Update to Currently Inked Downloadable Templates

Update to Currently Inked Downloadable Templates

Hey, pen friends!

When I released the very first Currently Inked notebook a little over a year ago, I also released a downloadable PDF template for those people who were interested in making their own booklets on their paper of choice. (Also, the cost of shipping overseas often was double or triple the cost of the product itself.)

While the downloadable template has remained available in the webstore, I never got around to updating the template when I updated the design of the booklet in August of 2016. Nor did I ever get around to making the pocket version available for purchase. Well, due to an unexpected rainstorm when I had hoped to be mowing my lawn, both of these issues have been resolved.

The current design of the books features a slicker look and more pages of inkings. Both sizes include 44 pages now (rather than the previous 40) and the purchase log has been eliminated. The Traveller’s size comes with four inkings per page for a total of 176 slots, and the Pocket sizes comes with three inkings per page, for a total of 132 slots. Please note that these new files do NOT come with any cover art, so you can use any coverstock of your choice to finish the book.

As of now, downloadable templates for the Currently Inked notebook in both Traveller’s and Pocket sizes are now available the date tomorrow. Each comes with PDFs for A4 and US Letter-sized paper and a set of printing and assembly instructions. If you have already purchased the Traveller’s-sized templates, you don’t have to purchase again. Simply log into your account and re-download the templates to get the new designs.

And on a related note, my new commercial print shop has been able to track down a stock of the now-discontinued wheat straw paper we have used for previous versions of the notebooks, and we are going back to press. I’m very pleased with the quality of the work I’m seeing from their shop, and am excited to get the new products up on the website as soon as they come back from production. In addition to a new batch of Currently Inked logs in pocket and traveller’s sizes, I’ll also be announcing two new types of books as well. (More on that to come soon!)

If you have any questions about these new downloadable templates, don’t hesitate to reach out.  Thanks for your continued support of The Pen Habit, and keep those fingers inky!



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