Currently Inked #41 | Chicago Pen Show 2017 Haul

It’s been a couple of weeks since I got back from the Chicago Pen Show, and I invited Tania (@murberdraws) over to talk about our haul from the show.

There’s one quick correction I have to make: Around 3:30, we talk about KWZ Chicago Blue ink, and how Vanness bought up a lot of the remaining stock. Tania was right and I was wrong when I said I thought they had purchased 500 bottles. 500 was the total run of the ink, and Vanness bought part of what was leftover after the show.

3:25 – Inks
10:55 – Accessories
19:35 – Pens
41:15 – Final thoughts about the show
48:22 – Some quick thoughts about Susan Wirth