloid a la Visconti Wall Street is my favorite pen material. The LB5 material is also breathtaking.

  • Monty Martins

    I love Ebonite pens

  • Grant Darnell

    I don’t have many pens yet but out of the ones I do have my Platinum Century 3776’s resin takes the cake

  • David Ortiz

    By far celluloid is my favorite material. It has such a lovely feel in the hand

  • pepperpath

    yes…great giveaway…i never win but it’s worth a try! i just received my first ebonite pen (from Edison) and love it…the dark blue/black is so warm for canadian winters! But in terms of beauty, acrylic is my favourite (haven’t held celluloid). ps.great reviews…lots to think about. thanks

  • Neil Konitzer

    Wow a very generous giveaway. Fingers are crossed!!!!!!

  • 0x4342

    My favourite material – as of now – is Titanium.

  • Chris C

    I don’t have much to go off of, but makrolon definitely has my heart for now

  • drewglade

    The pen looks stunning thanks Matt

  • Neil Konitzer

    I love the feel of the Visconti Homo Sapiens. Has a rubbery feel, yet is definitely not rubber.

  • Nialady

    My favorite material is brass

  • Jesse Krensel

    My favorite pen material and stlye is a traditional Japanese style lacquer pen; I find Japanese craftsmanship to be sensational!

  • johnpaul doris

    My favorite pen material is really anything because any fountain pen is good pen.

  • Vincenzo Scarduzio

    Nice giveaway would love to win! I love celluloid

  • Wendell Neeley

    My favorite material is probably the Urushi lacquered ebonites, however I do really like the Makrolon on the Lamy 2000.

  • Daniel Rodriguez

    Wooo What a give away

  • Mauro Juarez

    My favorite material is resin! Oh yeah!!

  • Matthew Spencer

    Beautiful pen. Its hard pick just one material but i am partial to hard rubber.

  • Dylan Thompson

    Matt this is an amazing giveaway!! My favorite material for pens, would have to be brass. I love heavy pens , and the patina you get is something I quite enjoy!

  • Aye Aye On The Run

    I’ve only ever had aluminum pens, but I like them because they are lightweight and have a lovely metallic shine. I’m intrigued by the beauty of some vintage celluloid pens, though!

  • My favorite material would have to be celluloid. The options seem endless.

  • A Classy Broad

    Great giveaway. Favorite material would be acrylics. Lots of color, movement, warm to the touch, not super heavy.

  • David Peters

    That is a gorgeous pen. I have a couple materials that I really like. For a metal pen I really like copper. I also really like ebonite as a pen material.

  • drewglade

    Makrolon is my favorite but I haven’t used many

  • andremp

    It might have to do with the fact that I’ve never owned a pen made from it, but I absolutely love the look of Urushi Lacquer. I know often times it’s just a coating, but I am still enamored with the look 🙂

  • Roberto Aviles

    Awesome giveaway, my favorite material is Celluloid, specially the OMAS Brown Arco…..love how it feels on the hand and the smell!

  • Henry Kuo

    I prefer keeping it simple and staying with resin.

  • Matthew

    Wow! My favourite pen material is acrylic. That said, I would love to try polycarbonate (eying up the Lamy 2000).

  • Dirck in Saskatchewan

    Man, I hate to choose favourites. For jaw-loosening depth of visual interest, it’s hard to beat celluloid, and the OMAS Arco is one of the better examples in that line. But I’m also a sucker for all-steel integral-point pens, like the Parker 50 or the Pilot Myu; a sort of sleek utilitarian beauty, and one is less worried about what they’re lying up next to in the storage tray.

  • IEV

    How wonderful, a chance to win such a beautiful pen. I agree with Nathan Weston and others… I like Makrolon. Or perhaps, what happens is that I really like my Lamy 2000!

  • Nicole

    I’d love to win this for my husband!

  • Nicole

    I like acrylic. I wanted to like metallic, because my Faber-Castell Loom is so beautiful, but it is difficult to hold for long writing sessions.

  • Alhaza Ei Templari

    I love the look and feel of celluloid, second would be the makrolon from lamy 2000

  • DKC

    I’m for celluloid for the warm, soft feel it gives. Too bad they’re getting harder to find with time.

  • Jake Peterson

    The favorite material I’ve used so far is the material used in the Lamy Safari, but I really want to expand the types of materials in my collection.

  • Schrift

    Have only been exposed to metal so far in my collection. Love the textured grip on the Muji aluminum, but it’s too light and slim for me. For others, its steel. Looking forward to receiving my first ebonite pen that’s in the mail now.

  • kannasama9854

    My favorite material right now? It’s probably going to line up with my Namiki. Brass pen + urushi and raden.

  • Vojtěch Pimek

    Wow nice giveaway. My favorite material is definitely copper. It’s so beautiful how it changes with age.

  • Robbie Humphrey

    My favorite pen is my waterman Carene. It’s smooth and looks great.

  • Justin Jones

    This is an amazing giveaway, thank you. My favorite material for pens is acrylic as there are so many things that can be done with it visually.

  • Thomas Hillis

    My favorite, tactile, is the volcanic lava on the Visconti home sapiens but I have a cappuccino Conid arriving soon, so that material could be a contender.

  • Zach Shoemaker

    My favorite material is probably ebonite

  • Sam Bosak

    Thanks for setting this up!
    Thus far my favorite pen is acrylic. My Edison Collier in Antique Marble is really fun to look at, and sturdy too!

  • Yih-Yoon Lee

    Urushi is my favorite material, so simple yet so elegant

  • alc3261

    My favourite material is custom Acrylic resin.

  • Allan Millerwood

    My favourite pen material is brushed steel for its simple industrial look. Very thankful for this opportunity btw!

    • Allan Millerwood

      And my hands don’t get slippery so it looks and feels great

  • Tom Godbold

    I love a beautiful Sterling Silver pen, shiny pens with gravitas.

  • Uniotter

    My favorite material? That’s tough. Does raden count? Because you can’t make a pen entirely from that shell, but I find it so gorgeous. If that doesn’t count, it would have to be acrylic, because of the beautiful colors and designs they are able to achieve with it. Metal pens look nice too, but are frequently too heavy for me.

  • Ted

    So far, my favorite material for a fountain pen is celluloid. I love the look and feel.

  • Giuditta DS

    Hmm… I guess my favorite material is resin. I’ve never had a celluloid pen.

  • Derick Solano Veitia

    Beautiful pen! my favorite pen material is Urushi. I know it is a lacquer, but oh man! there is anything like it!

  • E Ridout

    My favorite pen material is ebonite. The feel in the hand is warm and biologic.

  • E Ridout

    My favorite pen material is ebonite. The feel in the hand is warm and biologic. (reposted? for some reason)

  • Man_Alone

    While I Like the feel of ebonite, overall I think my favourite material would be acrylics and cast resin (I’m not sure if there is a difference between these two), since they allow to add more variety to the look of the pen.

  • Mirela

    Thank you for the opportunity, I would say acrylic, although I don’t mind plastic either. I see my myself as very versatile depending on my mood. I was looking at a metal body fountain pen and that caught my attention as well. So I’m pretty open to trying different ones, since I’m still fairly new to the fountain pen community I get excited over all of them. Haha .

  • Dragonmaster Lou

    I don’t have much experience with different pen materials, so I’ll have to go with acrylic for now.

  • Rick Michaelson

    Unbelievable giveaway Mr. Armstrong Please express my thanks to the distributors. My favorite pen material is ebonite; nothing else has the combination of silky smoothness and warmth.

  • Jonathan B

    My favorite material is probably acrylic since the pens I have are mostly made of that 🙂

  • Michael Gagnon

    This is definetly an amazing prize! My favorite material: acrylic!

  • Nate Stone

    Tough one for me on my favorite material for a pen. I can narrow it down to Micarta and Makrolon. Love the warm feeling in hand. My opinion may change when my Visconti HS Dark Ages arrives, however.

  • dissemiknit

    I don’t really have a favorite. I’m newish to the fountain pen world, although I have a hand-me down celluloid pen from my grandfather. The rest are plastic or metal and I don’t really have an opinion. I think my metal pens are too back heavy, but that’s a design issue not a material issue.

  • Robert Youngken

    I like the rather fancy acrylics, I suppose. But I often just reach for plain plastic.

  • Jonathan Bressie

    My favorite material for the pen body and feed is ebonite. For nibs, 14k gold.

  • Andy Prozeller

    Hi Mat,
    I can’t believe Kenro is doing this but it’s great and really a beautiful pen! Thanks for the great reviews and not skipping a beat especially with working a new job–you’ll have to let us know sometime how it’s going if you’re permitted to do so

  • Pedro Nogueira Soares

    My favourite material for pen is acrylic, because of its great number of pattern possibilities and colours.

  • Brian Rose

    My favorite material I have seen would have to be the Arcos celluloid from Omas; that I actually own would be the blue steel acrylic from Edison. Awesome giveaway, and another excellent review!

  • Darren Lee

    nice review as always
    and thanks for the giveaway!

  • KirkF

    I mostly prefer acrylic pens, though I do enjoy the heft of heavier metal pens for short writing stints.

  • Emmanuel Nelson

    acrylic for me. I love the way way some of them sparkle. The Ghostly Lapis from Noodler’s is one of my favorites.

  • Brian Rose

    I thought I already posted a reply but I don’t see it, so here goes again: favorite material I’ve seen is the arco celluloid from Omas; that I own is the blue steel acrylic from Edison.

  • Alejandro Larrea

    My favorite material from which pens are made is ebonite. I love the looks of it and how it feels when writing.

  • Cathy H

    My favorite material for a pen is acrylic!

  • Hi Matt. I love celluloid, but I was loved particularly the volcanic rock feeling of the Visconti Homo Sapiens. That was special.

  • Shivanshu Singh

    Celluloid or Ebonite are my favorite materials for pens

  • BadassMcKill

    Well I haven’t tried too many materials but so far Makrolon, though I do want to try ebonite and celluloid

  • lunar onion

    Thanks Matt and Kenro for this amazing giveaway! My favourite pen material is celluloid.

  • Ben Dittmann

    Hey Matt, thank you for this extremly nice giveaway. Before I answer your question, I just have to apologize for my bad english…I’m from Denmark, so please excuse my faults…
    My favorite material for fountain pens is celluloid, especially combined with some nice metal, so there comes a bit weight to the pen. Celluloid makes it possible to imitate naturproducts and really can look so differently. Most of the pens made from celluloid really look totally stunning.

  • Daniel Pi

    Well… my favorite material is woolly mammoth ivory (from my 2006 Graf von Faber Castell Pen of the Year). But among “normal” materials… probably celluloid.

  • Marek K.

    So far, my favorite material is acrylic – especially from Edison Pens company (Bumblebee!). Transparency with a color, stripes of different colors inside – making the 3D effect stronger, different effects depending on the light… There is so much to enjoy. Another fantastic acrylic is “Italian Ice” from F-C.

  • kevin parks

    Forticel (guess which pens I dig?)

  • Galilchan

    I am a sucker for wood pens… my favorite may be cheaper then most but it is the jinhao 8812 in rosewood.

  • Tamsyn Champion

    Hi Matt, my favourite material at the moment is celulloid because I adore my vintage Pelikan m400. Although I would love to experience Basaltic Lava of the Visconti Homo Sapiens. Thanks for all you are doing to feed my addiction.

  • Adrian Twiss

    Firstly, thank you for going to the trouble to stage this giveaway and also many thanks to Kenro Industries for their generosity. Overall I would say that my favourite material is Acrylic. The range of colours and designs available is quite staggering. How Ironic then that only three of my collection are acrylic pens but visually they are amongst my favourites.

  • Bogdan Claudiu

    best giveaway ever!!

  • Dimitrios Kotlidas

    Matt you are great! My favorite material for a pen is steel. I like the feel and wheight of it

  • Florian M.

    I really like my Lamy 2000 which is made of Makrolon. It is a great material for long writing sessions!

  • Arnie Dumandan

    Great giveaway! My favorite material has to be ebonite. it just has a certain “soul” to it. Crazy, I know.

  • Sam Oram

    Matt… You officially rock! 🎸!
    My favorite material… Hmmmm! That’s a tough one. I have a Ken Cavers sasutake bamboo pen; I love the feeling and warmth of the natural material in my hand. Maybe one day (if I’m feeling brave enough) I might share it with you for a review 🙂

  • Sebastien_Morissette

    What a spectacular pen ! my favourite material for a pen is ebonite, but really modern plastics – AKA precious resin – offers more style.

  • Roger Bello

    There are so many but I guess my favorite material that pens are made out of is celluloid. They come with such range of depth. Thank you again for the giveaway.

  • I would like to thank you for your giveaways, they are amazing and I’m really surprised and happy you want to do them, just like that. Thank you Matt! I think I like pens with different materials: favourite in touch is ebonite, but in look etc. is acrylic ones:) If I need to chose one: it will be acrylic.

  • V

    Favorite material is celloiud and ebonite like the Lamy

  • Sumejja Hadzic

    I don’t have that many fountain pens or I haven’t handled that many pens, i just know i like light pens, not a big fan of metal pens. This pen looks perfect! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  • Ove Bjørnson

    Beautiful pen, less blingy than other Montegrappas. Great review as well.

  • Jonatha Chrys

    Wonderful giveaway! My favorite pen material is acrylic, but actually I haven´t tested a lot of different pens.

  • chuan chuan

    My favourite material is Ebonite! Thank you Kenro Industries and Matt for the giveaway!!!

  • Count_Spatula

    Amazing giveaway.

    For the question: I don’t have any experience with some famous materials such as ebonite. I think that currently I had the best experience with a Pelikan m600 that is currently off for repairs. The weight and feel were perfect, and the material really caught the light just right. So right now I’d say that weird material they use. I’m looking forward to expanding my experience as I amass my collection.

  • Anony Mous

    Plastics. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Geocom13

    What a handsome pen! Thanks for the giveaway Matt and Kenro.

  • Daniel Rendzionek

    My fav material vary from date to date. I believe acryl is my fav for now but I also like ebonite and celluloid. Nothing wrong in plastic or metal though 😉

  • Ashley N. Shillinger

    I like acrylic the most so far, I have a few metal barrel pens but they feel a bit too heavy. I would make an exception for a few though: I think the torched metal on the Kaweco Liliput is absolutely beautiful and any copper pens after it’s gained a patina are equally pleasing… I just wish I wasn’t so adverse to heavy pens. *sigh*

  • Christoph Winkler

    My favorite material for fountain pens is Markolon from the Lamy 2000.

  • Afraz Padamsee

    I haven’t used a wide variety of pens with different materials, but looking at acrylic pens takes my breath away! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Jamie Chan

    My favourite material is Acrylic. It comes in several colours which is great!

  • Aaron Campbell

    What a great giveaway! Amazing looking pen. My favorite material would have to be the Makrolon on the Lamy 2k. It’s such a nice material and wears very well.

  • Favorite material? I love my Carolina Pen Co in Alumite resin.

  • Thomas Budi Gunawan

    Thank you for all the video. I love mat / flat finished plastic.

  • Vino

    Absolutely on the top of my list: Celluloid! (and to be specific the arco bronze from gool old OMAS). The next best is metal pens believe it or not…. I love the feel and weight.

    BTW, is it open to US residents exclusively like the Aurora give-away? or can I actually win this time? 🙂

  • Robert

    What a giveaway! My favorite material that pens are made of are clear demonstrator resin pens, I guess I like to see what’s inside and let the ink have its day in the spotlight. 😉

  • Jacob Vincent

    I like Acrylic Pens most but only because I am new and only have a few fountain pens.

  • Pablo Gomez

    I haven’t tried many materials yet, but so far my favorite has been acrylic due to the different colors it comes in.

  • Blazing

    Thanks for the giveaway! Most of my pens are simply resin, and they’re my favourite out of my collection so I’d have to say my favourite material is resin.

  • Moritz Moran

    Hey Matt, Super pen. I love my titanium pen at the moment. That has to be my favourite

  • Chris Curtis

    Great giveaway! My favourite material for fountain pens is resin.

  • Christopher Kelly

    My favorite material so far is celluloid. Specifically it is the Omas Bronze Arco Celluloid. It is a mind blower. My views are expanding though – mostly because Matt Armstrong has forced me to buy so many pens! He posts those damn reviews, and soon enough another pen is in my house! That last Franklin Christoph review caused me to purchase a #02 and #19 1911! As much as I love the feel of the Arco Celluloid, it seems to scratch much more easily than the plastics that Edison and Franklin Christoph are using. At the same time, while not matching the beauty of the Bronze Arco from Omas, the acrylics are very pretty. In four months I am getting two pens from Renee at Scriptorium (Matt’s fault again!). Depending on those pens I may finally be pushed into the acrylic camp.

  • John Kiddier

    Awesome giveaway Matt! Well I would say my favourite material is Acrylic, but I do have a soft spot for a pen that was given to me which has a polished Walnut cap & body

  • Dror Zellner

    Favorite material, I would have to say the Omas Arco Brown Celluloid…

  • Denise Skafica

    Jeez, I like them all! But I love the look of metal the most. Copper, silver, gold, rose gold!

  • Chintan Pandya

    Awesome! My favorite material for a pen is ebonite. Love the feel of it!

  • Anthony Clarke

    Fantastic giveaway, nice review too! Celluloid is my favourite material.

  • James Little

    I like celluloid as a material….it’s warm and intimate in your hands. Nice Giveaway!

  • Mateusz Kraszewski

    what a giveaway! I love a nice funky acrylic but the feel of the pen is the most important. ebonites are good too.

  • callum jones

    My favourite material for a pen has got to be either carbon fibre, such as my current Monteverde black tie, or resin.

  • P.Panagiotidis

    Celluloid (OMAS Arco Brown, nothing comes close to it:)


    I’m not an expert at materials on pens, but I haven’t had a single problem with cheap plastic. So I think that cheap plastic is one of my favorite.

    • Pablo Gomez

      I think cheap plastic is pretty great too

  • Zachary

    I would definitely have to go with acrylic for the immense quantity of options available on the market.

  • Ethan

    I’ve always loved the idea of Makrolon; it just sounds so cool!

  • Eric Rank

    It’s really hard to beat the natural beauty of celluloid. I’d say that even if this pen wasn’t made of that material.

  • William Milling

    This pen is so pretty that I will learn to use a medium nib! I think my favorite pen material is celluloid, especially the ones that have depth to the patters and you have to touch the pen to feel the texture, only find the barrel is completely smooth.

  • Ari

    My favorite pen material is ebonite, mainly because i like the way it feels in my hand.

  • I own very few fountain pens right now, so I’m not sure what my favorite material is right now, but I do love the look of celluloid pens I’ve seen online, so I guess that would be my answer.

  • Linnaea M. Scavone

    Thank you for another great review, Matt!

  • Ryan H

    I have not had very many materials since I am newer to pens. I like heavier pens so metal works well for me.

  • Chadly

    I have to say I really enjoy holding the lava/resin of my Homo Sapiens Dark Age the best. That is followed closely by the smoother, but still quite comfy resin that is used on my Delta Unica Matte Black.

  • Clestra

    My favorite pen material is sterling silver. =D
    What an awesome and unbelievable giveaway! So gorgeous!

    Thank you Matt & thank you Kenro Industries!!

  • wheretheboatsare

    Roses are red, violets are blue, resin pens rock, and ebonite too!

  • Charlie Buhler

    I love clear, acrylic demonstrators best, and prefer acrylics and other plastics to metal pens. Thanks for the unreal giveaway.

  • beast of burden

    My favourite material is celluloid because of beautiful patterns

  • Adam M

    Such a nice pen! I like the finish, plays a bit of a trick on my eyes though.
    My favourite material of which fountain pens are made, well, I’d probably have to say acrylic. It’s the versatility. Though one day I hope to have pens of ebonite or celluloid to see what they are like.

  • Jamie Gascoigne

    My favourite material from which fountain pans are made is ebonite. It can be very light and tactile and always feels more organic than non-rubber resins.

  • Lex

    BRASS is my favourite material at the moment. Strange, I know, but I am a trumpet player, so maybe that makes sense.

  • Damian Frontiera

    Loving this pen! I’m still very new to fountain pens and own several pilot’s, platinum’s and a few other fountain pens. My favorite material so far though is from my Noodlers Konrad Ebonite. I like that it doesn’t slip during long writing sessions.

  • Johanna

    Thanks for this great opportunity, and I must say that my favorite material for a pen is celluloid, because it has this vintage touch to it and I just love vintage pens.

  • Theo Brotherton-Ratcliffe

    Gotta be Makrolon, I love the feel of the Lamy 2000!

  • Georgia Serpe

    Hi Matt. I have never won anything online in my life and this would be a great start for me 🙂 This is a beautiful pen. I have been into this hobby for one year now and have amassed quite a collection. I work in the tech industry, love technology and gadgets, but find myself using fountain pens to take my notes. Your videos are great!!! Anyways, on to the response. With my various acquisitions which include pens of all materials: metal, acrylic, plastic, makrolon…I have to go with my holy grail pen: The Visconti Homo Sapiens–I just love the feel of the balsatic rock in my hand–it’s unlike any other feeling. I realize this isn’t a common material but it is the best feeling one for me. So, BALSATIC ROCK it is!!!

  • Dheeraj Kattula

    Thanks Matt for all the work you do. I am sure it is very hard work. I appreciate the way you present stuff in addition to the superb content.

    I use ebonite pen as my daily writer. I enjoy writing with ebonite pens. However the beauty of colourful acrylic pens attracts me too.I have not enjoyed metal pens much. I have not used celluloid pens thus far.

  • Logan Scheiwe

    I like a solid, heavy pen. My favorite material would be a metal. I’ve always wanted to try a brass or copper, but thus far only have tried aluminum and other lighter metals.

  • brooke steele

    I like acrylic. They offer a lot of color options. But I’m not a materialist. I also like metal pens, too!

  • Josh Tsang

    Sweet giveaway!

  • PFF

    Makrolon, for sure!

  • Alan James Shaffer

    I wouldn’t have considered purchasing this pen until seeing this review. Thanks! The sterling on celluloid looks fantastic.

  • Adam Baron

    I have to say, I just love those beautiful old celluloids, and even the modern ones. This pen is, likewise, gorgeous!

  • Leo L

    My favorite fountain pen material is the resin used to make the Conklin Duragraph. I have an Amber pen that absolutely glows. It is also one of my heaviest pens, so it feels solid and substantial in my hand.

  • Davis Jordan

    My favorite pen material is makrolon because it can be very well done.

  • Dan Wilkens

    My favorite pen material is ebonite.

  • Joseph Reuben


  • Carolyn

    Wow, indeed. I’ve never even held a Montegrappa in my hands.

  • Jess

    Great giveaway! Very generous, perfect Christmas gift

  • J. Duben Engelkirk

    Would love to own this pen! My favorite material is Celluloid as in the Aurora Optima.

  • Ozy

    Well., .my favorite material is celluloid specially the one use the Omas pens — Thank you for the giveaway!!

  • Kirk Broyles

    Such an amazing pen giveaway! I love pens made from acrylic. I love the ones with swirl patterns. I love the look of celluloid pens. Would love to own one someday. Possibly try one at the least. Thanks again for this giveaway, and thank you for all the great content.

  • David Heimsatz Loyola

    My favorite material from which fountain pens are made of is acrylic.

  • Niko Porkka

    Urushi coated ebonite.

  • Gabriel Dylan M. Cuevas

    Nice Giveaway, my favorite material is Acrylic, I like how it feels in my hands.

  • Steven Ross

    Hi Matt. Love the channel and the reviews. Very Cool giveaway.

    I think my favorite pen material has to be celluloid. The variety and depth of color is amazing, and for me, the fact that it’s less common today adds a nostalgic feel.

    Have a great Christmas and New Year!

  • Reagan Hamilton

    Wow this is a great giveaway. I like acrylic the best on my pens.

  • karawexler

    Ebonite – all the way…

  • Jesse

    I like resin pens. I greatly dislike uncoated metal pens, yuck!

  • Stefan Engvall

    Very nice giveaway! I really love the material that was used in Parker Vacumatics and in the new Visconti Metropolitan!

  • dvspen

    This is fantastic! Until recently, the Lamy 2000 makrolon finish was my favorite. Now, however, the lava/resin finish on my Visconti Homo Sapiens.

  • Pieter

    @disqus_8kga6DAjq0:disqus Talking about available options: If it wasn’t for the somehow “limited” choice of models, I’d say my favorite material was volcano rock 😉
    But things being as they are, I’ll go with celluloid.

  • Thanks for the review. And the chance to win the pen.

  • Bruce Sinn-Brown

    Yet another wonderful giveaway!! My favorite pen body material has to be ebonite; I just love it.

  • Matthew Franklin

    Hmm, I think my post is gone, I rechecked for my post (because that’s not something i want disqualifying me) so I guess I’ll answer it again just in case, my favourite material is pear wood as it is warm and has a good colour.

  • Todd Battistelli

    My favorite material is brass.

  • mongooseroar

    My favorite material is celluloid.

  • Daniel Rodriguez

    I prefer ebonite

  • Neville Smith

    Hello Matt. It has to be the Diffusion Bonded Acrylic on my LM1, which I need to thank you for, as you brought the existence of this beautiful pen to my attention.

  • Shane Polevoi

    What is your favorite material from which fountain pens are made…. I love my Homo Sapiens (hardened basaltic lava)

  • My fav material as of late is anything lightweight, mostly the plastics. I carry 6 pens at a time and if they are all heavy weights, my messenger bag gets uncomfortable. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Christiana

    My favorite material so far is acrylic. With metal as a close second (I like the weight of it).

  • Todd Merrell

    What a fantastic giveaway! If I had to choose a favorite material I would have to say celluloid. (But I love ebonite for the feed!)

  • Ben Stolz

    Wow. I LOVE the look of this pen. Coincidentally, my favorite pen material is celluloid.

    Thanks for the review and the giveaway!

  • margessw

    Astonishing giveaway !! Huge thanks to you Matt and to Kenro guys ! To answer your “entry” question, well there’s a lot of materials that I never tried so far (wood, acrylic, celluloid, ebonite, lava rock ha ! ) but I do like heavy pens so I’d say probably metal. Thanks again and love from France, Marjorie

  • Myroslava Luzina

    My favorite material is nicely lacquered plastic, followed by nicely lacquered brass for when I want a heavier pen. Acrylics can be beautiful to look at in pictures, but I have yet to acquire one, because it’s hard to find a combination of everything else that a pen needs to be (good nib and feeder system, nice size, reasonable price) PLUS a not-too-garish acrylic. I have yet to find a combination that works for me, so I’m going to diverge from what seems to be a majority here in the comments 🙂

  • Stephanos

    Dear Matt. Thanks for hosting/curating this giveaway. For the favourite pen material, I think I’m going to have to come down on the side of plastic (acrylic), because of its adaptability i.e. potential for near-infinite visual variation.

  • Naoya Tominaga

    This giveaway is seriously too good to be true!
    I love sterling silver a lot.

  • Majid Ur Rehman

    I like cellulose pens.

  • David

    I haven’t had the good fortune of using many exotic materials, but my Makrolon pen feels wonderfully unlike anything else I’ve used.

  • Michelle Leung

    I like celluloid!

  • mklages

    Well, since I’m somewhat kinda/sorta new to this field of interest and only have a few pens and all but one are plastic I’d have to say my favorite material is plastic. My Aurora Idea could be plastic but has a different feel than my TWSBI and Lamy. Regardless, plastic it is.

  • Nina Ylikarjula

    Lovely giveaway! Your channel and the prizes are truly fabulous!

  • John Drago

    I think the Urushi finish on the Danitrio pens is real class. Second place would be polished ebonite. – John

  • Josh Konner

    Celluloid is great. The old Parker Vacumatics are just beautiful, and I really love the Mabie Todd Swan Snakeskins.

  • Ephemeral

    My favorite material is anything light-weight and translucent so I can see my ink sloshing around (pretty + functional ink window), but with some interesting inclusions with chatoyance or similar so it’s not too plain. Like the acrylics used in the Homo Sapiens Crystal or some of Edison’s pens, which are pricier than anything I own currently :-/

  • Lydia


  • Vasco

    Ahhhh.. Congrats Nia C. Heckuva Xmas.

  • Randy R

    Congratulations from me too, Nia C. You’ve just made the rest of us just a wee bit jealous. Aren’t Matt’s giveaways fun?

    Merry Christmas and Enjoy your new Pen!!