Currently Inked #36 – How I use my pens

In this episode, I answer questions about how I personally use my pens.

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  • 1:05 – Do you combine your other hobbies with your pens?
  • 4:55 – My process for writing my novel.
  • 11:00 – Some in-production alternatives to my favorite discontinued inks.
  • 11:55 – Sponsor Spotlight – Fontoplumo
  • 13:50 – What is your favorite sound of nib on paper when you write?
  • Pilgrim

    Great episode, Matt! I like your Currently Planted notebook!

  • Stephanie Manley

    Loving the Currently Inked series. Question for how, has your handwriting always been this nice, or have you tried making it look nicer? If so, can you share some of your tips on improving handwriting?

    • It has improved pretty drastically since I started doing these videos, but it was a conscious effort. A lot of looking at other handwriting, slowing down, practicing individual letters over and over again, and learning about proper posting and mechanics of writing.

  • Clifford Hughes

    You have such an interesting and worthwhile creative life Matt, writing, composing, performing, etc. If I were younger you’d be a role model for me. I’m a failed (no, failed is the wrong word) a dabbling writer and composer and an ex-performer (I was never comfortable performing) and I’ve narrated “books for the blind” so I kind of see you as a kindred spirit and you’ve inspired me to keep on with those awful first drafts and musical sketches. So thanks for that. And here’s hoping you get fulfillment from all your activities and continue to inspire us fountain pen using tea-drinkers out there with your enthusiasm and good humour. Thanks Matt.