[Finished] @FisherOfPens Apollo Giveaway

So, I’ve been meaning to get to this giveaway for a long time, and I know a lot of you have been desperate to enter it as well, based on the number of times people have asked me when the giveaway is going to start. So, it’s now time to give away this lovely Fisher of Pens Apollo. This is a wonderful pen, made by an excellent custom pen maker, Carl Fisher. This pen comes with your choice of a medium or extra fine steel nib. This giveaway will be accepting entries through 11:59PM on 25 February 2017

In addition to the pen, I will be providing the winner with an Inky Fingers Notebook Variety Pack in their choice of Pocket size or Traveler’s Size.

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  • Due to the volume of entries I get, I am unable to verify that entries worked or “went through” properly ahead of time.

And now for the Terms & Conditions:

Terms & Conditions: The prizes for this giveaway was provided free of charge by Fisher of Pens and Inky Fingers LLC. Giveaway ends February 25, 2017 at 11:59 PM PDT. Winners will be selected at random by Rafflecopter.com and verified by The Pen Habit. Winner will have 72 hours to respond before prize is forfeited and a new winner is selected. Inky Fingers LLC will be responsible for shipping all prizes to the winner. Neither Fisher of Pens nor The Pen Habit/Inky Fingers LLC will be responsible for prizes that are not received by user. No purchase necessary to enter. By providing your information in this form, you are providing your information to The Pen Habit only. I do not share or sell personal information and will use any information only for the purpose of contacting the winner unless otherwise specified.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

  • For Lamy AL-Star it’s Black Purple, for Safari Dark Liliac (and LX Rose Gold)

  • Stanley Ip

    Oh man, this Fisher of Pens Apollo looks so cool.

  • Kevin CHOI

    Great!!! I need another lamy. Thank you penhabit and gouletpens for all the youtube video!

  • jasanmiguel

    My Lamy Al-Star Orange (2016 I believe) is my favourite Lamy

  • Brian Wilsey

    They are all my favorite.

  • Lori Bohlier Fuller

    Oh, the Apollo is stunning!!

  • col.db

    if only that section would be different more matching cap & barrel – than I could call it perfect 😉

  • D L

    I want a pen made of lapis lazuli.

  • Ken

    Resin… I love wood-bodied pens too. By the way, colors look amazing.

  • Andy

    Gold! Lots of Gold. With an ebonite section.

  • Jacob

    I would make a custom pen with 3D printed titanium.

  • Simon Cook

    If I could design a Custom pen I’d have it made of celluloid in the colour/pattern of a 1987 Parker Duofold marbled in blue

  • Karen Griffiths

    Custom pen materials? I really like a dark wood like ebony – warm to the touch and deep in colour and improves with handling

  • Nick Dawkins

    Coffee. But if that proved to be impractical, toughened leather.

  • Tiago Jun Nakamura

    I’d probably want a pen made of strong acrylic or some kind of impact resistant plastic/fiber, so I wouldn’t worry about dropping it on the floor

  • mberker

    absolutely titanium

  • otak1

    My custom pen could be designed from acrylic or plastic with somewhat astronomic appearance as in Scriptorium Pens. I now think of a planet surface, especially Moon surface. Of course it may be interesting in touch, some kind of lava finish.

  • Ciaran Myers

    Honestly? Lyrca. Warm material and you could get some crazy designs out of them

  • brian c

    if I had unlimited funds and time and equipment, I’d make a pen out of moon rock.

    Or more realistically, I have a thing for bright swirly translucent acrylics. It might be a summer project to learn how to do this, and spend my next-pen-fund on some pen turning supplies for my friend’s lathe.

  • Justin DeGuzman Maramba

    Amber. It’s almost a wood pen, right?

  • John Duffy-Burke

    When I order a custom pen it will be made from cumberland ebonite.

  • Smithman

    I would have a custom pen made of wood (not sure what kind, but hard and relatively resistant to stains) with accents, possibly rings, of sterling silver.

  • So I accidentally clicked “I commented” for the “Leave a blog post comment” before seeing the question (I actually wanted to click “I follow” on the “Follow @Penhabit on Instagram” option), but based on the answers of other commenters I assume it’s a question about what material I’d like for a custom pen, or something along those lines. Personally I really don’t know that, I haven’t really been into the pen collecion hobby for long enough, haven’t really familiarised myself with various materials enough to really make a good decision in such regards. I don’t have a pen made from ebonite, so I might go for that material. In terms of colour I tend to like purples so I guess a purple ebonite, if that’s even a thing.

  • Vasilisa Egorova

    I love wood, it’s warm and magnificent looking.if I make some time a pen, it will be wood

  • Something very heavy… anodized steel?

  • Julio Raúl Mazariegos

    If I could design a pen I would do it from nephrite because where I live is a very cool material available

  • Dan Goldman

    A dark, rich colorful hardwood pen would be cool. Maybe teakwood?

  • David Coldwell

    ebonite with silver inlay

  • Chris

    Fossilized wood would make a nice looking pen

  • Pim Lefevere

    Tibaldi empero celluloid! Ever since I seen a pen made of that material it’s been my absolute favorite!

  • Matthew Schneider

    If I were to design a custom pen, I would like it made from a green acryllic, similar to the green Classic Pens LB5, or perhaps the green Aurora Optima. Either way, I would like a dark green pen!

  • Caleb Abraham

    I love metal and weighty pens. Steel for me!

  • Katherine V

    I would make the body with Tibaldi celluloid and the section with a bright blue ebonite.

  • Wrathen Stormbringer

    If I could design a pen I would do a clear acrylic with orange swirls in it. Kind of like an orange version of the Visconti London Fog

  • Ramiro LS

    If I could design a custom pen it would be made of high quality (but otherwise ordinary) resin, but it would have a smooth piston filling mechanism with high-capacity reservoir and easily swappable nib units

  • Dave Busse

    What would I have a custom pen made of? A bar of acrylic that I was able to pick out myself. Not very novel in terms of material, but what fun it would be.

  • AJ

    Great giveaways. custom pilot metropolitan

  • Mikel Fdz. de Matauco Amestoy


  • E Frank Ball III

    blue and black ebonite with gold trim

  • David Cariker

    I love the material that the section is made of in the photo above. I would love a pen made with that material.

  • Andrew Borzic

    Can you clarify the method of entering via email? Are we supposed to send you an email with a specific subject heading? And to which email are we sending this to? Thanks!

  • Rob

    I’ve always loved the look and feel of red ripple ebonite so I think that would be my first choice. Though, I have to admit, some of the alumilite blanks looks absolutely incredible.

  • Ove Bjørnson

    f you could design a custom pen, what would it be made of? Parker Centennial blue marble.

  • m1chaelk1m

    If I could make a custom pen I would want to try ceramic as a material.

  • PS

    Wood. Specifically cocobolo.

  • DexterL

    I would want my custom pen to be made of either celluloid or ebonite.

  • G10, man. I know why people almost never make pens out of it, but I want one.

  • Mike West

    very mesmerizing pen.

  • David Heimsatz Loyola

    My designed custom pen would be made of wood. Rosewood or ebony.

  • Laura Evans

    I would make a pen out of a really outlandish acrylic with swirls of rainbow colours, BUT with transparent sections too. Unicorn barf-esque ;)!

  • Ebonite, most definitely!

  • David Dawson


  • Karol

    My dream custom pen would be from some blue, slightly transparent acrylic.

  • Justin

    I would definitely go the classic route: hard chased rubber and gold fittings.

  • Bruce Rogie

    Custom made pocket pen of acrylic (my choice of rod),no step between body and cap (like a Ranga Model 5 but smaller), piston filler and no clip.

  • claudia barcellos

    I think my fountain pen would be made by acrylic, I think. Because of your influence, I ordered an ebonite pen, but it hasn´t arrived yet. maybe I will fall in love

  • I like a nice custom Ebonite pen!

  • Lesley L

    My custom pen would be made of jade. Green jade for the entire pen with purple jade disks at either end.

  • jasanmiguel

    My custom pen should be made from ebonite… I really love that material

  • Kyle Parsons

    If I were to design a custom pen it would be made of ebonite and titanium.

  • david forsythe

    If I could design a custom pen it would be made of “Ebony and Ivory”. Ok, not really, but you have to imagine Stevie Wonder singing to me about my custom fountain pen…

  • Felix

    the homo-sapiens-lava-material is hard to beat, so i guess i would use that for my custom pen.

  • Nathan Weston

    We’re about to sell our first house and one of the bedrooms has an amazing orange swirl resin handle. If I had the skills I’d make a custom pen from that..

  • Andrea Kirkby

    Inside the Apollo lurks a Dionysian secret. Stunning orange ebonite! – but …. I wonder… could I design a fountain pen entirely made of chocolate? It might not write very well but it would be great fun while it lasted!

  • Joe

    For a custom pen, I’d love to find some Conway Stewart Green & Black deadstock.

  • Stephen_JRB

    Mine would be ebonite

  • Aaron

    Matt, if I could design a custom pen out of any material it would be made of concrete.

    And this Apollo looks amazing, by the way.

  • Julia van der Wyk

    My custom pen might be that mint/clear acrylic swirl. Ebonite, wood, macrolon and other warm materials would be considered as well

  • I don’t know that much about various materials for making fountain pens, but I keep thinking that a dark purple celluloid similar to the Aurora Optima look would be lovely. I’d probably be mesmerized by the shifting shades of purple mixed with black.

  • Gstoc

    I would make a pen out of stabilized burl wood.

  • Colors_and_beads

    For a custom pen, I’d probably want some kind of acrylic and nice purple swirls 🙂

  • Marek K.

    I would try to make something out of carbon fibre: sleek body, just black with ink window, with some texture under fingers. A kind of stealth-indestructible combo.
    Probably too expensive though.

  • EelyHovercraft

    I’m not really sure what it would be made of, but my custom pen would have urushi lacquer

  • Johnny J.

    My custom pen would be made of celluloid.

  • Dominique Salas

    Definitely ebonite!

  • Alexander Apukov

    My custom pen would be made of sterling silver for grip part and end cap, and lacquered metal barrel.

  • John-Christopher Reilley

    Boy, if I could make a custom pen, it would be alternating ebonite and celluloid I think!

  • Alejandro Larrea

    Wood ripple ebonite 🙂

  • Pam M

    Pretty pen

  • Napalm Candy

    If I could design a custom pen it would be made from lunar stone (literally rock from our moon), and brushed titanium.

    A pen made of Mexican fire opal or labradorite would be amazing too!

  • scott d

    I think if I were to make a pen I would go the Visconti Homo Sapien route and make it out of volcanic rock.

  • Pilgrim

    If I could order a custom pen it would be made of celluloid, preferably with some shades of kon-peki-like blue!

    Thanks Matt!

  • Anzan Hoshin Roshi

    For a custom pen I really like the translucent swirl acrylics Edison Pen Co use.

  • Max Schumacher

    I’d like a celluloid custom pen, maybe Omas Brown Arco if I could find some.

  • David

    I would choose the Crushed Banskia Pod (in black) blanks from Exotic Blanks for my design. (And hope that the material doesn’t act up when getting turned)

  • Lectio

    I’d make a custom leather fountain pen. I’ve not found any leather pens that satisfy me.

  • gary ruben

    If I could design a custom pen, it would be made of the bones of my enemies. It looks like the Apollo may have been made from someone’s bones.

  • cancoi

    I love this pen! Thank you!

  • Logan Scheiwe

    I’ve always liked wooden pens. I would choose some exotic or unique wood as the material for my custom pen.

  • Alan Daniel

    Really cool pen! My custom pen would have butterfly wings urushi’d onto the barrel and cap.

  • Rich

    I would make my custom pen of dark blue and silver pearlescent acrylic.

  • Eric Xu

    Just the plain old black lamy safari 🙂

  • Chandrashekhar Deore

    Apollo looks awesome..

  • Rodja

    I honestly like pens made of resin.

  • slowburner

    Matte black ebonite for my pen, please!

  • Andy Le

    I would get a Newton Pens Eastman with an “alchemist” alumilite section and a “diamond water” acrylic body and cap with my vintage Wahl Eversharp nib.

  • chuan chuan

    Wood. hehe 🙂

  • Derek A

    I like the idea of making demonstrators out of vintage glass or recycled glass/plastic

  • lexybeast

    For a custom pen, I’d splurge on urushi finished ebonite.

  • GraceyK

    Ebonite or celluloid!

  • Boldianu Adi

    My pen must be made of black-white Obsidian!

  • I want a custom pen made with an amber acrylic with some transparency with gold bands.

  • Colton

    I feel I were to design my own pen, I would be inclined toward something that looked like sand stone, water wicking and textured.

  • Graham Spiers

    Titanium (or some titanium alloy). Titanium is cool.

  • Kaiser Venzon

    My pen would most likely be made of moldavite. I wold be unique material

  • Oscar Rodriguez

    If I were to design a custom pen, it would be made out of a turquoise ripple (I attached my hackjob photoshop of the body), and I would made it a piston fill instead of a lever fill, and toss a Pelikan M800 EF nib unit in there.

  • Matt Allen

    I would design the pen to have a blue pearlescent resin mixed with a frosty smokey pearlescent swirl.

  • David Knapp

    I’d love to have a pen made of rippled red hard rubber (ebonite) like the vintage Waterman’s pens of the 1920s-1930s! (Yes, I know hard rubber has its issues with precautions that need to be taken in its care, but so do most other materials….)

  • notyetSable

    If I could design a pen, I want it made out of something interesting… carbon fiber, like they use in building aircrafts. It would be warm and smooth to the touch, lightweight, strong and flexible (for putting in your pocket!). Silver brass hardware.

  • Cedric

    I know that it is completely impractical for on the go use, but I would love a pen made from transparent, preferably shatter-resistant, glass.

  • 57721

    If I could design a custom pen, I’d want it to be made out of tungsten carbide. I don’t think this material was ever used for a pen, and probably out of good reasons (it’s really heavy, i.e. it has a density between gold and lead, double that of steel and almost as hard a diamond), but it would definitely be a novelty and maybe worth an experiment. No scratches, either!

  • Eric Aycock

    If I could design my own pen it would probably be made of aluminum with a black lacquer coat, so it is light but durable. I would love for it to have a EF gold nib, tuned to be slightly wet and smooth as glass.

  • Chris

    I love wood pens. Out of an olive tree from Jerusalem area.

  • Jaime Calleja Alderete

    I’d have a custom pen made out of blue ebonite. In fact, I’m currently exploring my options.

  • I would love one in a nice wood.

  • kenneth noh

    I would like to design a custom pen made of cocobolo wood.

  • Matt

    My custom pen would probably made out of wood, cherry perhaps?

  • lefrog

    Hex-tiled acrylic pattern

  • MP

    What a sweet looking pen! I think I’d have to go with some sort of celluloid.

  • Derwin Tom

    If I were to have a custom pen made, it would be made from the Curly Koa Wood from Hawaii.

  • Eric Amundson

    I’d love a custom pen.

  • A Classy Broad

    That pen is very cool looking! Love the contrast of the grip.

  • Senthil Sukumar

    A custom pen made with a wood body

  • Joanna Lee

    I’d love to attempt a custom pen made from Murano glass. Not sure how practical it would be though! 😉

  • Fredrik Nordström

    I would definitely use Macrolon, the material used for Lamy 2000.

  • BadassMcKill

    I would love to make something out of Vacumatic style celluloid

  • Anthony Petros

    If I could design a custom pen, I would work my ass off and try to make a retractable-point fountain pen without an annoying clip. And tt would be black on black on black of course.

  • AnneP


  • Joel Walmsley

    Wow! That looks spectacular!

  • Ugo Jacquemin

    If I could design a custom pen it would be made of the blue auroloïde that Aurora uses for the Optima, I really love this color !!

  • Daven Savla

    I would like a pen made of malachite. It’s an absolutely beautiful green colored semiprecious stone.

  • Ce Shang

    I like something light so either dark wood with gold trims or titanium

  • Felipe Alarcón

    I would like to have a custom ebony pen with an acrylic section

  • Ben Dittmann

    I think I would like to use ivory for my fountain pen. Of course there should be some sort of plastic inside, to keep the ink from damaging the material, but I think ivory in combination with some ebony would just look amazing!

    Greetings from Denmark!

  • Linnaea M. Scavone

    Hmmm… I honestly have no idea what material I would use to design a custom pen. I like thew feel of ebonite, though, so I guess I’ll go with that.

  • Linnaea M. Scavone

    I would use ebonite were I to design a custom pen.

  • Juan Escarpa Merodio

    If i could design my own custom fountain pen I would like it to be made out of platinum.

  • Achim

    If I designed a custom pen, it would surely be made of celluloseacetate.

  • Veronica

    I would design a black acrylic pen with details (probably a couple of stripes across the barrel) made of a bulk metallic class.

  • David Lee

    I would wanna design a pen with an iridescent wood patterning. Similar to the OMAS Arco celluloid or the Pelikan M800 brown tortoise. 🙂

  • Jose


  • Sandra M.

    If I could design a pen out of anything, I think mother of pearl would be something to keep an eye out for.

  • Dylan Thompson

    I think it would be a fun challenge to make the entire pen on a 3d printer. I highly doubt that it would be a good writer, but it sure would be something fun to try!

  • rmonster

    I’d love to have a pen with an opalescent body, but I’m not sure what sort of material that would be. I think it might be neat to have a pen made out of amber too.
    But if I’m being practical, titanium.

  • Tyler Harding

    If I could make a pen out of any material, I’d probably want to go with a meteorite of some kind, a la the Visconti Homo Sapiens except from space. I really like the idea of a stone pen, even if it’s a blend of other materials (which I imagine would be absolutely necessary).

  • Giovanni Gasco

    It would be made of ‘glow in the dark’ plastic, it would be awesome to find your pen in a messy room, just turning off the light !

  • Tanner Woolf

    I would get a pen made of pele’s hair acrylic.

  • Taylor

    I would love a turned pen made of deep, swirling blue, grey and green acrylic. Like the ocean.

  • Allen Van Camp

    I think I’d go for ebonite.

  • Stefan

    My choice of material would be adamantium. I mean we have the alloys in resin blocks which are melted together. So I think such a pen would be indestructable and indispensable.

  • Banocka Brunette

    if I was to design a pen it would be made out of a really pretty pink,purple turquoise swirl in a white pearl celluloid material with a little bit larger grip also have a 14kt flex nib with a ebonite feed. that would be my dream pen.

  • Afraz Padamsee

    I would want a pen made out of Moon or Mars rock!

  • Alexander Butterfield

    I like carbon fiber maybe mixed with copper or titanium.

  • Gordon

    If I could design a custom pen, I’d be tempted to go for an urushi-covered ebonite pen!

  • Zhe Zeng

    i would love to make a pen with ceramics .

  • Jan

    With so many beautiful materials available, this is not an easy choice. The disc celluloid used for the Parker Vacumatic would certainly be very nice, although difficult to obtain today.

  • Ingvar Ringqvist

    My pen would be made of ebony

  • Joseph Demanuele

    Cool looking pen, thank you matt

  • Christian Haitz

    I would love a pen made from one of the Conway Stewart materials, like the Dartmoor finish!

  • Aaron

    My ideal custom pen is one with celluloid body, vintage gold nib and ebonite feed.

  • Wei Zhong

    A custom pen of the clearest acrylic to show off the beauty of some ink colours!

  • Joseph Kardia

    Oh man, I’d probably have a custom pen made from soapstone, both to just see what it would be like, and because axles a long time to warm up, and my hands are perpetually over heating.

  • Myroslava Luzina

    I’d look for a new material, a modern polymer possibly that would be very scratch-resistant and at the same time would not be a fingerprint magnet. From the currently used materials, someone already mentioned the Dartmoor acrylic from the Conway Stewart collection; that one has mesmerized me for a long time.

  • Julia P.

    I’d make mine out of celluloid or acrylic resin.

  • David Banks

    I’d like to get a custom pen made out of wood or ebonite.

  • Cosima Kafka

    I think I would choose an acrylic, since i like my pens fairly light. I would also want it to be a demonstrator, and likely a shade of blue.

  • Lee Gribbon

    Thanks for the giveaway. I would love to use titanium to make a piston filler with a click cap.

  • Theadore Bundle

    It would be made out of corn based polymer

  • Andrew Roberts

    If I had a custom made I would make it out of ashes of a dead relative. It’s like they will live on through writing.

  • If I can make a custom pen, I want to make it with wood or ceramic

  • Michael Millington

    I’d have a custom pen made of Indian beads.

  • Michael Hamilton

    My design would include dice and colorful casino chips, with a gold nib and trim.

  • Mateusz Kraszewski

    some funky swirly acrylic but with a minimalistic greyish demonstrator option would be my choice. no clip.

  • Eric Johnson

    oh my, that Fisher of Pens is beautiful. As for custom design… oof, I’m not sure. I’m a big fan of demonstrators, because I enjoy looking at the ink, so I’d probably start from there.

  • Crystal C

    Custom pen made of ebonite

  • sergio

    great looking pen!

  • Erie Quintanilla

    Maybe it would be very engineer thing, nib of titanium #6 Masuyama, zirconium section, vacuum filler with titanium bar, body of oak wood (it could serve for metals too, to use as vacuum filler, take off the restriction of only use plastics or rubber, using the Lamy accent concept, instead of section, the main body) with interior of acrylic, flat ends, spring clip in Stainless steel, ebonite feed, closing cap as Visconti Homo Sapiens or Platinum Century series, between 14 and 15 cm total length, 11 mm wide, around 30 g weight. Maki finish it would be the cherry in the cake 🖎🤓

  • jon leopold

    If I were to design my own pen, my first thought is to make one out of stone and glass to see some of the ink inside. Maybe a black basalt stone with a bullet proof glass window to add a ‘demonstrator’ component to it.

  • kandm25

    Celluloid, a warm green obsolete pattern with an ebonite section and feed.

  • Adit

    If I were to design a custom pen, I would choose to make it out of resin, especially the ones that are swirled, marbled, clear etc.

  • Alessandro Piazza

    I would love a costum pen made of celluloid, in a marbled warm green and blue with a fine gold nib

  • Randy R

    I’d like to duplicate Visconti’s Homo Sapiens (Bronze Age) with its “hardened basaltic lava” from Mount Etna. There’s no way I can afford a genuine model, so it’s just a wish.

  • Derek

    Being more of a traditionalist, I would experiment with ebonite and paper micarta barrels.

  • Dplafoll

    I’m a sucker for Titanium, so that’s probably where I’d go for a custom build. Thanks for the GAW!

  • matthew pollock

    the pen looks cool

  • Penn

    I would love to have a custom pen made from Koa wood!

  • Witty Walnut

    I’d go for wood, like that classic and natural feeling!

  • ShinjAngel

    If I could design a custom pen, i’d make it out of aluminium, anodised so that it’s purple and etched with a design! Light, strong, durable and pretty!

  • Steve Arman

    I’d like it made out of a turquoise acrylic with a copper section.

  • Dean Lam

    My custom pen would be made out of black opal! The kind that looks like galaxies and nebulas.

  • David

    I’ve never held an ebonite pen; I’d love to try one

  • susan818


  • LordPandamonium

    custom pen… For woods i really like wenge. or maybe if just a veneer, something like a spalted or flame maple.

  • Karak

    If I could design a fountain pen, I would really like it to be made of celluloid, It is absolutely beautiful when it’s done right.

  • Ben Stolz

    I would make a custom pen out of a cucumber (my child’s answer). But really, I think a clear or mostly clear acrylic as I don’t have any demonstrators.

  • Omar

    I’d design a pen that has a transparent acrylic with cerulean blue swirls suspended in it. Oh and it would have a vacuum filling system,

  • Jenn Dee

    I would want a custom pen made of ebonite or celluloid.

  • Ricky Rodriguez

    The red & black section is like a little surprise.

  • Andrew Borzic

    Custom pen would be made out of a really psychedelic green/purple looking celluloid material and a 1.1mm stub! Might ask Mr. Fisher to make me one of these.

  • snc

    carbon fibre, actual, baked, carbon fibre 🙂

  • Jim


  • jenn

    i’d love to have a pen custom-made of joy and happiness 😉 with shimmery bits like a pilot vanishing point raden pen… for <$50

  • Bobby Barr

    Something that’s lightweight but tough enough for everyday use. And an uber-flex 24k nib, of course.

  • Zachary

    I’m a huge fan of the Visconti Van Gogh style, so it would definitely be a combination of darker, earth colored resins in that style.

  • Jake D

    I would design a pen out of metal-lined acrylic, since I like the weight of metal and the look of acrylic.

  • Aye Aye On The Run

    If I could design a custom pen, it would be made of obsidian (or some other smoky looking material).

  • N S

    It would be made or a NASA super-material that gets rid of the oil and greasiness from my hands and fingers so the pen wouldn’t slip at all, yet costs 1/30th the price of acrylic. That would be ideal.

  • Keith Wixtrom

    If I could design a pen with no regard to physics or practicality it would be made of rose quartz.

  • Dieandra

    I’d love a pen made from the “lava flow” acrylics. Just can’t get over those colors!

  • T. Fitz

    If I was to get a custom pen made, it would be a green striated resin, like the vintage Sheaffers.

  • Kinjal

    Frankly, I always in general prefer metal body pens because for me robustness matters more than its aesthetic appeal when it comes to its external make!

  • Joshua Lo

    I like the idea of custom made integral nib fountain pen (like the Pilot Myu) made out of titanium with an ebonite feed

  • Jan-Erik Sjøstedt

    Apollo – It reminds me of Apollo launches from Cap Canavel in 1960 / 70s, lots of Flamer and steam…..

  • Maswell

    Hard to say, Brass is lovely, yet heavy. I really want to try something like the Visconti Homo Sapiens thats made from lava. Perhaps resin molded fabric or leather could be nice.

  • Max

    I wish there was a way to make a pen out of sea glass. Making a glass pen is hard enough but a pen made of glass that has been dragged across the sea floor for decades before being washed ashore is a bit unrealistic. would look cool though.

  • rajee

    wood pen

  • Brandon Sparks

    If I could I would make one out of pure gold and silver.

  • Austin Krohn

    If I designed a custom pen, it would be made out of a re-purposed bullet shell casing from the 20mm cannon carried on several U.S. fighter aircraft such as the F-15 and F-16.

  • Ian Hastings

    If I coiuld design a custom pen, it would be made of purple heart wood and extra long to fit my hands

  • kolik kilo

    Titanium body with ebonite section. My favourite materials.

  • Greg Barnette