Currently Inked #42 | 22 July 2017

Hey Pen Friends!  It’s been a rather long while since I’ve been able to do a good Currently Inked video! Now that the review season is over, I should have a bit of time to focus on answering more of your questions!

  • slkinsey

    Regarding online retailers, a standout when it comes to high-end pens is Chatterly Luxuries. Chatterly Luxuries gets the first consignment of many pen models, commissions and offers many limited editions, usually has the best prices, and has great personal customer service. I recently bought a pen from Chatterly Luxuries that other US online retailers are offering for $350 more. Granted, this isn’t very helpful to those who are looking for a pen that costs less than that price difference.

    There are also, I think, advantages to purchasing pens direct from nibmeisters who also sell pens, such as John Mottishaw and Dan Smith. You can usually get a good price and a faster turnaround on custom nib work for a pen you purchase from a nibmeister, and even if you don’t have any custom work done you can be confident that the nib will come to you perfectly adjusted and writing as it should right out of the box.

  • rmonster

    Something to note if you’re buying from Canada is that you WILL pay duty at the border, and it means that you’ll probably also pay a brokerage fee to the shipping company. So on top of the exchange rate killing you, you’re paying more on top of that at the border.

    The good Canadian sites that I know of are WonderPens and