Currently Inked #44 | 12 August 2017

  • Karl

    Thank you for the good advice on the new inks, particurly the Red Beans and Rice. They extra deserve points for the clever name!

  • Vasco

    Just found (and bought) a 1998 Impero in what seems to be tip top condition. Pretty excited! I don’t have the pen yet but I am wondering if there’s any sort of liquid or ink you could use to lubricate the interior of the pen and the piston. I am certain the pen is impeccable since it is from a renowned collector, but it hasn’t had much use and probably could need some lubrication. Any tips? Cheers from Portugal 😉

    • I don’t believe that ink will ever do a good job “lubricating” a piston. In order for it to do so, some of the ink would need to remain behind after you’ve cleaned out the pen.

      Really, the only way to lubricate the piston would be to remove the section (which is possible with section pliers) and use a q-tip to apply silicone grease to the interior wall of the barrel in a very thin coat. I will probably have to do that on my Impero pretty soon as well.)

      • Vasco

        Oh, I see — sounds dangerous without the proper tools and without looking at the actual pen. Will follow your suggestion and look for section pliers. Much thanks for your advice. Looking forward to your review of the mighty Impero! cheers.