Currently Inked #41 | Chicago Pen Show 2017 Haul

It’s been a couple of weeks since I got back from the Chicago Pen Show, and I invited Tania (@murberdraws) over to talk about our haul from the show.

There’s one quick correction I have to make: Around 3:30, we talk about KWZ Chicago Blue ink, and how Vanness bought up a lot of the remaining stock. Tania was right and I was wrong when I said I thought they had purchased 500 bottles. 500 was the total run of the ink, and Vanness bought part of what was leftover after the show.

3:25 – Inks
10:55 – Accessories
19:35 – Pens
41:15 – Final thoughts about the show
48:22 – Some quick thoughts about Susan Wirth


  • Randy R

    Thanks, Matt and Tania for sharing (some of) your haul with us on camera. Very interesting and informative as always. Gorgeous pens; I remain envious. I was particularly interested in seeing your vintage Parker Duofold Vacuumatic which looks extremely similar to “an old pen” I just “acquired” from my mom’s old desk. I need to learn more about it. Any suggestions as to reliable information sources and restorers?

    I’m truly sorry to hear about Susan Wirth’s passing!

  • Cindy Droege

    Matt and Tania, thanks. Really interesting to hear your tales of adventure at the shows. The two of you should do more talks, together. Good vibe!

  • Reina Pennington

    I enjoyed the video! Practical question: how did you get 24 bottles of ink home safely? Checked luggage? Shipped?

    • Lisa Vanness took them home with her (she drove to the show) and then shipped them to me from the shop.

      • Reina Pennington

        Thanks. I’m trying to decide what I might do in DC, which will be my first pen show.

  • Marek K.

    The Cherry Coke material in Model 1901 M19 would be so perfect for me, I could sign into waiting list and wait for months for it if necessary. I have M19 “Smoke & Cinamaroon” and love it.

  • Andrea Kirkby

    You made us wait 18 whole minutes till we got to see the pens! wicked! Really enjoyed this episode, particularly the great chemistry between the two of you and the fascinating range of different products in the haul.

  • Audrey Paquin

    Thank you Matt and Tania for another great presentation. The sea glass Franklin Kristof pens were to die for. I loved that Papier Plume greeny aqua ink (I think it was named after a lake). You mentioned it was an exclusive to the pen show. Do you know where I might find a bottle for sale online? Or if not, which easily found make and colour would be a good replacement?

  • Clifford Hughes

    You two are a great double act.

  • Holly Preslar

    Finally just got around to watching this, and great haul, Matt & Tania. Love the flex nib pens you both acquired. Sarj Minhas has the best pens, and what a gorgeous Parker Vac you picked up from him, Matt. Likewise, love those Tim Pierson pens, Tania. I think Tim told me in LA last year he brings over 3,000 pens with him to shows. You could spends days just at his tables. Very sweet you mentioned Susie. Pen shows won’t be the same without her. I think it is risky to watch your pen haul videos, because now I have added tooo many things to my pen list for SF! Lol! Hope to see you both there.

  • Hoping to hear about your opinion of the Sailor Realo you picked up on this trip?