Currently Inked #35

In this episode, we talk about a couple of green inks, whether or not mixing ink is normal, and how I organize my collection of ink swabs.

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  • Ralph Caccese

    Congrats on your Seattle Mens Choir. Don’t give that up Matt. The personal reward is huge as you know, and you can always buy vegetables at the store. Try singing in the grocery market and see how far you get.

    • If it were just about eating the vegetables, I’d be with you. But gardening is therapy for me. I need it. So, I’ll do the Christmas show starting in September, but the summer show is not for me. (Plus, I don’t like the music they’re singing in the summer show.)

  • Jaclynn Jackson

    Thanks Matt for the videos. I just started watching them.

  • Audrey Paquin

    Always a pleasure to watch your videos no matter how long or short they are 🙂

  • Pilgrim

    The new format is great Matt–looking forward to future episodes!