Pen Show Primer | Matt’s Musings

Interested in attending your first pen show? Not sure what going to a pen show includes? Curious about what it’s like to work behind the table at a pen show? I ramble on about how to pick a show, how to prepare for a show, and what to do once you get there.

2:05 – What is a pen show
6:35 – Which show should I attend?
8:45 – How do pen shows work?
15:55 – Different Personalities of Different Shows
17:40 – Show websites are SO bad
19:00 – What do you bring to a pen show?
23:35 – Credit Cards vs. Cash
25:35 – How do you “do” a pen show?
27:40 – Sidebar about being considerate of vendor’s time
31:25 – Pen Show Etiquette
38:35 – What’s it like behind the table