Currently Inked #31 | 26 February 2017

  • 4:15 – How can you use a fountain pen with lower-quality paper and still have a good writing experience?
  • 6:30 – Is the Sheaffer Skrip ink on the shelves behind you still available in that packaging?
  • 8:10 – Do you have recommendations on a good, really black ink?
  • 9:35 – An exploration of ink starvation on a Pilot Vanishing Point
  • 13:15 – Currently Inked #1 – Classic Pens LB3 Jupiter w/ Monteverde Yosemite Green ink
  • 15:00 – What editing software do you use for your videos? Final Cut Pro vs. Adobe Premiere
  • 17:20 – Are there people who can re-tip nibs?
  • 19:40 – Local stores in the Seattle area for pens
  • 22:10 – Currently Inked #2 – Scriptorium Pens Conway Stewart Wellington Homage – Robert Oster Melon Tea
  • 23:55 – After the passage of time and with more experience, have you changed your experience of the Montblanc 149
  • 26:55 – Have we reached “peak ink?”
  • 32:50 – Have you ever considered taking on a partner for The Pen Habit?
  • Clifford Hughes

    Hi Matt. At least inks are less expensive than pens, and a few new ink acquisitions can enhance your writing pleasure just as much as a new pen I suppose it wouldn’t be too much to ask for a couple more ink reviews? Yours are the best on the net after all.

  • Clifford Hughes

    And yes, Matt, your videos are indeed top notch. The pride you take in their production is obvious to anyone who watches. If you were to take on a partner you would have to do much more than just have the final say in quality control. You are established now and, after four seasons, you are the brand – you are the Pen Habit. It’s fine when you have guests like Tania or do a live show with SBRE and Aziza and others. But a partner would have to be someone to share the load, not add to your worries. Guest reviews might be interesting on a blog, but what it comes down to is it’s YOUR opinions we’re interested in. We don’t want a guest presenter to share camera-time with David Attenborough, it’s him we’ve switched on our sets to see. (Henceforth consider yourself the David Attenborough of the pen world). Congrats on your 4 year anniversary, by the way.

  • Lez Cartwright

    OMG. Matt just do what YOU want with The Pen Habit its your baby. That last question on CI #31 that was really interesting, but I stand with my opening sentance. And The Pen Habit is watched for more than just the pens inks papers… We watch it because of you… Yeahhhhh.!!!!!!! I think you should be on TV.
    Best wishes Matt and to all pen people.

  • Mark Peacock

    I understand your need to step away and decide where to take Pen Habit next. I started my travel podcast (TravelCommons) in May 2005 and have taken a number of pauses to mentally “re-up”. I think you and I have similar motivations — we enjoy delving deeply into a topic, and sharing with others what we’ve learned and our points of view. I know I won’t be able to quit my day job for TravelCommons. So as a hobby, I need to enjoy writing it, delivering it, producing it, and interacting with my listeners. I hope you can continue to find the same enjoyment because I’ve learned a lot about fountain pens from the Pen Habit.

  • Ramiro LS

    Hi Matt
    Thank you for answering my question, both actually! I think the problem is the nib. It is firmly set on the feed but the tines are a little open, at least for my untrained eye.
    And to clarify, it acts just as you said: it starts wet and dark, but as I write it gets increasingly lighter until it hard-starts a little bit, then a lot, and then stops outright. How long can I write depends on the ink and the paper: with Waterman Blue it lasts about a page, with Pilot Blue never really stops but it does get noticeable lighter though it recovers after every little pause.
    I tried to close the tines a little bit, but this being a minuscule gold nib i didn’t wanted to damage it. With what little improvement I could get and Iroshizuku or Pilot inks I find the pen just tolerable now for long writing sessions, for quick note-taking, it has become my favorite.
    Thank you for your videos and keep up the good work.