Platinum 3776 Jade Celluloid | Pen Précis

Platinum 3776 Jade Celluloid | Pen Précis

As my collection continues to grow, I find myself often getting “duplicates” of pens I really like: multiples of the same model of pen in different colors or finishes. I don’t really see the point of doing a full-blown re-review of a pen I’ve already reviewed just to talk about a different color, so along those lines, I’m creating a new series of videos I’m calling Pen Précis (précis is pronounced “prey-SEE” and means “a concise summary.”)  I didn’t come up with the name of the series until after I recorded a couple of videos, so I don’t refer to it by name this time around, but I like the alliteration of it. Plus I learned a new word!

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The first of these new précis videos is a look at the Platinum 3776 Jade Celluloid. I’m a big fan of the Platinum 3776 series of pens, but this is the first specialty version I’ve ever purchased. (There is also a very popular Koi celluloid that I’ve handled, but do not own.)

I also picked up this nib with a soft-fine nib, the first soft nib from Platinum I’ve ever owned.



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