Currently Inked #40 – Nibs

In this episode of Currently Inked, we talk about nibs.

00:55 – Fitting a #6 nib with the feed in a Noodler’s Neponset
4:15 – Why don’t modern companies recreate the feel of a vintage flex nibs
11:45 – General guidelines for nib size variation between top manufacturers (Link to Nib Nook)
16:15 – Tuning a scratchy stub nib?

  • Ted

    On the subject of flex nibs: I tend to think that the broad market interest in flex nibs is overstated in the “isolated” community of fp followers online. Flex seems best used for cursive (connected) writing, and this is not the form of handwriting most broadly used today. I have a few softer nibs (no tru flex), but I have stopped trying to use their fex-ability because I don’t write in cursive and thus flexed writing is more trouble than it is worth. Flexed writing requires a slow hand that keeps the nib down on the paper most of the time. Blah. Not good for me and the many many others who write more like I do.