So. Much. Ink.

I was recently asked to do a quick(ish) tour of my ink collection by a viewer, so I thought I’d whip out the iPhone and walk you through what 230 bottles of ink looks like. It’s no Taipei Ink Collector or anything, but still respectable enough.

  • Lez Cartwright

    BTW. The dust, we have just had the builders in doing the bathroom rebuild and at least that amount of dust was all over my bedroom EVERY day for three weeks, nightmare. You need to get a swiffer stick, the fluffy effort made by pledge or johnsons, whoever, great dust busters. You did mention some storm damage to your place, so expect chaos when the builders come. And, being selfish, I hope you can manage till the summer hiatus as I need my Currently Inked and The Pen Habit fix on a regular basis. Hmmmm, idea, rewatch all this season when the hiatus comes.

  • jasanmiguel

    It would be great if you could show us the same but with your pen collection! It would be awesome!

  • Charles Bower

    You must be LDS; I spotted the Discourses of Gordon B. Hinckley.

    • I was. I got those as Christmas gifts when I used to work for the musical theater department of BYU. I am no longer practicing, however.